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“Any request from another – heard by you – should not be ignored; for it is coming from yourself!” ~ Neville Goddard

Words that speak what is in the heart are filled with spirit and spirit is life. This is true… words have power. I’m sure you’ve noticed… this is a noisy, word-filled world, and many of the words we hear and read are, to put it nicely, ‘waste’: no real information, oftentimes lies or exaggeration, and sometimes vile and polluting.

What harm has been spread through words. Would people change if they realized their words shape their fate? Hateful, loving, truthful, deceitful, angry, reconciling… speaking a word is actually doing a deed. We learn to be conscious of our deeds, knowing that what goes around comes around, as they say. But what about words?

When I considered writing this article, my thoughts began with not ‘wasting words’. There is always a desire to offer real content, out of respect for both the reader and the power of words. Also there’s the issue of deaf ears. Certain subjects fall on deaf ears, for example, the time I tried to persuade a relative that she didn’t have to worry about me going to hell.

Expression of negative emotion is never pleasant… but it can be therapeutic and self-revealing. If you’re pent up and you need to express it, and you’re talking to someone safe who cares for you; someone who won’t try to stir up more emotion, but will help you calm and clarify the waters, then no harm done.

  • Expression of negative emotion to the entire world, without wisdom, responsibility and self-examination… not so good.

    So now we come to the subject: one of the most painful, conflicting, subterranean areas of our individual and collective psyche… racial animosity. We don’t have to look far to see words revealing deeply negative emotions surrounding race.

    The election of, or maybe we should say ‘appointment of’ Barack Obama opened a door of deception that I am sure made the architects of the system so pleased with themselves. Barack Obama as the ‘front man’ constitutes The Grand Deception. Where did I get the term, ‘the grand deception’? It came from a black leader who, like many other black people, knows that this administration has been put in place to execute a strategy.

    Back in the sixties, when the first layer of conditioning was being stripped off, the concern of J. Edgar Hoover was to prevent the rise of a black messiah. Why was he concerned about a black messiah? Consciousness was rising in the black community, and self-love was coming in. The people were calling for the light… urgently. We know that the intensity of the need can call forth the person. Hoover most likely envisioned that happening.

    Black music and black leadership during the sixties and early seventies reflected a very deep and profound morality that resonated not just in the U.S., but across the world. We saw it come, we were lifted up by it, and we saw it squelched. From that time to today we have seen, in the public sphere, a spiritual descent completely orchestrated by the control system. There is almost nothing visible of the black messiah energy… it’s an apparent wasteland out there. I say apparent, which means that it isn’t gone; it just isn’t seen by the masses.

    The Obama presidency was well planned, in that it utilized the ground that had been laid decades earlier. Although not a part of the slavery experience, Obama presents an acceptable imitation: a fake return of the energy. He offers hope and ‘I’m going to do right’ words while he does the opposite. Judging by the movie stars and musicians in his circle, one might presume black people are blindly accepting: willing to believe wrong is right. But that’s underestimating their wisdom and spiritual core.

    Obama is a neutralizer, and obviously the decision makers knew what it would take to carry out the end game. You’d think people would pick up on that… and many have. It’s not that he’s a victory for black people; he’s a strategy in power.

    But still the wind of reaction blows: a black person in charge and a deceitful one at that. Once again racial animosity takes its covers off. Words and images displaying degrading racial stereotypes float around the Internet as if they had some informational value. They do have value, but only in exposing the shadow of the person or people expressing them, and the hate that brings on a sad fate.

    It’s strange to watch it once again, and it’s urgent in my heart. We are at the end of a time when we must recognize each other in a more enlightened way. We’ve had all of this time to see the ‘other’ as an equal human being, and to hear the ‘other’s request’.

    Now we are within the knowledge that – if we hear the request – it’s coming from ourselves to ourselves.

    I realize that most if not all of the readers of this blog have moved well beyond the sickness of racial animosity – one can’t be conscious of the divinity within and still hang on to that thinking. And the websites that are kind enough to post my material are never polluted in this way. Even so, if I have seen and felt this emerging once again, my guess is that you have seen it too. It affects us as much in a collective sense as chemtrails, GMOs, radiation, fracking, and the many other physical poisons we encounter. This is spiritual poison, and it has a reciprocal effect.

    Earlier I said that words and deeds shape our fate. We know this is true in an individual sense, but it is also true in a collective sense. How could someone else’s words and deeds shape my fate? Since Israeli treatment of Palestinians is in the forefront of our awareness, let’s ask: if you actually believe that reciprocal action is divine law, would you be perfectly comfortable living in Israel… even if you were a supporter of the Palestinian people and were not the one who sprayed sewage on their homes or imprisoned their children? I’ll just leave that question on the table.

    Once the shadow is brought out of hiding, it can be redeemed. Seems like a distant bridge, I know, but it’s not so far that we can’t imagine it. We can begin by fully acknowledging it: there is deeply entrenched and painful conditioning at work, plus nonstop propaganda filled with emotion that many of us don’t fully understand, plus a deceitful but brilliant strategy put in place by those who do such things.

    With no judgment, just kindness, any one of us could change the spirit in a room or on a page. Pray for clarity in the waters, the resonance of truth, and pure love.

    About the Author

    Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has contributed to and edited two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Her latest book is entitled The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. Ida has also published a companion book of blog favorites from http://talk2momz.com/.

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