Your Cell Phone is a Psychotronic Weapon of Mass Mind Control

Peter A. Kirby, Contributor
Waking Times

Modern telecommunications usually involves devices that can both send and receive wireless signals. These devices are also almost invariably capable of producing and receiving signals that affect our moods, thoughts, and bodily functions. Your cell phone is a psychotronic weapon. That means that your cell phone CAN read and control and probably IS reading and controlling your mind. People should care more about that than whomever is currently on TV.

Most of the fields of man-made electromagnetic energy we experience on a routine, daily basis are byproducts of modern industry: electrical power grids, telecommunications, and all electrically powered devices produce them. As generally opposed to naturally occurring fields of the Earth’s magnetic energy, man-made fields of electromagnetic energy have been found to be generally bad for Humans. A preponderance of the best evidence suggests that they cause cancer. If this wasn’t bad enough for city dwellers, electromagnetic energy can also be weaponized and may be used against us routinely.

  • This scholarly article explores the notion that psychotronic weaponry is being used from near and afar to mind control us on a routine, daily basis. This article gives a background to the field of psychotronic weaponry, explores the current state of the art, and provides the author’s accounts of his experiences with weaponized electromagnetic energy.

    Evidence suggests that these mind control activities are part of a larger effort the author calls The New Manhattan Project. The author became aware of psychotronic weaponry during the course of his research into this related subject. If you are not familiar with the New Manhattan Project, please refer to the author’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A new Manhattan Project.

    Psychotronic weaponry

    Electromagnetic energy can be produced and directed to influence Human moods, thoughts, and bodily functions. Devices that do this are known as ‘psychotronic weaponry’ or ‘psychotronics.’ Psychotronic weaponry utilizes electromagnetic energy frequencies primarily in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range (3-30 Hz) because ELF is primarily the frequency range of the electromagnetic energy the Human brain naturally sends and receives. Electromagnetic fields in the Very Low Frequency (VLF / 3-30 kHz) and Super Low Frequency (SLF / 30-300 Hz) ranges can also have psychotronic effects.

    Man-made electromagnetic energy (EM) signals produced and applied in the ELF range can be synchronized to Human brain waves so that the brain becomes ‘entrained.’ The targeted individual’s brain waves are firstly scanned to determine the frequency of the EM his or her brain is currently producing. Then, that same frequency produced by the targeted individual’s brain is produced by the psychotronic weapon and directed at the targeted individual. Once the targeted individual’s brain waves have been synchronized with the EM produced by the psychotronic weapon, the frequency produced by the psychotronic weapon is then gradually altered. Due to this synchronization, as the EM produced by the psychotronic weapon is gradually altered to produce any desired effects, the targeted individual’s brain waves will follow. This is the process of brain entrainment which is fundamental to psychotronic weaponry.

    Don’t believe me? There is a mountain of supporting evidence. This investigation has found hundreds of pertinent documents readily available. The Navy, the Rand Corporation, NASA, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, the Department of Energy, Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs, and many others have all been doing significant work here. All of those names are involved in the New Manhattan Project. The more general area of study is known as ‘bioelectromagnetics’ and that is the title of the leading scientific journal. If you want to look into it further, a good place to start is the ‘Mind control’ section of the author’s previous article “Other New Manhattan Chemtrail Project Agendas.”


    Your author has since uncovered much more. This section provides an overview of the author’s previously published work pertaining to mind control and the New Manhattan Project as well as newly uncovered information. The three earliest scientists presented here all have strong connections to the New Manhattan Project.

    Way back in the 1930s Alfred Lee Loomis (1887-1975) was studying and writing about brain waves as he helped to develop the field of electroencephalography; which is the field of brain wave measurement. This is the same Alfred Lee Loomis who made his fortune in the electrical power industry and later went on to help develop technologies capable of bouncing electromagnetic communication signals off the ionosphere; transmitting them over thousands of miles. These facts are significant because America’s electrical power grid produces EM fields in the same frequency range as that of the Human brain and the electrical power industry has incentives such as the generation of hydroelectric power to motivate their interests in a global weather modification endeavor such as the New Manhattan Project. Also, today’s New Manhattan Project chemtrail spray has been found to be coal fly ash. Coal fly ash is a byproduct of the electrical power industry’s coal-fired power plants. As if that wasn’t enough, today’s ionospheric heaters of the New Manhattan Project (with fundamental technologies developed by Loomis) are capable of producing tremendously strong EM signals and fields that can control the weather AND influence our moods, thoughts, and bodily functions. It makes one’s head spin. For more about the enigmatic Mr. Loomis, please refer to the author’s previous article “Chemtrails Exposed: Truly a New Manhattan Project.”

    For more about the electrical power industry’s potential motives here, please refer to the author’s previous article “Cui Bono? New Manhattan Chemtrail Project Motives.”

