Why Everything Tastes Good, but Nothing Satisfies

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“We live in a culture where everything tastes good, but nothing satisfies.”Daniel Pinchbeck

Why does nothing seem new anymore? Why does there seem to be more going on than ever before – more dialogue, more acceptance, more communication, more filmmakers, more bands, more home based business, more vegan pastry shops, more openness, more, more more. And yet with all of this, nothing seems new. Nothing external seems exciting as it once used to. Even things that do inspire are more fleeting than ever before and seem to lose their luster in so short a span.

Re-makes. Re-issues. Reunions. Re-interpretations. Repeats. Everything in our modern culture is a re-hashing of the past. Every television show is like one which came before, every record, movie, pop culture celebrity, fashion trend, every “new” concept, political ideal, philosophy, way of thinking in our modern world – have zero originality.

Why does this phenomenon exist? Why are people feeling this every day – in every way of their modern experience, and accepting it? No one seems to be able to put this feeling into words. The reason this exists is simple. The world you see, experience, touch, taste, smell, think within the confines of – is done. It has been maxed out. It no longer serves the human experience. The next evolution of our human experience is toward the inner being. Feeling based, alchemical, spiritual science.

  • All work that will be of value going forward will be done within the individual. And as participant in this modern human manifestation, you are faced with one final and most exciting decision. You may choose to search an inward path toward personal healing, growth, power, potential and overall connection to and expansion of eternal consciousness. Or you may continue to take part in the material world around you – in your day to day third dimensional experience.

    The elephant sized caveat in the room, is that if you binge on the material world which you perceive, your happiness will never reach a maximum. You will always be hungry for more and never truly understand why. And no one will come to your aid – unless it be your self.  No political party will help you. No movie will expand you to the heights your eternal soul beckons. No band will save your life. Consider this example put through the filter of large cultural shifts in modern music culture.

    Since the loss of Kurt Cobain, people have often wondered – who will usher in the next golden age of rock music? Who will be the next to truly change the popular musical landscape in such a profound direction? “Where is the next Nirvana?” Please allow me to gently explain that there will be no “next Nirvana.” Nor will any such cultural figure provide your individual purpose. The next stage of development has been set in motion, and it is one of inner, personal and sacred work. The inner nirvana – this is truly the next stage. And paradise, my friends, is already here for you as you read. It is a choice presented to humanity. What path will you choose?

    How did nature make way for such a glorious need for growth in human consciousness at this particular time in the Earth’s development? Is this the fabled “awakening” of our modern world? My opinion, put simply in a word – yes. How did we go from industrial revolution excess – with all its push toward war, corruption, greed, Earthen demise – to the overwhelming and necessary demand for inner spiritual growth in such a short span of time? It took global human civilization 125 years to go from independent, self-sufficient farming communities to an overall dependent, needy and unbalanced culture – reliant on big oil, big pharma, big ego. We are a world where 85% of humans live within range of a cell phone tower. That’s a global statistic. Human health will be impacted by EMF/RF related issues just as it was when the whistle was blown on the hazards of the cigarette. Consciousness impacts the health and well being of everyone on a global scale.

    How did we spiral so out of control in the external world with no end to such sufferings in sight? The answer mysteriously enough lies in nature. Human beings are on a healing path, Earth bound travelers who share genetic hybrid with our ancestral Mother Nature. No organic symbol for Earthen eternity exists more profoundly than that of the spiral. The golden spiral of nature is the mystical work of Her most sacred core being. It has been far and wide agreed upon as the most prevalent geometric occurrence in nature and is seen in the structure of all plants and humans, down to the structure of every living cell. People call it “Nature’s Numbering System” and it is tied exclusively to the well known Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers  stretching outward to infinity by way of a simple mathematic truth – each number is the sum of the 2 numbers which come before it:  0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on forever. Nature has repeated this design everywhere, imprinted it within our DNA and the DNA of all living things. It has manifested itself into everything we hold sacred as part of the human experience: art, music, ritual, architecture and philosophy.

    American thinker Terrence McKenna said that time operates as a spiral. In the beginning of our universe’s creation, the big bang banged and a large circle of life was created. It will loop and loop as a function of nature into infinity, spiral shaped, and as it does so, the circles which go around will become smaller with each passing revolution – on a path of decay. How do 125 years of modern development go by in such a flash? With each passing year outward to infinity, the spiral is shrinking, the circles become smaller, and thus everything naturally repeats at a faster pace. The old adage “Everything repeats itself” is true. Everyone seems to agree that as they age, time seems to moves faster – 10 years feel like they go by in 10 minutes.  The spiral concept allows us to visualize how this is happening. And it is a true happening indeed – a natural and organic function of creation.

    Being alive today, you will live to see things come back around and repeat in higher frequencies than ever before in human history. Time will indeed feel as though it is moving faster and faster as you age. And you are lucky to be here for such a true highlight in human evolution! Because you will watch the world as we know it seemingly collapse upon itself. In your life, you will see more and more destruction in the world around you, as the material world slowly continues this natural collapse upon itself – smaller and smaller cycles as we go. Faster and faster until even time will seem a dead construct. Outside on the movie screen of third dimensional life as we know it, within the confines of today’s global culture, you will be privy to scenes of increases in war, poverty and depravity. Just as they have been for countless years and revolutions of the past.

    Be not fearful – these are but symbols – both in plain sight and within the context of evolutionary consciousness. We have maxed out our potential here. We are at the end of the funnel – the drain, the part where the spiral of life is so small that we barely know that it cycles anymore. We are at the end of an age. Nature brought us here. And it sends us a message of hope. Go inward, human beings. Find truth and do away with the material. It is no longer necessary. The next stage… is inward.

    About the Author

    Frank Giokas is a native of the northeastern US. He spent half of his 35 years playing in bands, touring and creating music. His interests include metaphysical study, energy work, healing modalities, local organic farming and conscious living. He currently resides in rural VT with his loving partner. Recent years have shown him a path as caretaker for his long time companion while she battles with late stage Lyme Disease. She is his main source of inspiration. Currently facing this challenging moment in life, Frank would appreciate any possible for support to assist in her expensive medical struggle with Lyme disease. If you feel inspired, please contribute to or share in this desperate fundraiser by clicking here. Your assistance is received with most humble gratitude.

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