Walking the Path

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Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor
Waking Times 

Making the choices of our higher self

Humanity’s spiritual awakening is gathering at a pace. Many have awakened to the profound magic of Unity Consciousness – that cosmic energy which unites all. But what is the next step? Where do we go from there? It’s all about learning to ‘walk the path’ by following our inner compass. So how exactly does that work? I’ve been consciously walking the path for several years now and encountered many who’re doing the same. Here’s my sharing based on those direct experiences…

The natural flow of the moment

There are some really great books and films out there right now stimulating the collective consciousness especially with regards to the importance of living in the moment; work by Eckhart Tolle and Dan Millman to name but two. Have you seen the film “Peaceful Warrior” yet? It’s a wonderful and highly entertaining ‘essay’ in living in the moment and the importance and incredible beauty of that. I would highly recommend it.

And when we find ourselves living in the moment, those that do, will often speak of the natural flow of the moment; an underlying energy which has purpose and direction just as a mountain stream flowing back to the ocean.

Our society seems almost completely oblivious to that flow. An illusionary reality has been built for us founded on deadlines, agendas and lower based desires. So ingrained is this system of conditioning, that when we do finally surrender to the moment and reconnect with the natural flow, it can seem like we’ve suddenly become completely at odds with society.

It’s as if we’re feeling guidance and sense of higher purpose but practically everyone and everything in the external mirror wants us to go in the opposite direction. It can be extremely de-stabilising and confusing. No wonder so many lightworkers experience difficulty at this point. It’s enough to test the faith of an angel!

So in learning to walk the path, it’s likely that we might have many false starts to begin with. We might get drawn down many blind alleys before we fully engage. And yet success is open to everyone of us when we finally decide that the direction in which society is heading does not serve. Then there is really only one choice to make – go inwards, surrender to the soul and trust what we’re being invited to do at WHATEVER apparent personal cost to the personality. It’s then – AND ONLY THEN – that we’re truly ready to walk the path.

The Inner Journey

What can make the path so difficult to engage with, is that a very important and profound change of perception needs to happen first. It is something here at Openhand we call the “Realignment”. It’s where we realise the true journey in life is not an outer one at all, but an inner one. The outer is merely a reflection of the inner, which ideally is designed to help us see the inner better.

So we switch from a lifestyle where we’re engaged with appointments and schedules designed to control, shape or safeguard the external drama in some way, to a life where we’re engaging with our inner feelings, thoughts and emotions and asking of our soul “what would you have me do now?” “how would you have me ‘be’ now?”

In asking these questions, we’ll be given guidance in the form of an inner pull to act or the landing of simple inner knowing – “this is what to do now”. There will be many times when nothing seems to land. In which case, we’re being invited to go deeper into the moment and discover something new about ourselves. In fact this IS the purpose of the path.

I remember for example when I was learning to walk the path being drawn into a well known supermarket to buy some food. I was consciously engaged with my inner feelings – it was they that took me there in the first place. Here is my sharing from that experience…

As I walked in, I noticed first the huge filament lights perfectly positioned to suck every ounce of energy from my system – not a great start! But as my field began to deflate somewhat, I was able to lessen the effects by not tightening down and getting irritable – “how can society be so ignorant to energy?” Ah yes. Silly me. It was designed that way!Next I noticed the extremely hectic, confused and noisy energy of the shoppers all around; a complete battering and confrontation of the senses. I noticed their eyes most of all. Vacant. Not entirely there. Seemingly lost in pursuit of some end goal, locked into prices, advertisements and special offers. They seemed totally disregarding of the wider story going on all around them – this is the “Matrix” at its worst! I found myself having to expand and work harder not to let the energy get to me. Not to judge, not to criticise as I was knocked, jostled and my field constantly invaded – a big challenge!

And yet I still worked to engage the inner pull. “Where would you have me go now?” A slightly jerky, stop-start flow took me to the vegetable isle. It was kind of like walking blinded folded through a maze. The counters and their frenetic energy had a particular layout but the universal flow weaved its way through these with a totally different design – sometimes I’d bump into ‘sharp corners’ but at least it was still possible to engage the flow when ‘listening’ real hard.

So I found myself standing before a vegetable isle. “What now? What would you have me get?” “Salad for lunch” came to mind so I began to browse the various offerings. I picked up a cucumber, suddenly a thousand questions seemed to explode in my mind in rapid succession: “was it organic? where did it come from? how many miles to get here? did it have colourings and preservatives? have pesticides been used? what about the packaging? what about the price? can I afford organic?”

