Can Science Harness The Force of Life? The Suppressed Works of Dr. Wilhelm Reich

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Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Dr. Wilhelm Reich (March 24, 1897 – November 3, 1957)

In the 1940′s the scientific works of Dr. Wilhelm Reich were presented to a world, marveled upon and then radically suppressed by industry and democratic government.  A psychologist, scientist, mystic and refugee from Nazi persecution, Dr. Reich discovered ‘Orgone Energy’, or, life energy, a radiant blue glowing energy found in all living things, in high vacuums and in the open atmosphere.  It was this energy, he claimed, that was the source of life, and he developed the “Orgone Accumulaor,” a box designed to gather this energy in free form from the atmosphere and concentrate it, and large enough for a person to sit inside of.

He used the Orgone Accumulator to carry out public experiments that proved that this energy could boost the body’s immune system, destroy cancers and speed up healing, claiming also that this energy could manipulate atmospheric weather patterns and create rain during droughts.  He observed that the “Orgone Energy charge in the human bio-system was expressed in emotion and sexuality and could be measure bio-electrically.”  And that “a persons over-all vitality and aliveness was a function of human and atmospheric organe charge and pulsation, and this could often be increased by sitting inside the Orgone Accumulator.” [1]

“The most important discovery in the history of medicine, bar none!”  - Dr. Theodore Wolf

In the United States, Reich’s work was ridiculed for its sexual implications and an immature public watched as his reputation was sabotaged and his works discredited under pressure from the energy, medical and pharmaceutical industries.  Tragically, he was doomed to rot out his last days in an American prison, serving time for violating an obscure cosmetics labeling law, persecuted by the land which promised him freedom from the Third Reich.

Many believe that his findings and experiments produced results that completely shattered the foundations of the energy and medical industries, and Dr. Reich himself was all too aware that he was deliberately targeted because of the threat he posed to big business.  The establishment was so enraged by his discoveries, and the public so stirred into a fanatical fervor, that in 1957 after FBI agents oversaw the destruction of his laboratory equipment, “six tons of his books, journals, and papers were burned in the 25th Street public incinerator in New York’s lower east side.” [2]

Then and Now – Connect the Dots

Remarkably, well after Reich’s lifetime, we see more evidence of this life energy.  We are able to gaze upon the energetic blue glow of our home Planet Earth, which, from outer space is radiantly bathed in a glowing blue light.  We have photographs of distant galaxies with this same comforting blue glow radiating out into space.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture, which have for thousands of years been reliable systems of medicine, work with the body’s natural energy to heal everything from physical wounds, to illnesses, to emotional problems, and are now widely recognized by the public. These methods for working with what the Chinese refer to as ‘Chi‘ are widely renowned, yet no scientific instruments have yet been able to measure this force, therefore making Chi and life energy an illogical dilemma for the quantifiable sciences.

In Chinese medicine the essence of life is the body’s sexual energy, or Jing, the energy we draw from food, air, and water. It exists in everything and the human body is designed to convert this energy into internal energy called Chi, then into Shen, the nourishing spiritual energy that one uses to govern their emotional state.  To the practitioner of Chinese energetic arts like Qi Gong and Tai Chi, the sexual potency of Jing energy is life changing.  And that Western science has not a concept for this is equally amazing. [3]

It was no accident then that Reich explained his experience with Orgone energy as ‘sexual energy,’ given that he may have been discovering what the Chinese have known for ages.

Did Dr. Wilhelm Reich stumble upon the way to quantify and harness the bio-electric energy that surrounds and moves through all things, potentially bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine?

Was he destroyed for this discovery?

Thankfully, many of the written works of Dr. Reich have been preserved and are still available today.  In fact, many of his experiments are easy to conduct at home and ordinary people have reported being able to postiviely affect their health, their communities, and even the weather.  For more information on Dr. Reich’s work, view the following videos:

Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy

Wilhelm Reich – Man’s Right to Know

 About the Author

Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, and the editor of His other projects include Pura Vida Yoga Vacations which organizes fabulous Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica, and the Offgrid Outpost.

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[3] – Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. (1997). The Root of Chinese Qi Gong. Massachusetts: YMAA Publication Center

Sources: Reid, Daniel P. (1989). The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity. New York: Simon & SchusterLtd.

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  1. Brad says:

    I agree that Dr. Reich was probably studying Chi energy. Although I think that his telling people that they can SEE it(in the air) is suspect. Yes, you can see little dots of light appear and disappear against a grey sky or plain,light colored surface. BUT all this is is groups of blood cells moving through the capillaries on the surface of your retina. The spaces between the blood lets pinpoints of light through that you see.

    • ANTI-CON says:

      Brad_Please don’t take this as a personal attack but unless you have actually studied Orgone Energy under controlled conditions then you have no idea of what you can or can not see_period.

