Why Heart Disease is the Leading Cause of Death – and How to Avoid It

Makia Freeman, Contributor
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Heart disease is not just the leading cause of death in the USA, but also in the whole world. It’s not just the leading cause of death for men, but also for women. Heart disease is not just one disease. It’s a whole group of diseases which affect the circulatory system and include cardiovascular disease and conditions like high/low blood pressure. So what really causes it – and what can you do about it?

  • What You May Hear from Western Doctors on Heart Disease

    What does Western Medicine have to say about heart disease? That it can’t be cured, of course, just like they say all major diseases like cancer can’t be cured. What else? Often, it’s just advice like this, which is a half-truth or limited hangout: they’ll tell you that you can eat anything – anything! – you want, just as long as you stop smoking and take statins. Big Pharma and all those who serve it have nothing to gain from you being educated about health and the body.

    All Roads Lead to the Heart

    The heart is your central organ and is closely involved in the workings of your circulatory system. The arteries that take oxygen-rich blood from your heart to your muscles and extremities, and the veins that take oxygen-depleted blood back, are all part of this system, as is your blood itself. So, ailments such as clogged arteries and high blood pressure are all related to heart disease. For instance, when your arteries are clogged, your heart has to work harder to push the blood around your body, which can cause it to strain. High blood pressure is indicative of blood that is too thick or sludgy and does not flow around the arteries/veins easily, again leading to heart strain. In many ways, all roads lead to the heart.

    Heart Disease: The Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Myth

    So, do people just get clogged arteries and high blood pressure for no reason? No, of course not. There is a cause, just as there is a cure. However, Western Medicine is too focused on pushing pills and stopping symptoms rather than educating patients and addressing the underlying cause. For decades, health officials and medical professionals have told us that heart disease is caused by saturated fat and cholesterol. This sprung from the skewed research of Dr. Ancel Keys as I detailed in the article Plastic Oils vs. Saturated Fats: Busting the Propaganda. Keys demonized these essential nutrients, despite the fact that your brain is mostly composed of saturated fat and that cholesterol is a crucial structural component of your cells. Cholesterol helps with respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, creates vitamin D and is part of the healing mechanism of your body. The misinformation about saturated fat and cholesterol was seized upon by the American Heart Association (AHA) (funded by Procter & Gamble, makers of the hydrogenated oil Crisco, and of which Keys was a board member). They went on TV to falsely claim that a diet with large amounts of butter, lard, eggs and beef would lead to coronary heart disease.

    The Cholesterol Myth Continues – Dangerous Statins

    Sadly, the “saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for you” myth continues today, with some esteemed doctors commenting that the testing and treating of cholesterol is the biggest medical fraud around! It underpins the propaganda that Big Pharma uses to push one its favorite drugs of choice: statins. In 2017, the CDC found that about 28% of American men and women over age 40 take a statin. Statins are very dangerous: they block cholesterol production but an international study found that 39% of men and 34% of women who have had heart disease have high triglycerides or fat levels, so what’s the point? Exercise makes the heart grow stronger, but statins block the adaptation of the heart to get stronger and the body to produce more mitochondria/energy. Be Brain Fitexplains that statins decrease the production of CoQ10, a nutrient that protects both the heart and the brain. Memory loss is a documented side effect of statin drugs; they are also implicated in dementia and Alzheimer’s. The FDA requires that warning labels state that statins can cause memory loss as well as mental confusion, liver problems and type 2 diabetes. Statins can lead to diabetes at an alarming rate; research has found that nearly half of women who take them eventually develop diabetes, and to come full circle, diabetes is a disease which greatly increases your risk of dementia.

    The Real Causes of Heart Disease: Oxidation, Inflammation, Deficiency and Stress

    The causes of heart disease are not to be found by obsessing over saturated fat and cholesterol, but rather looking at oxidation, inflammation, deficiency/depletion (lack of essential nutrients) and – the biggest one – stress. This includes both physical and mental stress. These causes often reinforce each other. While we need to feel stress occasionally to be motivated to change something, chronic or long-term stress taxes our heart. Stress takes us out of our parasympathetic nervous system (relaxed state) and puts us into our sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight state). It burns up the crucial nutrients we need for growth and our immune system. Stress produces the cortisol and adrenaline hormones; cortisol lowers our immunity and adrenaline increases our blood pressure.

    Stressed Out

    Some people are so chronically stressed that they skip high quality foods and start eating large amounts of junk food, consuming more processed sugar, smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol (oxidation). These kind of lifestyle choices further tax our heart by depriving the body of essential nutrients (deficiency) and in the particular case of cigarettes activate the sympathetic nervous system again. Processed food is especially problematic, because it is almost always way high in sodium and missing any fresh fruit or vegetables which are high in potassium. Science has shown that a potassium-sodium imbalance caused by missing potassium is the cause of high blood pressure, the main cause of stroke and contributes to heart disease.

    Chronic Inflammation

    Too much stress and poor lifestyle choices unfailingly lead to chronic inflammation. Acute or short-term inflammation is the body’s healthy response to a wound, but chronic inflammation is a big problem. It’s the basis for many illnesses including a lot of autoimmune diseases and diabetes, obesity, depression, cancer and, naturally, heart disease. It is especially noteworthy to realize that the foods that promote the most inflammation are hydrogenated, trans or “plastic” oils, refined grains and processed sugar – some of which are promoted by the AHA! We live in an upside-down world where white is black and black is white, so it’s very important to think for yourself and not just blindly follow a package label (“Healthy Heart”) or an institution with a nice-sounding name.

    Natural Cures, Remedies and Solutions for Heart Disease

    So, now that you understand that real causes of heart disease, what are the natural solutions? To begin with, reduce oxidation and aging by introducing more antioxidants into your diet, including C60, berries, nuts, potatoes, cacao and the Indian and Italian spices. Tackle inflammation by making your diet more anti-inflammatory. Here are tips on how to defeat chronic inflammation.

    Counter deficiency by eating nutrient-rich food. Some people take mineral supplements due to their belief that the soil is depleted and that their food doesn’t contain the levels of nutrients it used to (even if it is organic). Try supplementing with nascent iodinemagnesium oil and colloidal copper. One of the best natural heart medicines is HB Extract (a wildcrafted and organic formula of 11 natural herbs) which has helped people get off their petrochemical Big Pharma meds for good.

    Ditch your statins. This 2012 study found that just 20 minutes of daily meditation was 5 to 11 times more beneficial than statins in reducing heart disease! Take up other stress-reducing exercises, such as yoga, tai chi, listening to music, hanging out with friends and family, spending more time in nature and spending less time on a screen.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, don’t look at saturated fat and cholesterol like Western Medicine tells you. Look at oxidation, inflammation, deficiency and stress. Remember that everything has a cause and effect. You don’t just magically get heart disease for no reason. You have a lot of control over it. Decide carefully what you put into your body. Make wise lifestyle choices. Don’t buy into AHA propaganda that all saturated fat and cholesterol are the bad guys. Likewise, don’t buy into similar Big Pharma propaganda that statins will relieve you of heart disease, since they actually rob you of your vitality.

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