Why Does the Wild West Want War?

Chris Bourne, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

It’s all because of the economy.

For quite some time now the powers-that-be in the USA have been angling for an expansion of their invasionist tactics in the Middle East. Some say it’s about securing dwindling oil reserves, but it actually goes much deeper than that. It’s all about the failing strength of the US economy, underpinning the weakening ‘petro-dollar’ and above all, maintaining home land grip on power, which is fast slipping from final-straw finger tips. Why should the awakening movement be interested? Well not least because it could lead to World War Three! But most importantly, it shows that our consciousness expansion is breaking the stranglehold of the old fear based reality. Make no mistake, this is a crucial juncture. The world teeters on the brink of a chaotic abyss. We must focus all our efforts now to bring a peaceful transition to more sustainable community living…

The Lead Zeppelin

The US Administration invaded Iraq ostensibly because of weapons of mass destruction. We now know this was a blatant lie. So why did they do it? Was it because of the oil? Well yes, in part, but only a relatively small part. The real reason was because of the huge threat Saddam imposed to the US petro dollar economy.

  • Back in the 1970’s an agreement was made with OPEC that all oil in the Middle East would be traded in dollars. Like an enormous Zeppelin, the dollar rapidly inflated its value as the world currency reserve. Countries across the globe scrambled for dollar surpluses and US ‘Treasury Securities’ so they could afford to buy oil. It meant the US could borrow cheap money and import low cost commodities from the Far East like they were going out of fashion. But it also meant the US manufacturing industry was decimated, and a consumer boom of buy-now-pay-later mentality which has ballooned the US national debt to something astronomical (I can’t even get my head around the numbers!).

    So when Saddam threatened to sell his vast oil reserves in Euros instead of dollars, this represented a massive threat to America. It would undervalue the petro dollar and risk a rapid exit of countries propping up the dollar reserve currency. That’s the real reason Iraq was invaded. It’s exactly the same reason as Libya, which happened not long after Gaddafi put together a plan to sell Libyan oil for gold. And it’s exactly the same reason why America is now threatening Iran. They too have been planning to pull the plug on the dollar reserve currency. The US economy would plummet like a Lead Zeppelin.

    So what can Energy Workers of the World do about it?

    1. To trust – like never before: the first thing is to trust that our expansion of consciousness is having the desired effect. What is that exactly? Well to me it’s all about unwinding control. Wherever you see a break down in the Old World Order it’s a good thing. So as we see the Eurozone beginning to crumble right now, it means less centralised control, less dependence on environmentally catastrophic consumerism and the possibility of more localised sustainable communities. I’ve long been shown by benevolence that this is a crucial stepping stone to our Evolutionary Ascension.
    2. To keep expressing – with all our passion: secondly we must keep speaking out, keep expressing, keep writing, blogging and making videos. We’re waking people up in ever increasing numbers, people who are now beginning to challenge the accepted status quo. That’s what’s happening in the US at the moment and we need it to continue. We need to challenge the system that invades other countries with impunity and threatens its own people with incarceration simply for holding an alternative view.
    3. Align with the flow – keep sailing to the ocean: we need to keep watching and feeling the flow. You cannot predict exactly what is going to happen from step to step. That’s why mind led intention is fatally flawed. There is a flow of unwinding consciousness that has its own benevolent path and we can each be channels for. We simply have to open ourselves up, feel what we’re being invited to do and allow our soul-ray-harmonic to choose the steps. In which case, not only do we support our own evolution, but that of the ascending group too.

    KISS – keep it simple smart

    What I propose sounds simply right? If only! In a way, it is simple, but often the simplest of things can be the most difficult. They require trust that we really are having an effect. They require discipline and focus, deciding what really matters to us in life. And they require persistence – not getting dragged off down some diversionary alley way.

    Whether we truly know it in our hearts yet or not, we are each having a fundamental impact in the Ascension of Gaia and the liberation of humanity. Every thought, emotion and feeling we have, every choice we make in day-to-day life, is either founded on the old fear based mentality (and so therefore sustains it) or is love based freedom of expression, trusting in the ultimate benevolence of life.

    So in these crucial times of fundamental change, let us take heart, have courage and confidence in our future – whatever last grip straws the powers-that-be grasp at. In return we’ll send them a loving kiss, one that unfurls and unwinds, heals and forgives, blown on the gentle wings of consciousness.

    This article originally appeared at Openhandweb.org, a project to elevate the consciousness of man and provide healing to those in need.

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