Why Won’t You Change? (Video)


Excerpted from J. Krishnamurti’s Life Story and Teachings.  Krishnamurti asks us to give deep attention to this question of why we won’t change when we already understand the importance of changing.  Why won’t we prevent all wars to save our own children?  Will we be forever nationalistic?  We are psychologically conditioned, and to actually change for the better we must each individually break through this conditioning.

  • Justyna

    Ed -thanks you for the most apt description-in-a-nutshell of one of our shortcomings.

  • Ed Goertzen

    When what we know collides with the self evident, then what we know yields.
    The reason is that the self evident is a product of the senses which were there before the knowledge.

    Too many people still believe, sincerely, that the sun rises and sets.

    Ed G

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