Whose Fuel Are You?

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Zen Gardner
Before It’s News

Where’s your energy going? Never mind the money, products or what have you that you are generating, what is harvesting your intention, enthusiasm, dreams and desires? Are you anywhere near in control of your life?

Why is it humanity seems to be spinning its wheels rather than progressing, while the insane scientific, military industrial complex accelerates in size and power like a monstrous metastasizing ghoulish tumor?

The answer is clearly in the question.

Whether you go for the esoteric concept that inter-dimensional or spiritual entities are ultimately behind this rapacious control system or not, clearly we’re not getting anywhere toward the advancement of the human condition. Instead it’s rapidly regressing.

We’re following a script with very little to say about it, while being bombarded with a propaganda barrage that’s telling us it’s a natural progression of events.

It’s not. At all.

Just step back and “follow the energy” and see where it goes. This is where much of your energy gets absorbed and eventually dissipated:

  • Bloated overreaching governments sucking economies dry while riding high on their people’s backs.
  • Robber baron banksters bleeding the world while protected and encouraged by governments and courts that they own.
  • Self-serving dehumanizing corporations exploiting nations worldwide with hardly a thought for the betterment of humanity.
  • A military machine powered by power mad murderous idiots militarizing anything in sight, using our youth and the innocents of the world as fodder.
  • Mad scientists with unlimited budgets encouraged to experiment on humanity with germs, altered food, water and skies, and out of control technology used to enhance their war machine while imprisoning humanity.
  • A manipulative media, to which billions devote their time and energy following scripted news, mental programming, disinformation and mindless “amusements”.
  • Conditioned, repetitive rote dumbing down de-education–which kids go into debt for life to pay for!
  • Fruitless, pagan religions sucking on the masses’ hunger for spirituality and directing it toward a controlling hierarchy who are also in on the game.
  • etc..the list goes on…

However you imagine the control system to be, you have to admit there’s an overall sense of futility. Not due to the condition of man and his infinite potential, but the lack of fruition and dwindling resources for no reason. Where’s it all going? So many put so much in and seem to get so little out.

Civilization is devolving, not evolving. And it’s all by design.

We power civilization. Without our cooperation they have nothing.

We humans farm the land, produce the goods, dig up the natural resources, make things run, educate and raise our children. The controllers just ride on high while steering and manipulating, harvesting our energy as if we’re hunks of slow burning coal in their matrix furnace. On the surface it’s via banks, religions, corporations, the military and other tentacles of control. On a deeper level they’re literally energy vampires trying to suck us dry and possess and utilize our beings for their purposes.

We don’t need them. At all. Consider them parasitic invaders feeding off of humanity. And it’s time we said “no more”!

  • They’ve imposed themselves on us. The royalty fraud is one obvious avenue of this imposed paradigm of control. How multitudes can fawn over these hoarding figureheads of misplaced archetypes I don’t know, but they do. And as far as democracy goes, don’t for one minute think this election thing is for real. Oh, a few might be legit on local levels, but anything higher up must first come through their process and from those they make their selections, not elections.

    Don’t be duped. Be free.

    Here’s Why They Tap Into Us… We Are Magnificent and Full of Energy!

    The human machine is extremely efficient and productive. We are an amazing species. That something here or from “out there” would want to take advantage of our naiveté and channel our energies to their advantage is really no surprise.

    That’s what farmers do. We’re apparently in their imposed pen. And obviously need to wake up to it.

    So what do we do?

    Simply don’t give them your energy. You can say no. Withdraw from their illusory world and don’t participate. It takes some doing as you start to identify just how pervasive the lie is, and stuff will keep bubbling up from your previous programming, but breaking free is really just one thing.

    A decision.

    The Truth never moved nor needs to be chased. You just have to decide you want the truth and then let it out, come what may. Ultimate reality always was and will be and we are all already hooked up to it.

    You already are and have everything you need, you just can’t see it yet. Take time to see it.

    The ride of life will always be what it is, but finding the next level puts everything in perspective and puts “glide in your stride”. And answers all your questions!

    Find it in you, whatever it takes.

    Just don’t get hung up again on some new power tripper out to suck your fuel. Those vampires are everywhere looking for your money, your compliance, your support, your attention. Don’t worry, you’ll learn to spot ‘em, and their nasty nets spread about your feet. Dance on it. They are the fools!

    Live outside their world through being conscious and reacting to your inner voice. Give your energy to the deserving in your life, and those investing in consciousness and loving reality. Learn to liberate minds and shatter false paradigms as a way of life. The released energy is the solution to everything and beginning to snowball..you will be seriously encouraged!

    Being awake and aware and communicating fearlessly is the whole shebang. Do that and “all will be revealed”.

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tsu

    Love always, Zen

    No, thanks!