Ahimsa – Vegan Farm Sanctuary (Video)


Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word that means no harm or no violence. It is the philosophy by which Gandhi led his life. In this film we journey to a farm animal sanctuary in Colorado and meet people who live by the concept of Ahimsa and see how it affects the choices they make.

To find a sanctuary near you: http://www.sanctuaries.org

Time to awaken; feel with our hearts and listen to our Souls. One of the most self-empowering, compassionate, and environmentally sound actions we can take to raise our vibration mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, is to no longer create and consume the trauma of other sentient beings.

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  • Dr Bonnie

    A beautiful way to educate people. But what do you do with the eggs those beautiful chickens lay for you out of love. You could eat them without causing harm to any being. Eggs, if they have not been fertilized by a rooster, are not living beings, but only food for the potential embryo that would have formed had the egg been fertilized. WE have 13 chickens that have free range over our whole yard, except the fenced in veg gardens. They all have names and personalities. They spend the whole day scratching around for bugs, and eating weeds (and pooping on everything, which is excellent fertilizer). We would never kill or abuse the chickens, but we do eat the eggs. One hen decided to lay her eggs in the foyer of the house instead of in the coop, and every day after laying her egg, she comes up to the door and cackles until I come and tell her what a good chicken she is and what a beautiful egg she made for me. Then she is happy and goes outside with the other chickens.

    • We have 6 free range chickens right now, and we do eat the delicious eggs. They too all have names and personalities and are surprisingly more obedient than our dogs. 😉

  • 7Storm


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