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The Intention Equation

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Daikan Basho, Contributor
Waking Times

When a person is alive, he is soft and supple.
When a person dies, he becomes hard and rigid.
When a plant is dead, it becomes dry and brittle.
Hence, the hard and rigid are companions of the dead.
The soft and supple are companions of the living.
~ Tao Te Ching #76

The Movement of the Cosmos

Right now, whether you are awake or asleep, dreaming or envisioning, realize it or not, the movement of the universe is developing a staggering gravity around you, pressing it’s full weight into the consciousness of mankind. It is as though the cosmos are reaching out directly to man, urging him forward, pushing him down the path of his choosing towards the expression of his destiny.

Yet it also seems that few understand our human destiny. It appears as though few recognize the infinite range of possibilities for the human story.  Great changes are on upon our doorstep, indeed.  So, how will the cards fall?

The Choice

And so we must now decide which path to pursue.

Do we trod the dark walk of the damned as always, forever rending our souls as feed for the high and mighty vampires that manage how we perceive reality? Do we further materialize and witness with horror our greatest fears, giving in totally to the impulses of control and power lust, tuning our darkening hearts to the dankest frequencies of destruction?

Do we black out the oceans?

Do we snuff out our children with impulsive disregard for our dependence on the natural world? Do we ingeniously bomb to smithereens whatever is left after that?

Or, do we turn majestically toward our vast heritage of compassion, re-aligning ourselves with our cosmic humanity, overcoming our impulsive drive for self-destruction? Do we reestablish our footing amongst the cosmic Gods above us, whose houses from which we were born?  Or toil forever amidst the suffrages of an everyday hell on earth?

Mustering the Constructive Powers if the Universe

An extraordinary gift of being human is the power of manifestation. It truly is one of our most amazing yet misdirected qualities. From the greatest works of art, music and dance, to our achievements in sport, fitness and intellect, and our capacity to engineer vast public works, the powers of the human being to manifest reality are breathtaking. Utterly inspiring. Even when totally preoccupied with the creation of beautiful machines of destruction and modern warfare, our capacity to manifest material and circumstance is remarkably, unarguably potent.

Breathtaking in its complexity, ingenuity and beauty, our modern world is an epic testament to our creative powers, proving that we, as human beings, literally have the power to breathe life and volume into an intangible idea.  From a mere formless thought, human beings are capable of constructing the impossible.

Reality Check

Could it be that that at any moment in time there are simultaneously infinite possibilities for reality? That in any single point in time there exists an infinite set of options and colors of ever-intertwining, converging, parting, and re-coupling moments and realities there for the taking. Good, bad, horrible, humble, endearing, whatever. And could it be possible that we can construct our realities with the application of will power?  In the same way we manifest our material world?  Is it so that our willful intention precedes us in time and space, reaching out beyond ourselves picking and choosing which reality we will receive next at any given moment?

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In this theory then, the role of the consciousness of man is to mold and form the outcome of any present moment by intentionally selecting before hand which future to manifest.  Some call it the Secret, but there really is no secret to it.  The weight and decision of the mind has its own unique meta-physical impact on the future, with the power to choose which universal current to ride to the fruition of an immaterial idea.

In this model of infinite possibility, any resulting present moment can have its origins in heart rather than in impulse, eventually leading to the realization of a present moment of peace, serenity and equality between man, himself and nature.  Here is where the choice is made.  Here is where we decide which direction to turn, and which future to seed.

This is the Tai Chi of life.  The grand ultimate recognition of and application of our focused intention on positive outcome as the deciding factor in experiencing positive outcome. Intentionally pre-choosing our reality, utilizing our mindfulness as muster to continually manifest present moments of harmony and grace that serve us well rather than do us harm.

Visionaries Only

Without a vision for the future there is nothing on which to place our intent. Without a vision, as though by default, our lack of direction for the future becomes the collective chaos we see now.  And as our powers of manifestation run aimlessly amuck amongst the cosmos without harness they are doomed to confusion and co-option by the deceitful.  A total insult to our human potential.

Time – Intent = Chaos

Time + Intent = Manifest

Without a vision for a noble future time simply continues to move ever onward chaotically, eating itself again and again in a never-ending fractal of happenstance.  And the self, mirrored as mankind, toils endlessly without meaning, never fully realizing the deep blissful existence that is our birthright.  The vision is simply a possibility played out in the mind and offered to the future with faith.  The simple act of creating a vision is the seed.

Doom and Gloom and Salvation


And so it seems that as the universe draws us ever nearer our doom and demise, goading and tempting us to lash out in fear against our neighbors and our natural world, we must at once acknowledge our most meaningful task at hand.  To deliberately align ourselves with the creative forces of the universe already running through us. Dissolving chaos and fear with constructive loving energies, moving into a present of abundance and prosperity that better suits our natural human divinity.

So I ask.  Where are your intentions placed? Is your vital energy serving you properly in these times?  Have you placed your intention on realizing the world we all know is possible?

About the Author:
Daikan Basho is a traveling Yogi, philosopher and eternal student of the martial arts.  Through the physical arts and written word he intends to move the people he comes in contact with toward the realization of a happier, more fulfilled life. 

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  1. Rherbert says:

    For once I’d like to understand absolutely and without room for speculation just exactly who or what these “dark manipulators” are. What is there purpose, how long have they been around, where did they come from, have they done this to other civilizations, and why hasn’t God stepped in and destroyed them with fire and brimstone. LOL, don’t answer the God part, it may cause another religious argument.

    Well, for the record, if I am ever able to locate and close with one of these dark beings, you can all rest assured that I will do everything in my power to give him or her or it a thorough yet purposeful butt stomping.

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