As my mind raced around the questions, suddenly I realised the incredible responsibility (and indeed power) that came with my purchase. Not only that, but each contemplation was causing me to challenge conditioned thinking and behaviours…”organic’s expensive, I’ll just go for the cheaper option”; “never mind the packaging, that’s just the way we live”, “and so what if pesticides damage our top soils, we’ve all got to eat haven’t we?”

So I confronted the conditioning and in each place, managed to reconnect with my soul and make the higher choice. By now, it seems like I’d been stood in the isle looking at this cucumber for an eternity! Even the other de-sensitised shoppers were beginning to notice taking a wide berth around this curious odd-ball!

But no matter. This was important. I came to a point with the distinct risk of descending into confusion and chaos. “How can I live in this place? How can I make a decision where everything is so loaded? Every choice I make would seem to damage Mother Earth in some way.” But then I realised to descend into confusion served no-one, including Mother Earth. At that point I relaxed, expanded and opened a little.

To which, something truly beautiful and miraculous happened. I actually felt the conscious presence of Gaia herself as if she was stood all around me. As she enfolded me in a loving embrace, higher knowing was imparted to me with great clarity, like a crystal clear stream flowing effortlessly down a mountain side…

      “My dear friend, society is completely
      at odds with our natural ecosystems
    - something that has been obvious to you for a while now. I do feel your love and compassion in the thinking and realisations you’re making. So you’re not to blame BUT, you are responsible for the choices you now make. You have come to this place for a reason…to discover and express your soul in the choices that you continually make in every moment. This is a very imperfect world. You will have to make many compromises, but there’s one compromise you should always avoid…compromising your soul. Which means not to let your soul be sold cheaply because of conditioned behaviours aligned with expediency. With each choice, go deep in your heart, be sure that you’re not simply giving in to the easy, low-cost, quick-fix option. Feel deeply your connection with me and you will find you’ll be able to make the higher choice.”

This beautiful connection brought tears to my eyes. I relaxed and expanded. Yes I could be aligned with my soul and yet live in this place. I simply had to be fully conscious about the choices I was making and why.

In so doing, I was learning to walk the path. To go with my inner feelings to act and then ask “what is being revealed to myself about myself?” remembering all the while that especially in this place, we can compromise everything BUT the soul. In other words we have to be sure that our motivations are coming from the right place, not that of expediency.

After a while, having stripped away many of the distortions related to living in our society, we’ll find day-to-day life becomes easier again. We can begin to flow effortlessly through the matrix, making choices of the higher self but without getting stuck. It’s like we learn how to ‘interface’ with the matrix – to be in it, but not of it.

A conscious engagement with every single moment

To truly walk the path means to be consciously engaged with what we’re feeling and experiencing in EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. So when we get up in the morning and get ready for the day, are we conscious of how hard we’re squeezing the toothpaste tube? Are we simply engaged in thought about the day and therefore waste more than we need to? And as we squeeze, how much pressure are we using? too much or just enough?

When we’re eating breakfast, do we just go with what we always tend to have? or are we actually consciously asking our body what would best suit it?

When we’re on the way to work, or taking the kids to school, are we allowing the end goal to simply take us forwards by engaging the usual programs? or perhaps today we’re being invited to find a different route. Maybe in so doing, we’ll experience a beautiful synchronicity – perhaps an uplifting message on the side of a bus or bill-board.

If we conduct action – ANY ACTION – and we’re not fully, consciously engaged in what we’re doing and not aware of what’s going on around us, then we’re not present. We’re lost in a program and living in an illusion. In such instances we’re not really living at all!

To help us be more awake, let us remember, this physical plain is symbolic of the higher plain of inter-connectivity, joy and love which we’re ascending to. So we might see the tired old advertisements on the side of the road, or hear the marketing on the radio, but look always for the symbology in these things. The more we follow the pull, the more we’ll get answers to questions arising on our inner journey.

The Divine Design

This then is the magic of the Divine Design – the hidden code. Everything has a deeper meaning if we care to look, ask and intuit. Something is always being reflected to us about who we are and what we are being.

Walking the path doesn’t mean we’ll always understand the messages. Neither does it mean we’ll always make the right choice. In fact to me, the path has been about continually making the ‘wrong’ choices and learning from my experiences in the process. It’s much more effective to get something wrong and realise it through direct experience than be told it by someone else.

