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What if you started re-programming your mind with positive thoughts every time you looked into the mirror?

How many of us look in the mirror daily and think something self-depreciating along the lines of:

“Ugh, is that another wrinkle?”
“Look how big my nose is!”
“Is that a zit?!”
“Who could ever love me? I’m so ugly.”

Just think about what type of harm you are doing to your body and mind. You are reaffirming everything you don’t like about yourself. But what about if you tried something different?

I’d like you to try an exercise. Don’t think about it. Just do it. Grab a pen and paper.

Write down this affirmation:

I am perfect as I am. Everything in my life is working toward my ultimate good. I am loved and I am love.

Don’t think about the statement. Don’t analyze the statement. Simply write it down. When you finish writing it, close your eyes and let any response surface that comes to mind. Now, write those words down directly below the affirmation.

For many people, the first thought usually contains a lot of resistance and sometimes even anger. No one’s life is perfect, after all, and it’s hard to believe that everything is working out as it should.

  • Now, continue, please. Write down the affirmation again. Then shut your eyes and write down again the first words that come to mind.

    Continue this exercise again and again until you have repeated the affirmation and your response 12 times.

    Have you done it!?!? If not, please do it before reading more.

    You will be surprised at how much your reactions change; for most people, the final response will be much more positive than the first.

    This exercise allows you to eavesdrop on the innermost levels of your awareness. Most people have the highest level of resistance on the surface of their minds. The first layer of self is the superficial, social self; the one that behaves how it is supposed to because it was trained to simply make a good impression. So, the upper layers of awareness will not respond very profoundly to a strong statement such as “I am love.” As you move deeper into the levels, you go through recent frustrations, wishes and unreleased emotions. When you touch these layers you may notice unexplainable triggers or outbursts that are related to a recent incident where you didn’t feel loved at all. The deeper levels are the layers where your deepest (and most hidden) feelings are stored. If, overall, you feel unloveable, there could be a lot of pain and resistance at this level.

    However, at our DEEPEST level, there is the layer of awareness that agrees without hesitation to the words “I am love.” At our core essence we are love. The reason we can love and be loved is because love is essential to human nature. We recognize it because it vibrates in us, much deeper than any superficial layers we build on top of it. Being able to live from this level brings complete fulfillment….but this can only happen when you resolve the layers of conflicts and contradictions that constitute your resistance.

    How can you start to live within love?

    1. By living in the flow of life. When you resist the flow of life, you are resisting your own inner-nature, for everything that happens to us is a reflection of who we are and the thoughts we have had in the past. Everything you think and feel reflects who you are. If you think and feel from a superficial level of awareness (based on looks and material goods), that is who you are. But to dive deeper into a place where love, compassion, trust, and truth reside, you have to follow the path to “the present moment.” Your present emotions reflect the present state of your nervous system encompassing the entire spectrum of past imprints. Whenever you have an experience, these imprints enter into your responses, which means that most of our reactions to scenarios and events are simply echoes from your past. They are conditioned responses. You do not really live in the present. Stripped to the basic, emotions arouse two sensations – pain and pleasure. Living in the present means being honest enough to express feelings and emotions as they arise – as opposed to pushing them down and away. When hurt and pain, for example, are not resolved in the present, the buildup of anger, anxiety, guilt, and depression result. However, if you can feel the hurt, honor it, express it, resolve the emotion and move on, you are living in the present moment. Being hurt isn’t fun, but it’s real. It puts you in the present moment. Whereas your conditioned responses of anger, anxiety, guilt and depression put you out of the present. Living in the present moment means putting your attention on the pain a soon as it occurs. The release occurs naturally because it’s what the body wants to do.

    When an infant gets hurt, for example, it cries, gets the hurt out of its system and then relaxes and moves on. The body goes back to it’s present state of pleasure, ease, comfort, and love.

    Learn to say, “I feel hurt,” and really be with that feeling. The more hurt you honestly feel, the more comfortable you will be with pain and the ability to release it will grow.

    2. By searching for love within. When the mind decides to look inward, the search for love changes into a search for the essential self, the me that knows “I am love.” There is truth about yourself at every level of your awareness, but after you peel back all the layers of self, this is the most basic truth:

    “You are love. You are compassion. You are beauty. You are amazing. You are limitless. You are existence and being. You are pure awareness and spirit.”

    Use any of the above as affirmations. Look in the mirror and instead of the consistence berating thoughts, try instead:

    “I am love. I am compassion. I am beauty. I am amazing. I am limitless. I am existence and being. I am pure awareness and spirit.”

    This technique is very powerful for reminding yourself of your purpose. You were not born to have a job; to have a family; to have a spouse; or to make money. While these things may occur in your life, you were meant to grow to a point where “I am love” is at the surface of your consciousness, not buried in the depths. Where you remember and embrace the notion that you are much more than your physical body and mind.

    Remember: You. Are. Pure. And. Radiant. Love!

    Watch this and be reminded of your greatness!

    Deepak Chopra Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

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