Wi-Fi Exposure: Is It Really More Hazardous to Children?

Liberty Baldovino, Staff Writer
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Many substances in today’s industrialized world are known carcinogens, such as lead, chloroform, certain pesticides, along with about 250 others, including radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF/EMF), also referred to as microwave radiation. Direct exposure to certain levels of these substances to the human body can be quite detrimental, resulting in respiratory diseases or other long-term, sometimes fatal ailments.

Because of modern communications technologies, our exposure to EMF continues to increase. Appliances such as TVs, microwaves and smart meters all emit microwave radiation, but more importantly so do all of our personal, wirelessly-connected devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops.

Researchers are now questioning if exposure to Wi-Fi, and the increasing usage of Wi-Fi connected devices by children and adolescents, are putting the younger generations at a greater risk of health complications in their future.

  • A new report entitled, “Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences,” published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure addresses this issue. The report’s authors, L. Lloyd Morgana, Santosh Kesarib, and Devra Lee Davisa, based their findings from peer-reviewed studies. They argue that exposure to radiation given off by wireless devices can be very risky for children and teens because a young brain is more absorbent and the skull is thinner. Their report emphasizes:

    • Children absorb a greater amount of microwave radiation than adults.
    • Fetuses are even more vulnerable than children. Therefore pregnant women should avoid exposing their fetus to microwave radiation.
    • Adolescent girls and women should not place cellphones in their bras or in hijabs (headscarf).
    • Cellphone manual warnings make clear an overexposure problem exists.
    • Government warnings have been issued but most of the public are unaware of such warnings.
    • Current exposure limits are inadequate and should be revised.
    • Wireless devices are radio transmitters, not toys. Selling toys that use them should be monitored more closely.


    The various studies analyzed by the researchers reveal that EMF exposure is linked to a variety of ailments including brain and salivary gland cancer, , low sperm count and more, even though in children with high exposure these problems may not surface until well into adulthood.

    Warnings are currently issued by manufacturers to warn consumers about the importance of keeping wireless devices away from the body for a prolonged time, although as with many product warnings, they are often ignored, easily missed or forgotten. More technologically advanced countries are starting to roll out laws to help warn about the effects that microwave radiation emitting devices may have, although legislative processes are slow to materialize and disseminating the information to the public can be slow. In addition, in many countries, industry strongly influences government, and communications and technology corporations will do what they can to protect their investment in what has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Morgana et al. elaborate:

    MWR exposure limits have remained unchanged for 19 years. All manufacturers of smartphones have warnings which describe the minimum distance at which phone must be kept away from users in order to not exceed the present legal limits for exposure to MWR. The exposure limit for laptop computers and tablets is set when devices are tested 20 cm away from the body.


    Morgana et al. are just a small number of many experts and independent medical researchers that believe that excessive Wi-Fi exposure is creating a greater risk to children than many of us think. Here’s another opinion from Harvard-trained physician Dr. David O. Carpenter, regarding Wi-Fi exposure in schools:

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