Yoga – Modern Health Tonic

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Dr. Nitin Unkule
All Things Healing

Considering the problems mankind has been facing since the end of 20th century & the dawn of 21st century researchers working at our Institute painted following picture:

Though we are talking big-big things, that world is shrinking, global village, open market system & world is coming close; man is going ‘away’ from each other. And we think this is the main reason why peace of mind & happiness have become rare commodities on mother earth. And this is the way we are inviting all germless diseases called ‘Diseases of Modern Civilization’ which are having hardly any tonic in modern medicine & they are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and depression, to mention a few.

But we have tonic for this, a tonic without side effects.

The age-old art of dying in Yoga is no longer practised in our culture, & the fact that it is possible to die in good health seems to have been forgotten by the medical profession.

Because of medical world’s difficulty in dealing with degenerative diseases within the biomedical framework, physicians, rather than enlarging this framework, often seem to resign themselves to accepting these diseases as inevitable consequences of general ‘ wear & tear’ for which there is no cure. By contrast, the public has become increasingly dissatisfied with the present system of medical care, noticing painfully that it has generated exorbitant costs without significantly improving people’s health, & complaining that doctors treat diseases but not interested in the patients.

Here lies the hidden harmony of yoga. To give child motherly treatment at creche & mother’s treatment at house is like medicine & yoga respectively.

“Nurture & Nature” both are available in yoga & therefore yoga is an appointment with oneself or one’s self.

Medical colleges felt like a family where the mother was gone & only the hard father remained at home. Because of this imbalance, physicians often regard an empathic discussion of personal issues as quiet unnecessary, & in turn patients tend to perceive them as cold & unfriendly & complain that the doctor fails to understand their worries.

We are used to a more limited idea of what a side-effect is of a drug – a touch of the bitter with the sweet, like the thron that comes with the rose or the hangover with the bottle of wine.

We need Nature to free up or nature, the job perfectly done by yoga. We are surrounded by the best of all healing influences – fresh air, sunlight & beauty.

  • Yoga says, the material body is a river of atoms, the mind is a river of thought & what holds them together is river of intelligence. Nature is man’s healer, because Nature is man. The earth really is my mother, & the green meadow is her lap. You & I are strangers, but the internal rhythm of our bodies listens to the same ocean tides that cradled us in a time beyond memory.

    Ancient yoga science says that we confront the possibility that we, too, are choosing our own diseases. We are not aware of this choice, because it takes place below the level of our conscious thoughts. But if it is present, we should be able to change it.

    Through yogic technique’s, all of us can shift the biology of our bodies from one extreme to the other. When you are wildly happy, you are not the same person, physiologically speaking, as when you are deeply depressed. The multiple personalities demonstrate that this ability to change from the inside is under precise control through controlled life of yoga.

    Yoga is based on a simple theory about the Inner Self. That Self is detached and independent of the self of the individual, his consciousness and its modifications. The egoistic self is the result of its attachment to the body and the individual existence. The self, however, is self-luminous and is attained by intuitive knowledge of the inner working of the human consciousness.

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