    For more about coal fly ash as common chemtrail spray, please refer to the author’s previous article “Chemtrails Exposed: Coal fly ash and the New Manhattan Project.”

    For more about the ionospheric heaters of today’s New Manhattan project, one can refer to the author’s previous article “Smoking Gun: The HAARP and Chemtrails Connection.”

    Loomis’ work in the field of electroencephalography involved electrical diodes placed directly on a subject’s skin. So, although his work is notable here as a precursor, it was a little bit different than modern psychotronics in that modern psychotronic weaponry is administered remotely, through the air. What we are examining here is more akin to the later field of magneto electroencephalography.


    Although what appears to be the earliest scientific paper applicable to modern psychotronic weaponry was published in 1955, it wasn’t until the early 1960s that things in the field really started getting going. Among a few other early examples was 1961’s “Research in Electrical Phenomena Associated with Aerosols” by Bernard Vonnegut et al.

    “Research in Electrical Phenomena Associated with Aerosols” involved measuring the effects of EM directed at the effigy of a man, in a small chamber, surrounded by gas. This is, of course analogous to today’s everyday environment where airplanes saturate our atmosphere with very small particles and man-made electromagnetic energy is hitting us all over the place.

    The author of “Research in Electrical Phenomena Associated with Aerosols” Bernard Vonnegut (1914-1997), as astute readers know, was instrumental to the early development of what has become today’s New Manhattan Project. He was an original Manhattan Project scientist. He was one of the trio of General Electric scientists who rolled out the scientific era of weather modification and he later went on to do ‘space charge’ experiments in the vein of the New Manhattan Project. In the most cited weather modification report ever, he wrote about introducing ‘chemicals’ into the atmosphere or modifying the weather by ‘altering electrical variables.’ Atmospheric chemicals and atmospheric electricity are the two key elements of today’s New Manhattan Project. On a separate note, he just happened to be Kurt Vonnegut’s brother.


    In the mid-1960s, UCLA’s Brain Research Institute was studying the effects of electromagnetic fields upon Human behavior. This was around the same time that our good friend and eminent geophysicist Dr. Gordon J.F. ‘How to Wreck the Environment’ MacDonald (1929-2002) was writing about entraining people’s brains with a man-made electronic signal from outer space. Yes, you read that correctly.


    Starting around 1970, academic activity in this area increased greatly; many more scientific papers began to be published.

    In 1974 a book edited by Dr. Michael A. Persinger titled ELF and VLF Electromagnetic Field Effects was published. This book references and details many studies conducted with animals and Humans pertaining to physiological and biochemical changes associated with EM fields in the ELF and VLF ranges. In the preface, Dr. Persinger writes that ELF signals are associated with, “weather changes, solar disturbances and geophysical-ionospheric perturbations.” That is very convenient considering that this New Manhattan Project is primarily a global weather modification project. ELF and VLF EM is fundamental to natural life processes here on Earth. Dr. Persinger also writes that ELF signals are preferable because they, “…have the capacity to penetrate structures which house living organisms.” He’s writing about weaponized EM! Like MacDonald did about 10 years earlier, Persinger is writing here about psychotronic weaponry mind controlling people in their houses from outer space. I’m not making this up! I wish I were! I don’t think I could!

    Dr. Michael A. Persinger

    In this area of study, it appears that Dr. Persinger has been most instrumental. Without boring the reader with a litany of details, it suffices to say that Persinger’s work in this area has been both prolific and seminal.

    Dr. Michael Persinger has been a very public figure for many decades. He just goes on and on about all this stuff. He teaches it. He is most well known for inventing what is called the ‘God Helmet.’ The God Helmet was a device placed on a subject’s head which could apparently produce in the subject the feeling of having a religious experience. He has a big Wikipedia listing.

    He even has a YouTube Channel.


    A United States patent granted in 1990 titled “Cryogenic Remote Sensing Physiograph” details an apparatus and method for remotely scanning people’s brain waves. This is significant because, as noted earlier, the process of brain entrainment (the fundamental process of psychotronic weaponry) begins with remotely reading the brain waves of a targeted individual.


    Another U.S. patent granted in 1998 titled “Thermal Excitation of Sensory Resonances” describes a method and apparatus for using directed microwave radiation or a laser beam to produce certain effects in Humans. The patent explains that, “sleepiness, drowsiness, relaxation, a tonic smile, ptosis of the eyelids, the feeling of a ‘knot’ in the stomach, sudden loose stool, and sexual excitement” can all be artificially induced in Humans using this technique.


    Although the author has previously written about it in his “Other Agendas” article, it should be noted here that an expert in the field of psychotronics has written a book detailing how we can be mind controlled by all Internet connected devices. In his 2013 book Mind War Dr. Michael Aquino writes exactly that.

    He writes, “BWR [mind control frequencies] can, for instance, be inserted into the Internet to be passively and indetectably (absent such sensors) received and radiated by any accessing device, from television station to desktop computer or cellular telephone.”

