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Stuart Wilde
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Wu Wei is accepting life and not forcing it. It is being aware of the ebb and flow of the seasons, aware of the spirituality of all things, aware that in the great abundance of the God-Force, there is no time.

It is knowing when to act, and not acting until you know. You can wait forever if you have to. You are eternal.

Wu Wei is being content with what you are, with who you are, and with what you have now. It’s knowing that abundances and relationships of real worth, come only when and if you’re settled. When you’re balanced, the universe provides; more will always be there. But Wu Wei is the act of not pushing, not forcing.

Be the silent controlled person who is moving relentlessly toward freedom and away from restriction – toward your goals, one step at a time, in an organized patient way.

Wu Wei is also the ability to get around the blocks you experience as you try to materialize ideas and goals.

When life doesn’t want to dance to your tune, start by asking yourself these questions:

Am I in the right place? Am I too early or too late? Am I going too fast? Do I need more patience?

  • Do I need time to consolidate, to create an energy within myself that is compatible with my goal? Am I trying for something that’s too far in the distance? Do I need to set a goal closer to where I am now?

    Ask yourself:

    Is what I want appropriate?

    Does my plan infringe on other people?

    Does it require them to be something they don’t want to be, to do things they don’t want to do?

    If I’m involving other people, what’s in it for them? ( Maybe the resistance comes from the fact that you’ve forgotten to include them.)

    Have I looked after and honored everybody – made sure they are happy and ready to perform?

    Is what I want self-indulgent?

    Will it assist me in growing and becoming a better person, in achieving a more fulfilling life?

    Or am I just indulging myself?

    Remember, many of the things you want are, in fact dead weights – prisons you create for yourself. More often than not, material things weigh you down – because you have to look after them and worry about them.

    Sometimes the deeper spiritual part of you, the infinite self within, protects you from disaster. You’ll head off, trying to achieve something that the inner spiritual you, the deeper subconscious self, doesn’t actually want. So it will make sure you arrive late, or the person you seek will not be there, or the check bounces, and things generally don’t work.

    If things really are not working, and they turn out to be a mess, you have to think, Hey, is this because of something deep inside me – do I really want what I think I want? Am I committed to the idea or not? What are the consequences, obligations, and energies involved? Am I investing too much of myself in the idea? Perhaps it won’t mean much when I get it.

    I’m sure you’ve had the experience of going for something and getting it, then realizing that the prize wasn’t worth the energy you expended; it was a disappointment. So be careful that you don’t hurtle off up some path just to prove what a hotshot you are, without thinking through your actions, whether they actually do anything for you.

    The other question to ask yourself is:

    Are my actions powerful and appropriate?

    A few small, powerful actions are worth a hundred hours of diddling about. There’s a school of thought that says: When faced with an obstacle, whack your head against it until the thing breaks. Then move to the next obstacle, and whack it with whatever part of your skull still remains. I’m not keen on that idea; it seems to lack finesse.

    When you’re faced with an obstacle, step back and take a long, hard look at what it is telling you. More often than not, you can adapt and walk around it. Sometimes you have to wait while you raise your energy enough to flow over the obstacle effortlessly.

    Don’t whack your head against it. Stop. Get inside your power. Plot how you’re going to get around it, how you’re going to materialize the sales you need, for example, and how you can more effectively present your information to people.

    No, don’t use your head to power yourself forward, by whacking it on things. Instead, use it silently, to feel out where your strongest path lies.

    That is silent power.

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