The Nine Billion Names of God

Christina Sarich, Contributing Writer
Waking Times 

The World’s Religions Were Meant To Be Inclusive not Exclusive

Any comparative religion course in any decent university can break down the differing doctrines and customs, ethics and metaphysics, as well as concepts of salvation, sin (ego) and redemption in religions throughout the world. That is not the aim of this article. What I would like to present are the similarities instead of the differences utilizing yogic terms, which can be thought of as Universal, especially when you consider the prominence of the concept within almost all religions.

An Underlying Notion in Yoga is the Idea of Samadhi – A Oneness With the Object of Meditation.

Whether you realize it or not, you are meditating right now. Whatever you are concentrating on, is becoming your ‘religion.’ Samadhi more specifically, is a complete absence of dualistic thinking. It may be called Christ Consciousness. It can be called simply, The Tao. In Sufism, ‘God is the One Real Being which underlies all phenomena’ (Nicholson, The Mystics of Islam, p.80) In Buddhism, phenomena are inter-dependent, a concept called dependent origination. We suffer dukkha, when we forget that all things correlate. In Jainism, there is the concept of sat-cit-ananda-vigraha, which means an awareness (often referred to as a Being) which is completely integrated and therefore blissed out because it is aware of its 100% subjective nature – that is, it knows absolute subjectivity and absolute objectivity because it is one and the same.

The Nine Billion Names of God

Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction writer, figured it out. Why can’t we? Do we need to hire a computer programmer to figure out all the possible permutations of God’s name – carried out to the nth degree? Is it only possible to have a multiplicity of God-awareness in a sci-fi movie or novel, but not in real life? Whether your religion is Abrahamic in nature, Taoist, or Indian, Shamanic, Fundamental, or Esoterically influenced, there are underlying principles in each one that point towards Divine Intelligence. Whatever you call it, it has more than a million names. We don’t need to hash out the finer points of multi-theistic vs. mono-theistic, atheism vs. polytheism, pagan or Christian and so on. We get it. There are so many lenses to look through. . .but isn’t that the point? The world’s great wisdom traditions weren’t meant to divide us, but guide us towards Infinite awareness. You don’t have to abandon your religious or cultural observations in order to love.

As Ken Wilber suggests in his definition of integral spirituality, and many other insightful beings have offered since the beginning of recorded human history, there are “spiritual patterns at work in the universe . . . and these spiritual patterns announce themselves with impressive regularity wherever human hearts and minds attempt to attune themselves to the cosmos in all its radiant dimensions.”

It doesn’t matter if you kneel to pray or prostrate. It is of no consequence if you meditate in lotus position or use psychotherapy to elevate yourself to a higher moral ground so that you can be kinder to those around you. Or – use all of the above. You can pray in a thousand ways, and some of them are so subtle, you don’t realize that you are ‘praying’ at all.

Paramahansa Yogananda once said, “it is better to have a prayer without words.” I say, if we can’t have love without religion, then let’s ditch religion. Let’s ditch the finger pointing to the moon and see the moon itself.

Infinity is a Big Concept.

Just try to wrap your brain around it. You can be a member of Mensa and have the highest IQ since Steve Jobs and Marilyn Vos Savant had a secret love child (they didn’t – I’m just saying. . . ) and you still wouldn’t be able to conceive of limitlessness. We cannot even theoretically grasp the number of stars in our little solar system or the number of grains of sand on a single beach. That being said, might we not bow to the possibility that all our differences are still encapsulated and incorporated into the one big picture?

Kedar Joshi once said, “It is human to search for the theory of everything, and superhuman to find it.” My suggestion, therefore is this: be a believer in whatever religion you like, but practice love. Practice peace, practice what every darned religion (when taken out of its political and institutionalized bastardization of truth, and boiled down to its essential wisdom) is trying to teach you. You pray in every thought and action you take. You meditate on whatever you focus on. You can be a Sufi-Buddhist-Pagan-Episcopalian-Mormon for all I care. Just be cool to your neighbors.