    Dr. Michael Aquino should know. Although he is now retired, he was a Lt. Colonel, Psychological Operations, First Special Forces Regiment, U.S. Army.

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    My personal experiences

    I often find myself staring at a computer or television screen feeling a little ‘stuck.’ Maybe you can relate.

    I just came back to the computer to write this passage, but before that I was staring at the television screen as the local TV news sportscaster went on about women’s college basketball. I was standing there watching it when it occurred to me that it was odd that I would be staring at a report about women’s college basketball because I barely watch sports at all, much less have any interest in a niche like women’s college basketball.

    Might the television be producing EM frequencies that encourage me to continue watching? It makes sense that this would be done. When more people watch programs for longer periods of time, they make more money. We have seen here the reality of the necessary technologies.

    I often feel a compulsion to grab or hold my smartphone when there is no need to do so. I’m not sure if this is a naturally occurring psychological phenomena due to our heavy use of smartphones or something we are induced to do by EM frequencies generated by the phone.

    It is in the interest of the phone maker and the telecommunications company to have their customers feeling as though they need their phone. In fact, it would be advantageous to them for us to feel addicted to our phones. That keeps the cash rolling in. Maybe the telecommunications company and/or the phone maker is complicit in the production of EM signals, coming from one’s phone, that make people feel compelled to have and use a phone.

    Sometimes, I’ll be peacefully doing little things around the house when negative thoughts and feelings just start appearing in my head; for no reason. I’m a relatively happy guy. Most of my needs are met. I’m furiously building and I’m hopeful for the future. My having unprovoked negative thoughts and feelings is illogical. I didn’t used to have them. I find that, when these negative thoughts and feelings strike, if I turn off my WiFi and/or put my phone into airplane mode, then they rapidly disappear.

    Might I be purposefully receiving EM through my wireless communication devices that makes me think negative thoughts and feel bad? At this point, with all my public and private railing against the establishment everywhere, I’m probably not the corporate superstate’s favorite individual. Maybe I am sent EM signals that produce negative thoughts and feelings in me as a form of punishment.

    Lastly, a few weeks ago I was surfing the Internet on my desktop computer when I suddenly began to feel a distinct dryness at the top of my nasal passage. I quit my Internet browser and stepped away from the computer. As soon as I did, the dryness in my nasal passage went away. This, for me, is my most convincing episode yet.

    I hope these things are the worst it’s going to get for me. If they are, then I’m getting off easy. I’ve heard plenty of super-scary horror stories from many targeted individuals who claim that their entire lives have been absolutely ruined by harmful EM frequencies.


    It’s really just an extension of subliminal advertising. If advertisers do that, then why wouldn’t someone do this? Of course this is done.

    It is very important to note that, as shown repeatedly here, the frequencies used to control minds and influence bodily functions (ELF/VLF/SLF) are the same frequencies that are germane to atmospheric phenomena. These frequencies are also fundamental to what is commonly referred to ‘the smart grid.’ The smart grid involves having our fundamental biological processes hacked and hijacked. The organizations and people responsible for exploiting these frequencies are tapping into the fundamental processes of life itself without our full knowledge or consent. That is why this information is so important and this is why people are so resistant to smart meters and WiFi; which play important roles in the smart grid

    As we go through our daily lives here in America and in many other parts of the world, as a matter of course we are all assaulted by psychotronic weaponry in one way or the other. It’s a good way to get people to do what somebody else wants without the targeted individuals knowing what hit them. This shows the cowardice, subversiveness, and lust for power not of man’s nature, but of an artificially constructed establishment.

    The science of mind control (just like the New Manhattan Project) lies just outside of the Overton Window. The reality of these technologies, although exhaustively documented, is largely unknown in today’s society.

    Even if your average American were to come to grips with the reality and power of these technologies, convincing them that these technologies are being purposefully used against us on a routine, daily basis is still a bridge too frickin’ far. Most people simply refuse to believe that monumental institutions of industry, academia, and government would engage in such malicious and blatant violations of the public’s trust.

    This is how they get away with it and this the author’s frustration. We will never win the fight if we don’t recognize the enemy. As Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

    I’m betting on Humanity. In the face of all the world, I’m betting that we will rise up and root out ALL of the establishment’s weapons used against us: physical and metaphysical. I’m betting on you, the reader. I’m betting that a relatively small percentage of intelligent and well-informed individuals will push the envelope and move the Overton Window into a size and position that will allow even the lowest common denominators to come to grips with such things as psychotronic weaponry and the New Manhattan Project. We are emerging from the cave. In the meantime, the dehumanizing agendas of mind control and chemtrails will continue.

    This is why we need you, the New Media. Please share this article far and wide. Thank you.

  • About the Author

    Peter A. Kirby is a San Rafael, CA researcher, writer, and activist. Subscribe to his email list at his website

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