Why it Feels Like Time is Speeding Up

Melissa Dykes, Truthstream Media
Waking Times

Entire generations being born now are raised to be dependent on this technology, programmed by it to flit from one dopamine hit to the next. As far as we know, it’s a first for society to raise entire generations of human beings this way. We actually don’t really know what this will look like decades from now…

  • It seems this feeling began to intensify for many specifically in the last few years. Getting older doesn’t fully account for that, as we’ve all been getting older since we were born, and this feeling is not only pervasive but seemingly ageless, felt even in young adults who usually complain growing up takes forever (a feeling I clearly remember from my own childhood).

    We can’t honestly believe coupling ourselves 24/7 with a digital technology with a continually increasing information processing speed will have no effects.

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