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The Western World is on the brink. That means the whole World is. An energy like no other is coursing through the veins of those who have opened their hearts and minds and is producing an energy ‘return’ that is steadily undermining even the best laid plans of the scheming global elite. It is happening because the Masonic manipulators energy output is an inverted and distorted form of the energy output of those who are awake and awakening. As long as a large majority of people act according to the inverted energy plan the elite cabal gets its way – but once a critical mass cut into the true expression of Universal energy – the inverted one gets into the slip stream of its own turbulence – and it’s fear based energy weapons start jamming. While on the surface it looks like ‘business as usual,’ just under the surface it doesn’t. Here in the UK, a significant number of people are experiencing – maybe for the first time – that strange feeling that eats into one when what is being said ‘officially’ and what is happening ‘actually’ fail to match – big-time!

Universal consciousness is on the rise – and it is blatantly contradicting what engineered universal un-consciousness is still doggedly trying to make us believe in! It’s like two weather fronts bumping into one another, the turbulence that swirls around as a result catches everything and everybody. Do you feel it? And yes, the weather itself is at the heart of this freakish state of affairs. The day before Bilderberg we were slammed by a massive chemtrailing operation and a weather forecast that got the temperature wrong by eight degrees centigrade. That is with super computers and hundreds of forecasting experts making their judgements about the weather on that very day – not even in advance. One might have thought that the coordinated conspiracy between government and paid-up weather forecasters would be pretty full-proof. But because the aerosol geo-engineering of the atmosphere cannot be a ‘precise science‘, in an exact parallel with the genetic engineering of plants and animals, it will inevitably back-fire on it’s perpetrators and proponents. So it is that weather forecasters who don’t supply the public with what they know is happening – but just what they want their listeners/viewers to believe is happening – are looking increasingly silly, as their forecasts go wildly wrong. So you see, the status quo’s version of what should be happening, and what is actually happening, are falling out of sync.

  • This was best witnessed on 9/11. The BBC and other mainstream US media operations had been given due secret warning that the twin towers would be brought down on that date. So they got their staff and kit over there to get the best filming angles set up in advance. A HAARP activation had already cleared the skies to ensure a perfect blue sky and excellent photographic conditions. And then there it was – we rushed to turn on out TV sets upon hearing the devastating news – and got the perfect reportage job relayed through to us. Utterly surreal and utterly horrific. But the script got out of sync and a BBC TV reporter announced the collapse of the third tower twenty minutes before it happened. There it was standing in the background – beyond the glass screen – as she spoke those fateful words. The entire charade was blown in that instant. But it was too much for the majority to handle; they had to go on believing that the government version was the truth and that the truth was a lie.

    It is the erosion of the ability to live in this lie that is accelerating now for many. We are witnessing more and more willing to start penetrating the outer layers of the Veil of Maya. Yet the veil is deep – very deep. Each clearance of the mist reveals yet another layer still to be penetrated. To be willing to see through this multi layered veil requires courage. It requires us to take on the mantle of the warrior, willingly and passionately. The cold dark veil, with which the cabal seeks to cloak the true reality, then starts to thin, brushed by the rising heat of newly manifest truth energy, thus forcing the cabal war plan into re-evaluation, re-timing and even reversal.

    At the Bilderberger gathering in the Grove Hotel, Watford, UK, the leading Masonic manipulators of this planet are, as I write, planning the next phase of operation global lock-down while outside two or more thousand veil penetrators are celebrating the truth: David Icke and Alex Jones at the forefront. This is something of a watershed. The walls of the Grove Hotel seem to have lost their impenetrable aura. The Bilderbergers inverted version of truth is crumbling away. A shaft of sunlight has penetrated the drawn curtains. One can feel them recoiling. We somehow know that Truth will never be able to be locked so tightly into the black box again.

    Over thousands of years the true spirit of man has kept the flame alive, often against great odds. We mortals of the twenty first century have inherited that task. The baton has been pushed into our outstretched hands. We are going to press forward now with a greater spring in our step. We have gained just a sniff of a glorious perfume. The perfume of victory. Victory for the irrepressible spirit that is aching, aching, aching so deep in the heart of each one of us. Ache on irrepressible one. Ache so much that no one on this planet who calls themselves human can dare to turn away from your great longing to be blazingly manifest.

    About the Author

    Julian Rose is an organic farmer and international activist. He is the author of “Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems”  His next work: “In Defence of Life – Essays for a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom” is to be published later this summer.

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