      I have been a student of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work(s) for going on forty years and I can attest to the FACT that it is quite visible during many experimental conditions.

      Please do some field research yourself and drop your pre-concieved biases and you will find what Dr.Reich discovered to be 100% true.

    • James (TD) says:

      Brad, you have stated the you believe Riech’s assertion that the Orgone could be seen with the naked eye to be “suspect”.

      I am sorry to disagree, but it is not at all that.

      Reich made it clear by explanation, that this observed Orgone can be MAGNIFIED.

      Many years ago, while on the beach in So. Cal., I observed that the Orgone was spectacularly dense, much like a snow storm or blizzard.

      Back then as now I wear glasses.

      I took care to notice that with them place on, the floating light points were sharp and clear but, with them off, they were blurred and not at all defined.

      This stood as confirmation that they are magnifiable in deed as well as theory.

      The phenomenon IS EXTERNAL.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, these tiny white light explosions are actually ether atoms on their way “out”.

  2. Bob Smith says:

    Reich was a god. Read `The Cosmic Pulse of Life’ by Trevor James Constable for the full story.
    Brad, you may be right about what you refer to, but you’re missing his point. Read more about Reich – he wasn’t a silly little man, he was a Titan.

  3. Patriart says:

    So, all of the thousands of scientists doing research in chemistry, physics and biology are too stupid to see and study orgone energy? Or, they are all involved in a coverup to conceal orgone and pass up a golden opportunity to be famous. You are a bunch of idiots if you believe this crap. Take some basic science courses and do some thinking for a change. It is very easy too see why Americans are so stupid and the country is in a state of decay.

    • James (TD) says:

      (Your ad hominem effusion is taken note-of and dismissed.)

      You insincerely suggested (rhetorically) that “. . . are too stupid to see and study orgone energy?”

      No, the case is not as you would make it, as many of their like are very brilliant observers. We know this.

      The actual problem is that they are TOO SICK emotionally to so-do.

      (“Emotionally plagued” is Reich’s term for this very common condition, it being not a matter of whether or not we feature it, but rather one OF DEGREE.)

      Near perfect little natural scientists – children – do see Orgone all about them, and will explain this to their elders that cannot if NOT coached nor given hints as to what the adult might desire.

      (The emotionally plagued will work hard to destroy any such inquiry/experiment, this so that they cannot possibly be disabused of their lifetime, post childhood, observational defectiveness.

      On the other hand, the healthier of inquirers NOT so hobbled, i.e. less sick, will gently ask, be told, and benefit on account of the pristine information, as imparted by their little ones’ most keen reportage.)

      For a ‘flash finish’ you offered THIS choice advice-bit

      “Take some basic science courses and do some thinking for a change.”

      Corporatist Science and it’s academical, bought and paid for slave class, has now devolved into THE deadly enemy of all Mankind. In a thousand-and-one ways, the wicked team calculates well for maximum, mortal damage!

      (Here think “Fukashima” and “GE”, designer and constructor of that known, defective murdering monster! As to it’s “Great Work”, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!!)

  4. Alex says:

    Hey Patriart – When’s the next meeting of the flat earth society? How’s that fluoride working on your teeth? How many of your flat earth pharmaceutical drugs actually cure anything?
    If Reich was just a crackpot the gov’t would not have bothered with him at all.
    Hey, what about Nikola Tesla. Do they mention him in any basic science course (as if you took any)? Ever hear of Royal Rife? When is “science” going to give us a cure for cancer? Never, you fool, there’s no money in curing. Cancer has been cured numerous times over the past decades, by people, most of whom have had their lives destroyed.
    Go put your TV back on….

  5. Jackie says:

    I like that handle, “Patriart,” eh? Sort of portmanteaus “patriot”, “patriarch” and “art” into a handy nom d’clever that suggests a close-minded (at best), bigoted (at worst), flag-waving, U.S. male (or do Italian or Greek women take pride in defining themselves at ‘patriots’?) with intellectual pretensions. Patriart’s comment gives ignorance a bad name.

  6. amplelight says:


    It is the build of static charges onto ones body.

    Also called st.elmos fire, it is quite real, and is quite visible to the naked eye without any aid from cameras, lenses or photographs.

    The entire universe is orbiting with positive and negative charged particles.

    Orgone energy should be directly synonomous with static electricity, and the feeling produced by a van de graff generator.



    Deal with it, science only argues the name of something to be placed as a universal standard to include as common knowledge.

  7. Rayna says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen a connection made between Qi and orgone energy. As an acupuncturist who is also intimately familiar with Reich’s work, I’ve been thinking about this for years. His “discovery” of the life force was of course, nothing new but it would behoove all “energy workers” to read his body of work as it sheds light on a different way of looking at similar phenomenon. There are many, many people who can see this energy. Since it is experiential there will always be doubters and their vehemence is indeed a symptom of emotional plague.

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