Time to End the Tyranny of Licenses to Practice Medicine

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The tyranny of health guilds is both harmful to our health and destructive of our rights. It’s time for it to end. Our right to access the healthcare we choose must be restored.
Gaia Health

Licensing Medicine Benefits Doctors, Not Patients

The inherent assumption behind licensing of medical practitioners is that people are too stupid to determine who is capable of helping them resolve their health problems. Are we really that stupid? Or is it a matter of small groups of people taking control over areas of commerce to create monopolies for themselves?

If I want to utilize a particular type of health practice, by what right does the government tell me that I can’t? Who has the right to presume to understand my needs better than I do myself?

Guilds and Greed

Licenses to practice medicine and an array of other health-related services are the result of pressure from guilds. Guilds are, simply, organizations of the practitioners of any art, skill, or practice for the purpose of promoting and protecting their ability to pursue and profit from what they do. To that end, they may set rules for themselves. It’s how the original Hippocratic Oath came to be. However, the primary purpose of that oath is not as it’s generally understood. Its purpose was to assure that the members would behave in a manner that would bring no harm to their common interests.

It’s natural, in the promotion of one’s interests, to try to keep anyone not of your guild from performing the same service that you do. The guild’s rules, though, are not necessarily concerned with the interests of the people. The betterment of its members is the primary concern. Of course, they’ll use the excuse that people might be harmed if someone who isn’t of their guild performs that service—but surely the fact that they have a vested interest in saying so should be all the reason we need to discount the claim.

Destroying the Opposition

Things have now gone so far that a man who produces a website about diabetes and nutrition—a man who cured himself of diabetes through nutrition—is under threat by the state of North Carolina for practicing as a nutritionist without a license. Steve Cooksey produces Diabetes Warrior, where he clarifies that he’s neither a doctor nor a nutritionist. He offers information and advice, along with his own personal experience of curing diabetes with diet. Had he done what the folk who are licensed as dieticians say, he’d still be fat and diabetic. Obviously, the officially licensed dieticians are not providing the best information.

Why should Steve or anyone else be required to get a license to give advice? No one’s forcing anyone to follow it.

A huge number of people have beaten cancer by going to non-AMA approved and nonlicensed practitioners. Many have made their own plans to cure themselves by reading and doing what makes sense to them. Yet, the medical profession’s guild has managed to create laws that say no one but they may offer advice or treatment for cancer. Anyone who does is at risk of criminal prosecution for practicing medicine without a license.

And the people are at risk from the surgeries and toxic chemicals they use to treat cancer, while claiming that they know best. Yet, the FDA is constantly stopping any alternative cancer treatments, and prosecuting the practitioners. It matters not if they’ve saved lives. It matters not if people will die because their treatment is banned. It matters not how much proof exists for the efficacy of their treatments. The FDA says it isn’t approved, so it’s illegal. They have no concern for the destruction of lives that result—and neither do most of the officially licensed doctors who provide only toxic life-destroying treatments for cancer.

Certainly, if a practitioner misrepresents what he does. If he lies about his credentials or training, he should be prosecuted for criminal misconduct. The people have a right to be protected against that sort of criminal behavior.

The Tragedy of Health Guild Tyranny

Anyone who wants to utilize only the services of a particular guild can do so whether they’re licensed or not. If the guild cannot survive without the protection of government-granted licenses, then perhaps that guild should not survive.

Of course, the obvious example of such a guild likely dying a rapid death without the protection of government licensing is modern medicine. The travesties produced by them are without comparison in the history of humanity. The methods used to treat people are some of the most devastating practices ever known:

  • Cancer is treated with radiation, which causes cancer.
  • Cancer is treated with chemotherapy, destroying the immune system, which is how the body can cure itself.
  • Dentists routinely stuff mouths full of amalgams containing toxic mercury—and tell us it’s safe!
  • Nutritionists push a diet on diabetics that will make the disease worse.
  • Vaccinations are pushed on children while the rates of autism, neurological disorders, asthma, and diabetes skyrocket.
  • Iatrogenic deaths are officially recognized as over 100,000 per year in the US alone. However, anyone who’s paying attention knows that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as the toll of routinely performed treatments is causing untold damage. As reported here in Gaia Health, routine procedures like umbilical cord clamping, massive use of antibiotics, steroids, statins, and so many other treatments are doing massive harm to people’s health.

Parents are now often forced to let their children be vaccinated. People who want to try alternative treatments cannot gain access because they’re illegal. The licensed nutritionists are designing school food programs that destroy health. The average child is now chronically ill. Most people today probably have no idea how good health feels.

And the costs of this travesty are bankrupting us all! Because we have little choice, healthcare is a virtual monopoly. Like all monopolies, they price their products as high as they can. The result is healthcare that’s so costly the majority cannot access it and it literally threatens to bankrupt the country.

This is the disaster that’s been wrought by the tyranny of licensing health practitioners. It’s time for it to end, for this system is surely corrupted utterly.

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  1. Alexander V.M. says:

    Yes it is so, but I ask you what could be done !?

    I was doctor- graduate with one of the best scores, being one of the best students in University – with 12 years activity, with great succes , mostely using treatments discovered by my self and helping people to be partialy cured, when the official medical universities sent them back home to die.
    because the tyranny of the medical criminal monopoly , leaving my country I lost the right to practice.
    Insult on injury for tree times because the absolute incompetence of official medicine I was almost deadly harmed. Thanks only the fact that I was( and I am doctor) I discovered on time that my official collegues were up to kill me.
    Yes the perfect wrong diagnostic s and faulty procedure , that almost killed me !
    I’ve saved my self , yes !!!!!my self , because I know what they did wrong , very wrong , and thanks God that I knew what to do with my self to help myself and to stop the „war against me from my former collegues „ fighting until now to preserve my health( what remaines after the official criminal ,medical activity) to stay alive and healthy.
    As doctor I have not any word of thanks to my collegues . Not one !

  2. Liz says:

    I’ve been arguing this for a long time, but unfortunately most people don’t stop & ask why health care is so expensive. They just try to figure out new ways to get someone to pay for it.

    I would add that the licensing and medical school system also damages doctors themselves. We all know idealistic young people who enter the study of medicine with a desire to help people… who somehow they become high-paid specialists needing to pay off huge student loans. They’re so brainwashed by their little cartel after eight years they truly believe in the crap allopathic treatments being foisted on patients. Or they’re simply worn down by 48-hour shifts and as eager for a quick fix as the rest of us. In other words, THEY DON’T KNOW ANYTHING DIFFERENT and that’s the biggest reason to break up this monopoly.

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