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Yin and Yang are used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world; and, how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. They complement each other in many ways, but many existing dualities on our planet are becoming weaker and polarity consciousness is slowly leaving the Earth to a great extent. When we fully appreciate unity consciousness within a unified reality, we realize that these two interconnected forces are actually one. The dark plays a role and so does the light, but each is critical in the growth of the other. A being cannot truly appreciate being immersed in light until the dark is present and vice versa. A flower needs light to grow, but the dark to rest. What does this mean for our Earth? Read on.

Most people and even many energy workers have trouble coming to terms with the concept of the dark and light or the yin and yang being the same. To them, it is not possible.

They question why reality, life and consciousness on Earth has been so profoundly horrific and dark for so long? Why have billions of people and animals suffered horribly, tortured, murdered and abused over the Ages?

Moving Beyond Polarity Consciousness 

The Earth is moving beyond dimensional realities that have restricted our awareness to polarity and victim-perpetrator relationships. Where we place our focus moving forward is paramount and will define our priorities while expanding our state of consciousness.

When the cause of suffering is diagnosed to be a person, it leaves one with a sense of victimhood. And along with it come anguish, resentment and a deep desire for retribution. This process continues unabated and over time becomes a stockpile of hate.

  • All violence, racial discord and inter-personal strife are just manifestations of this perceived ‘victimization’ that is derived from our obsession to somehow fix the blame. It would have been impossible for human beings at fourth density levels to ascend without experiencing a high degree of victim-perpetrator relationships and polarity consciousness at some of the highest levels.

    We are now just beginning to accept events as a pattern emerging in the kaleidoscope of life, the pattern which has no bias or machinations towards any individual being.

    In reacting lies a sense of insecurity, a sense of threat perception and inevitably a sense of being a victim of conspiracy. This approach only leads to further suffering. Constant threat perception is the genesis of insecurity. For hundreds of years this has induced metabolic changes in the body leading to a host of ailments. Do you think the rapid incidence and frequency of disease in the last few centuries is a coincidence? All disease starts first in the energetic plane and then manifests in the physical.

    Our inner awareness of thoughts, emotions, memories, images all reflect in our reality. When extreme acts of violence occur within this reality, they may often be exploited and used to change or further reinforce our current level of awareness.

    We have all programmed ourselves into believing that there are victims and perpetrators. All you are seeing is perspective. The entire universe is created from projected frequencies which change the vibrational states of all things including people. There are only transmitters of these vibrational states and their receivers. The finest components of our DNA are designed to receive these frequencies and our biology responds to them.

    Realizing You are Eternal – Part of Both The Yin Yang Equation and All That Is

    The Yin reveals itself as feminine, internal energy, yielding, nurturing, negative, night, passive, moon, intuitive, cold, soft while the Yang reveals itself as masculine, external energy (the physical), dominating, initiating, positive, day, active, sun, logical, hot and hard (well I told you it was male). Yes, the Yang grows and flourishes the yin.

    The feminine multi-dimensional understanding of our world was pushed aside for tens of thousands of years and replaced with the linear thinking patterns of the masculine mind. The domination of the masculine has intimidated the feminine and regressed its influence, undermining the true expression of this much needed energy. The over-bearing masculine energy has trampled over the fine attributes of the feminine and forced it to play its games, and thus suppress its own presence. The feminine has patiently observed.

    The dominance of the masculine has made it acceptable to develop our scientific paradigm that has tortured nature’s secrets from the feminine and thus took control over our environment. In this way our species has succeeded in largely segregating itself from the sacred interdependence of creation. It is why our scientific paradigm has insisted that nature in all its wisdom, power and glory is no match for the knowledge obtained through the tested scientific method–an assertion that is false in every respect, but our commercialized material ‘modern’ cultures have exaggerrated this sense of alienation, and the feminine has allowed this energy to suppress it.

    But the Earth and its civilizations from all kingdoms have arrived at the point where the dominant masculine consciousness can no longer proceed without the feminine. In fact, the Earth was indeed scheduled to be destroyed by the masculine energy and it would have taken only twelve years from 2000-2012 to completely shut down this planet. But the two energies and collective consciousness decided to pass through a new portal and ascend to greater heights, something that has never been done in all of creation within the physical. That is where we are today. The harmonious integration of both energies, albeit we are not quite there yet.

    We now have the choice of continuously resenting whatever comes our way or equanimously accepting the same. Liberation is when we accept people and circumstances as they come. A state of zero resentment. Rather than asking ‘why’, it is now more prudent to question ourselves ‘how’. How do I fix the problem? What has been my role in my creation? Why am I experiencing this when I want something else?

    Every person is leading their own life and solving their own problems. There is a balance of well-being that is certain for all of us. We all have a shared pain and part of the process of integration is the understanding of how it exists. Hatred, despair and illness are not always a sign that there is something wrong. To acclimate and integrate the new energy, many have chosen to push through these barriers first.

    We are relearning the eternal nature of our being and accepting that we must stop struggling to defend and guard against all things we assume have gone wrong and that must be made right. This is where most of our pain resides. We must move from a position of being a victim to one that is empowered and responsible for every experience in our creation.

    The planet is broken, but that is exactly where we need it to be. We are slowly developing concepts that were once impossible to integrate. An understanding that we don’t necessarily need to fix the Earth or anybody else on it, because everything is just as it should be. We will address all the problems on our planet when consciousness is ready to completely let go of the old paradigm. We are close.

    The Earth we want will come (yes in our lifetime) when we can detach ourselves from the emotional components relating to the Earth’s state as a negative. The planet is now progressing, repopulating and cleansing, but it will take time for all the inhabitants of this great planet to see the results. When humanity is ready for that next step, Mother Earth will share her new baby…and she is beautiful, pure, pristine and abundant as she once was, but with fascinating upgrades that could not be revealed in the old paradigm.

    The most productive direction you can move your energy towards right now is one of love, acceptance and understanding that you are abundant in every sense as are your brothers, sisters and the entire Earth. Nothing is lacking. You will make this planet into exactly what you want and need it to be on your own terms.

    Never forget that you are very powerful creators playing the game of Earth as a human. You have set limits for yourselves which you will soon surpass…yet again. Know that you are loved unconditionally every second of every day and you have unlimited support in every way possible. As you feel my love, I do yours as well. Now multiply that emotion by 7 billion and you may get some idea of what you can accomplish together, united as one.

    About the Author

    Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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