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Manipulating Our Electromagnetic Field for Better and for Worse

Fred på Jorden, Contributing Writer
Waking Times 

Our consciousness controls the electromagnetic field of the earth.  Love generates the strongest and most coherent waves, and that coherent energy is healthy for everything and everyone.  It does this to water.

On the other end of the spectrum, hatred, anger, generate a dense low energy and does this to water.

And terror  creates a chaotic field as the graph from the Global Coherence Initiative indicates:

“…. two National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) space weather satellites monitoring the earth’s geomagnetic field also displayed a significant spike at the time of the September 11th attack and for several days thereafter, indicating the stress wave possibly caused by mass human emotion created modulations in the geomagnetic field ….

Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellites – Measuring the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field.

Many people are using meditation to contribute to the coherence of the electromagnetic field, including many who don’t realize that their meditation affects it.  Many who don’t meditate, have never heard of the earth electromagnetic field, have no idea of their continuous impact on it and on everything around them that is composed of water (humans, animals, plants, insects), do not yet realize how their words, thoughts and feelings (as Dr. Emoto’s work indicates) affect it.

Of those who do understand how crucial the electromagnetic field is and our relation to it, some have taken things to new level and are setting special times and places around the world to magnify the affect of our consciousness by bringing people into close proximity for meditating and in large numbers, which geometrically increases the resonance and thus impact of people’s consciousness.

The point of this article is to bring in more people to support coherence in the field, by helping people to use their normal actions, all day, each day, to accomplish this, through something called “mindfulness,”a kind of meditation in action.

While we know that the biologic conditions we live in can determine whether we are well – for example, polluted water sets up negative context that allows for pathogens to flourish – many haven’t yet to understand how the electromagnetic field affects us and either supports positive occurrences or opens the door for negative ones.  Given that the coherence of the electromagnetic field is crucial for well-being and peace – the ultimate context for life – and that our thoughts and feelings generate that field, it’s apparent that what we feel and think each day matter tremendously.

Those of us’ who are harming our mutual world require a low energy, chaotic field in which to operate.  Through control of media, they have been constantly providing negative images and stories that upset people and/or lead them away from love.  In the process, the electromagnetic field has been progressively weakened and at times of media terror, the field has been roiled.  This bizarre ad for the Olympics is an example.  It seems irrationally horrid, but for those currently seeking control of the world, it makes perfect sense.  The Olympics is an event that has previously brought all races, religions, and ethnic groups happily together, but the ad disrupts any such emotional resonance that might come from the hearts of billions of people watching it.  Instead, the destruction pictured, especially in the context of what should have been positive and inspiring, helps to ensure disturbance, whether anxiety or confusion or revulsion or titillated violence, in the hearts of those watching.  The images can also serve to prepare people unconsciously for terrible things.

You Make Me Sick. I Will Kill You.

Whatever the reason for depicting a war-torn Olympics, the ad underscores the significance of being in touch with our own consciousness minute to minute.  Only in doing so, can it not be controlled by others wanting to generate fear or disgust or any other unconscious reaction in order to achieve dissonance in the electromagnetic field using our feelings.  While we might once have said, “it’s just entertainment, it doesn’t matter,” the fact is that the images are destructive at the level of quantum coherence.  Through awareness of just how destructive – our reaction to it can harm the electromagnetic field that protects us all – and of our central role in generating the field, we can direct our consciousness away from destruction and chaos and toward what produces coherence in the field – love (compassion).

Those who are doing harm to the field actually use our compassion for others, for animals, and for nature, against us by wearing us down and overloading us with so many horrific, heart-rending stories and images that we experience exhaustion and feel helpless.  We become weak from wanting to stop suffering, but we feel hopelessly unable to do anything.

Our compassion is also hijacked to be used against us.  The drug companies and biotech industry set us up by broadcasting images of sick people, pleading for our compassion in the form of volunteer efforts and donations, and then they profit, even after they have caused the diseases, and blocked the cures.  They also show pictures of malnourished children in Africa, stirring our compassion to donate to stop hunger, yet they profit, even as they cause hunger, by taking land from poor villages and planting GMO crops that don’t nourish but can actually sterilize.   And the newest corruption of compassion is asking us to save the children of Asia and Africa from diseases by donating for vaccines, even while those behind the vaccines are causing diseases (and death), for yet more profit.

In order to become aware of various ways our feelings are being stimulated negatively, it is also important to point out how our compassion is being used against us. This is a major step in understanding that our feelings are crucial – either they will be the means to heal the world, or will be used to harm it.  We know that at the level of politics, there is immense confusion, misdirection, division, and anger about what to do to save things.  People can be bribed to vote one way or another and voting itself can be rigged.  But once we understand the impact of the electromagnetic field, all of that drops away – including parties and divisions – things become very simple and non-political.

We must protect the electromagnetic field of the earth.  It means the difference between peace or war, health or diseases, good things or bad.

We must protect our loving consciousness from consuming toxins (as Thich Nhat Hahn says), so as to not let it be shaken or tricked away from us or depleted by exhaustion.  Then, we can use it effectively to actually help others, and without being overwhelmed, for we will have a method to help that simultaneously brings us peace.

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  1. anonymous says:

    This article is extremely informative and I appreciate this information so much! I love it and am sooo grateful for it! I want to share that I completed reading it feeling excited yet contracted and a bit afraid of this new “news” about what “they” are doing in the information provided. If we are to create coherence in the field then we must provide more solutions and less emphasis on the vibration of persecution as it has been.

    I’d like to encourage readers to read and listen more to the great Masters that exist for us here in the physical as well as the non-physical who live in a vibrational resonance that is healing and harmonizing for 100s of thousands of us who have not quite found our way yet. I know we will get there and this article is a part of the solution and journey. I am grateful and thankful to you who wrote this and had the courage to share this vital information. We are all learning to perceive and become responsible for vibration, and this is so helpful. In love and appreciation.

  2. scooble says:

    too many assumptions, suppositions and anecdotal associations.
    (I feel what I feel, know that I feel it, but can not prove its cause or effect on anything external to me, so I don’t pretend I have proof when there is none)

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