War on Health – The FDA’s Cult of Tyranny

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In War on Health – The FDA’s Cult of Tyranny, film producer and health activist Gary Null exposes the FDA as an organization that is merely a tool of big business and an agency that is actively attempting to destroy public.  With plans to prevent the American population from having unregulated access to vitamins, minerals and healthy foods, the FDA is clearly an accomplice in the war on health and health freedom.  From vaccines to food safety, this film exposes the seedy relation ship between government, business and your precious health.

This video also features a speech by Gary Null as a must-see introduction to this important film.

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  • Steve B.

    Doctors have to make money and big pharma controls us. So natural cures like using vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and herbs can cure things, but big pharma can’t make money on them. The same reason the pesiticide corporations don’t make money if you use natural things. Pests can get gotten rid of just using all natural stuff like bay leaves. Oil of peppermint. Catnip and hot pepper dust will clear a lot of pests out.

  • Doctors must never forget what they promised and uphold after qualifying in medical schools. They must always support and work to-gather as members of one family and not help support politicians, people in power, pharmaceuticals or financial institution.

    The World Medical Association state

    “A physician must have complete clinical independence in deciding upon the care of a person for whom he or she is medically responsible. The physician’s fundamental role is to alleviate the distress of his or her fellow human beings, and no motive, whether personal, collective or political, shall prevail against this higher purpose.”

    WMA also claim to encourage the international community, the National Medical Associations and fellow physicians to support, the physician and his or her family in the face of threats or reprisals resulting from a refusal to co-operate and support people in power.

    I hope you watch my video and tell these people in power to keep their hands away from this profession. I feel sad to say I was helpless and had to endower pain and suffering for defending fellow human who trust us. Never did I imagine a day will come when this profession I loved and contributed will be mutilated by the very people who promised to defend.

    We must have helped, support and defended doctors who came forward to fight and defend their ethical or moral duty and not victimize, humiliate or criticize them for speaking the “TRUTH”

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