So walking the path is like a continual game of paradox. We’re not looking for hard and fast rules. Every single moment is unique and requires a unique choice. In reading the signs, synchonicities and feelings as we walk through this world, each choice will strip away a rule so that our soul can be more spontaneous and free in the moment.

The Spiritual Compass

That’s why dogmatic gospel, is little help in following the path – because all situations are unique. Just because we behaved one way in a particular situation, doesn’t mean the soul will want to behave the same way in a similar one. That’s why here at Openhand we’ve formulated a process for helping to make authentic choices in the moment. It’s called “openway” and can be defined simple as follows…

Open the mind,
Open the heart,
Open into blockages,
Open up for beingness.
What exactly does this mean, how can it help us and how might we apply it to every day life?…

Firstly “opening the mind” means not judging situations as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and not getting lost in the external drama of life by moving to the place of the Observer of ourselves. In so doing we become able to feel much more of the full depth, beauty and divine magic of life itself and so the “Heart” begins to open (“open heart”). It is then that we discover ourselves as the awesome “One Life” not limited or constrained by the external drama at all. In this place of surrendered openness, we become able to perceive the energy of the moment in truth and receive the natural flow of the Universe as it really is, understanding exactly what we are being invited to do. By always coming from the place of surrendered openness, we may rest in the ‘pregnant pause’ just before the moment is born, expand into conditioned behaviours that would contract us down and have us act in a certain pre-programmed way (open into blockages). Then instead, give ourselves to the expression of our highest truth which more accurately defines our destined way of being (open up for beingness).If we approach all circumstances in this way, we begin to peel away the distortions that limit us and unfold into new internal layers of consciousness. To us, “openway” is our ‘Spiritual Compass’. It helps steer us as we walk down the path of the soul.

Let your soul be your pilot

It’s no secret that mankind is undergoing a powerful transition. The whole fabric and foundation of our society is being shaken and torn apart. In every moment we’re being invited to question our traditions, beliefs and behaviours. No stone will be left unturned; peak oil, the credit crunch, global warming, etc. etc. they’re all inviting us to find our higher truth.

However difficult this transition may currently seem, there is a benevolent guiding light shining through it all leading us forwards to a higher paradigm of harmony, joy and at-one-ment with all sentient life. And to get there is to tune into our souls and follow the path. The path will lead us to choices – choices where we get tight and stuck. But if instead, we can just open, relax and let go of the need for a particular outcome, we’ll find the path opens before us like a magical gateway of light.

So in walking the path, the key is to completely let go, tune into our inner compass and just as in the popular song “let your soul be your pilot”.

In love and light


This article originally appeared at Openhandweb.org, a project to elevate the consciousness of man and provide healing to those in need.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  1. irenealomar says:

    I really like the way you describe this in your article.It does resonate with my own experiences also but always nice to read it from another angle thanks

  2. canisvoda says:

    has anyone else noticed that there are very few women outside of Dolores Cannon who speak about this? It’s always men, and tons of them. They all seem to have a thousand theories on the same subject and all of them have written a book about it. If this is truly the shift of the rising feminine…..where are the females?!

  3. Victor Gagnon says:

    Your article is very enlightening! You say that everything has a deeper meaning and I concur! So, for me, the question has to be asked, “Are your questions the right questions” and if they are,how, do you know that? Is it because of what you know or is it because of your experience? and does everyone have the same experience? or simply can you then describe your experience to someone else. Experience tells me that I only know what I know, not what others know. Its almost impossible to explain a knowing. I don’t disagree with what you are saying but your comments I have to ask, are they based on your human experience?
    Take into consideration FREE WILL or the power of the mind. If the mind can cure cancer as we seem to be told is the case, then can the mind cure anything that has entered into you body, even if toxic. So if I say that what I am eating is healthy and nutritious and I believe that then to me it is healthy and nutritious. Is that true for me only? Its all about what we see with our eyes and how we perceive what we see. If I love a movie and you don’t then has the movie changed or was it our perception of the movie. So my belief is that “Consciousness and energy creates the nature of our reality” What you see in the world is not true, we only make it true when we choose to accept it.
    I have learnt in my short life that I cannot revive the dead (change anyone) but I can share what I know in the hopes of those who are open can simply contemplate what I said. I am not right nor I am I wrong!! Thinking only makes so. Its about knowledge, is not or simply my opinion?

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