“Quotes by Kedar Joshi (Quotations – Superultramodern Science and Philosophy)” 2009

About the Author

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny,  Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World

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  • Hi Christy

    I was very impressed with ur knowledge. I am studying about shree yantra for two years. I know it is a source of imense power and you are making people aware about it and its a very good job.And U also need to make them aware about sukta and other Sanskrit chanting.
    If U need any help regarding sukta U can contact me

  • This is not a website Carefully forgetting all terms of God in religions just realise one thing I and HE are both same in this universe .HE is in our emotions if we have family life .HE is diversified in all phyiscal world ie omnipresent itself .Here I is the only barrier that is keeps away from HIM in physical world.Spirtually I is also HIS Part. For more details kindly contactby email ……………preetinder

  • Hi Christina,

    I love your article and I’m more curious than ever; what is the Name of God?

  • Phyl

    Arcturian Group –
    …Mankind in ignorance of his true identity as spiritual being has throughout the ages looked for a savior; someone who will save him from the trials the tribulations of life in third dimensional energy. The enlightened being Jesus, came to tell the world that the “kingdom of God is within you” but they did not hear and continue to this day to worship the messenger instead of the message. In enlightenment you come to understand that because you are the manifestation of the One Divine Consciousness, you are in charge of you and you are the power you seek. You can then begin to take back that which you in ignorance gave away to the many who convinced you that they had all the right answers and information about everything.

    There is a new wave of light coming to earth, a light of information and understanding in which you will begin to understand the oneness of all life within the ONE life. With this new enlightenment will come the understanding that all you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is a material concept of the spiritual reality. This is why nothing real can ever be lost. There are many who feel that the shift and individual enlightenment will remove all that they love and this brings them great sadness . Know that nothing real can ever be lost for all that is real is governed and held in place by Divine Law. These things will simply manifest in higher and better forms–health, relationships, entertainments, joys etc.

    Mind is the the substance of matter. Ask yourselves what you entertain within your mind. That is why we say to be careful of your words and thoughts for they carry creative energy. Because you have not realized who you were, you did not realize that you were creating with every thought and word. Everything is energy, and the energy you imbue your words with represents your state of consciousness. Your state of consciousness, interpreted by your mind, then manifests as your experience.

    This realization is a step in the taking back of your power. In ignorance and over many lifetimes, you allowed current popular beliefs to become your truth. You are now physically, emotionally, and mentally, releasing those beliefs first accepted in these life times of many different belief systems. Mankind, through blindly allowing their state of consciousness to represent only the concepts and teachings of others, has forgotten their own ability to hear, understand, and know what is real. Always examine every message, book, sermon, or channel within your heart as to whether or not it resonates as truth for you and do not be afraid to disregard that which no longer speaks as your truth. Evolution is a process that changes as you grow and unfold deeper. Information that was true for you at one stage will become obsolete as you are able to grasp the deeper levels of these truths. You must be willing to graduate at some point regardless of the fun and games you knew and loved in the old schools.

    As you grow deeper in spiritual awareness, your Higher Self will continue to give you more as you are ready. Trust your intuition, knowing that you are being guided each moment of every day in this sacred journey of enlightenment for you can do nothing else. Even those choosing at this time to deny the truth, will at some point in some other lifetime awaken, because it is who and what all are, always have been, and always will be and none can ever be separate from it, no matter how hard they may try.

    We are the Arcturian Group

  • Bill

    “You don’t have to abandon your religious or cultural observations in order to love.” Nuff said.

  • Eaglehart

    Bless you, Christina! People really need to wake up and see the similarities in each other rather than pointing out the differences. The differences in all these faiths came from individual interpretations. The underlying similarities, came from the Source! Follow the truth, not the illusion!

    • Thank you Eaglehart – I appreciate your knowledge of the SOURCE.

      • Sariach I have answer for every question but need is to have such a question that may open a window in us from where HE is visible even for a moment……Preet inder

  • Bonnie Lou

    There is only one star in out solar system – the sun!

    • Domenico Scarlatti

      It looks like the knowledge of Ms Sarich in matters here is not as profound as it is in matters there.

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