Black Whole – Nassim Haramein (Video)

Scientific Evidence That Everything is One

Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein grapples with the biggest questions in science, the relationship between, time, gravity, space and the human conscious.  Helping to unravel the mysteries of life, this must see documentary works toward unifying the division between science and spirit.

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  • I would like to advise when on 13.12.2012 I opened up to watch the Haramein Video ” Scientific Evidence That Everything is One ” & it said ” Sorry this video does not exist” I am very disappointed. Can it be reposted or sent to my email address. Is there somewhere to go to see it. Thank you for your assistance. Namaste. Elle

  • jade

    this astonish me ! and it’s really awesome! can’t wait to participate in this creation…world peace

  • Gary Kainz

    Very interesting! I am still not sure who is blowing up the balloon but this presentation seems to invalidate the Big Bang Theory as there must be an infinite creative intelligence behind this that is working in total harmony!

  • Mik

    Blessings and thankyou, for one of the most incredible and exciting reports i have ever heard. So many amazing insights and aha’s. The effects of these ideas are so far reaching even for myself as a layman. It seems to have connected my intuitive understandings to the physics underlying, and created an incredibly clear space(no pun intended) to understand even deeper levels of myself and the all. And it feels like freedom. Again thankyou. I will be using these new ideas to build my awareness and understanding of the universe i live in. Namaste.

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