Thirteen Things You May Not Know About Cannabis

Laurel Dewey, The Weed Blog
Waking Times

1. Smoking marijuana is actually the least effective way to benefit from the medicinal power of marijuana. Opt for liquid extracts, cannabis butters or medicated oils to truly gain the deepest use from this healing plant.

2. The term “marijuana” is actually a Mexican slang term that the U.S. government bestowed on the cannabis plant in the 1930’s. The true name of the plant is simply: cannabis.

3. In all of recorded history, nobody has ever died from consuming or smoking marijuana.

4. The two main medicinal species are Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Sativas affect the mind more and are more exhilarating while the Indicas work more on the body, providing physical relief and relaxation.

5. The term cannabinoids refers to the multiple compounds found within the marijuana plant. Cannabis has over sixty known cannabinoids, many of which have not been thoroughly studied. What people may not realize is that we were all born with cannabinoid receptors in our brains, liver, stomach and nerve tissue, making us human sponges to soak up the benefits of cannabis.

6. Marijuana liquid extracts were routinely given to babies in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to effectively combat teething pain.

7. There are single strains of marijuana that can help you sleep, reduce pain, relieve muscle spasms and calm the mind. In other words, one marijuana strain can take the place of four different drugs, eliminating the multiple side effects of the pharmaceuticals.

8. Queen Victoria regularly depended upon cannabis indica extracts to ease her menstrual cramps.

9. Most people have heard about THC, the main psychoactive constituent in marijuana. However, there is another very important element in the plant called CBD that is non-psychoactive. Breeders are creating high CBD marijuana strains that have less than 1% of THC, making them non-psychoactive. High CBD marijuana has been shown to be excellent for stress, anxiety, inflammation and reducing the spread of cancerous tumors.

10. A 1974 conducted at the University of Virginia discovered that the cannabinoids in cannabis shrunk cancerous tumors and killed cancer cells, leaving the healthy cells alone.

11. Contrary to the propaganda that “pot kills brain cells,” research has shown that marijuana can actually protect brain cells, even when those cells have damaged by chronic alcohol abuse. In addition, marijuana has been shown to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and protect victims of epilepsy, strokes and severe head trauma due to what appears to be neurogenesis—it’s ability to grow new nerves in the brain.

12. Marijuana seeds produce both male and female plants. However, the medicinal bud only is found on the female plants.

13. You don’t have to ingest marijuana to benefit from its healing abilities. Marijuana buds and leaves can be melted into oils and cocoa butters to make potent topical pain killing ointments that do not get you high.

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  • the original solessie is a fucking idiot

    So let me get this straight. We’re stupid for reading an article and believing that it is true. Then you give us links to another bullshit article that says people go completely insane after smoking weed (Which is weird because I’ve been smoking for years now, and I can’t remember the last time I hallucinated and then proceeded to eat somebody’s face). So I’m seriously fucking confused on what you want us to do.

    So you can base your worthless opinion off of what happened to one person which is obviously not a direct result of smoking weed. Aaaandd I’ll keep smoking, and I just pray that I won’t get cancer, lose all my limbs, and turn into a homeless mutant rat. You’re obviously a fucking expert even though you can’t actually form an opinion based off of your own experience. Sooooo you lose all credibility, and you can go fuck yourself.

    Thanks. 😀

    • You misspelled ‘Selassie.’ 😉


  • the original selassie

    if anyone reading this actually takes it as gospel without wondering why there are no sources cited….
    then you’re probly a fucking dumbass

    if anyone reading this article has read legitmate studies of cannabis undertaken by the national cancer institute would notice that yes, cannabis is a very important medicine. MEDICINE.

    MEDICINE that souldn’t be abused by dimwitted, unmotivated, and generally useless dropouts just because they’ve literally done it for so long that they can no longer think of anything creative to do with their free time.

    Most people will look at this article as just another website giving unsubstantiated evidence of why its awesome to constantly smoke way too much pot. Have fun with your possible paranoid schizoaffective, paranoid schizophrenia, or really any type of psychosis associated with hallucinations
    also possible risk of exacerbating a predisposition for heart problems, bipolar disorder, asperger’s syndrome, get your fucking facts right

    why do you think the miami zombie only had weed in his system, everyone was too ignorant and just blamed it on bath salts so they could give themselves another reason not to stop abusing what ought to be a controlled substance, and soon will be. here’s my proof: make sure you get to the part about hallucinations LOOK NO BATH SALTS!!!! WONDER THE FUCK WHY?????

    i suggest you do one of two things if you are stupid enough to believe anything in this article:
    A) bury your fucking head in the sand
    B) continue to lower your IQ by smoking pot, as shown by the dunedin study, and overall just make it easier for everyone in the world to continue forming a complete disrespect for you, outside of your closed minded little world of teenagers where everyone is as stupid as you.

    • Anonymous

      When will the world realize that whatever is happening to oneself is nothing but his/her own fault. You can be a pot head and still be intelligent, it’s not about what you do it’s all about how you do it.

  • nedmorlef

    The gov’t has known it’s medical uses since the early 70s and yet, they have waged war on american citizens terrorizing and killing and destroying all the way to morality.
    We should string up in the DC mall every politician left alive that, voted for the war on drugs and it’s provisions….That would only leave Ron Paul and maybe Kucinich. Before their feet stop kicking confiscate all of their wealth made from the time they entered office and distribute it to every family that had their father shot,their dogs shot, their house taken, their kids confiscated and given to the state pedo program.
    If they are already dead garnish their estates.

  • Fuck off n dieeeee

    Erm yeh. Buying it is still illegal even if it is ‘good 4 u’ . Bet that was written by a hippy

    • This guy above is retarded

      Well not everything that is ‘legal’ is ‘good 4 u’ moron.
      Slavery was legal, until the morons realized how wrong it was.

      Youre just a fucking robot like every other dumb cunt in society. Go pick up a book and turn off your tv for once.

    • em

      People like you still exist? does your actual opinion change when laws do? or is your brain just not capable of forming opinions in general?

  • Mikey A.

    Very pro-cannabis position. Me thinks thou art a partaker of the herb, for sure! Anyway… there are some negatives to consider and not all are trumped up. There are always 2 sides to a coin. Nonetheless, I agree that the cannabis plant is an amazingly useful thing.

    • You’re a fucking idiot

      pick a side and stick to it, fuck.

      • Moron

        Yes, because seeing things only one way and shutting everything else out has never hurt anyone.

      • Lol… “Who needs to change their mind based on learning or life experiences?” I hope you’re just trolling, that’s ridiculous.

  • Marshall Neill

    Because of marijuana’s medicinal properties Big Pharma will lobby like nobody’s business to keep it from becoming legal.
    Money talks, plain and simple.

    • Think of all the money weed can shew?

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