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Bob Marley couldn’t have been more right when he sang that there’s “so much trouble in the world”. Our planet is in chaos, and most people are trying their best to pretend that it’s all normal.

Geoengineering is making everybody sick, along with a cocktail of chemicals and GMOs in our food supply, and a backward education system funded by the same family behind Big Oil and the Federal Reserve is distracting and dumbing people down so we don’t question any of it.

Tension is at an all-time high, and people are being systematically murdered in mass numbers.

War is generating billions in profit for the upper class while people across the world struggle to find food, water and shelter, and while it’s clear that these problems will only get worse if we let it all continue, there just aren’t enough people doing anything about it.

  • Is Peace Possible?

    With all of the chaos surrounding us, you may wonder if peace is even possible. The mayhem we see in the world can easily darken our outlook and make us think peace could never happen, and if you’re looking for a path to inner peace or a solution to the world’s problems, look within.

    Peace is possible because you’re here. You hold within you the power to change the world and restore order to a place that’s become so far lost that saving it once seemed impossible, but simply being here or realizing you’re on a mission isn’t enough. When you realize what you are, the real work begins.

    You can make the process a lot easier by releasing resistance and flowing with it. You’ll be glad you did, because you’ll have a ‘new’ creative and spiritual outlet to turn to in any moment for inspiration and the opportunity to reach out to others that will slowly become your lifework.

    You Can Save the Planet – Make Use of Your Power

    Thanks to you and everyone else who’s tapped into their purpose for being here (helping others and showing the way back into a higher consciousness), this planet can be saved with the powers of love and social/spiritual awareness.

    When it comes to utilizing this innate power for something constructive that helps others, I recommend an artful outlet like writing or painting that brings your awareness to the inner Self by getting you to look within for the ‘spark’ sought by most creative minds.

    I also recommend meditation for the sake of wellbeing and spiritual growth, and some people recommend psychedelics for the expansion of consciousness.  No matter what illuminates your oneness with God and helps you help others, if you pursue it, you’ll eventually open your inner doors and peek into halls of the mind, heart and soul.

    Everything Will Be Clearer

    The best part is that the more time you spend in this space, the more it will expand and the clearer everything will become.

    The woes of the world won’t matter in this space, because you’ll be too busy basking in the glow of a warm, enlightened and enlivened state of being in which you’ll know without a doubt that there’s more to life than meets the eye. With a little effort and creativity, we can access a great deal of it from right here on earth.

    We’ll never fully connect with it until this life is over and we’re free to roam the great mystery, but we can start to slowly open and expand the channel while we’re here.

    Let It Flow; Never Lose Faith

    We’re eternal spiritual beings who existed long before this world came into being and will exist long after it’s gone, and we can use what little memory we have of the place we came from to improve the world before we return home one day.

    You’re the solution to the world’s problems (as well as your own), and if you let them, the love, creativity, and good vibes you hold within will spill over into the world from within. Let it flow, and feed the fire as much as you can.

    If the flame seems to die, keep doing all of those things that nourish the spirit with the knowledge that it’ll eventually pay off. Most importantly: never lose faith in yourself, because you’re here to join forces with the inner Self to inspire a revolution unlike most before it.

    Nobody seems to see that we can change the world by coming together, finding common ground with each other and using our newfound unity to take on the system.

    The day we realize our true power will be the day we finally step up together and create the world we know we can have, and until this happens, we can only talk, write or sing about a distant dream we hope to one day be a reality.

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