Who Judges Our Lives on Judgment Day?

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Before facing an enemy you must first face yourself. ~ Tite Kubo

How differently would you live your life if you knew that you would some day stand in judgment of yourself once you transitioned from the physical world to the spiritual world? What if you knew that you would be reviewing every second of your life as it is played back for you, 3-D and lifelike, during an end of life review?

How differently would you treat others if you knew you would some day have to re-experience every second of everything you have said or done to others with full empathy, feeling every nuance of emotion from their perspective?

Countless people who have had near death experiences vividly recall this scenario as an initial part of their soul’s transition from this world to the next. They say that it isn’t God or an ascended master who judges them, but their selves. They report how painful it is to experience feelings from the point of view of those they have wronged.

None of us will know for sure whether or not this is true, whether or not we will face our own life review on judgment day, until we experience it for ourselves. As for me, I fully subscribe to this notion sight unseen because it makes perfect sense. Where else would the expression, “My whole life flashed before my eyes” come from?

  • I just threw that expression out there because it is something we can all relate to, but that is not the basis of my belief. I have a much more substantial reason for believing as I do.

    I never bought into the belief that God loves us, gives us the gift of life and the free will to live it, and then holds judgment over us and punishes us for our transgressions. That doesn’t make any sense to me. If humans are not God then they are not perfect and are destined by their nature to make mistakes.

    Life on this planet involves experiencing trial and error. None of us get it exactly right. If we did we would have no purpose for being here. The reason for human fallibility, for the bad decisions and mistakes we all make, is to provide us with innumerable ways to learn, to grow, to move closer and closer with each incarnation to perfecting our eternal souls.

    No one can live our lives for us. Each of our souls must essentially travel the eternal journey alone. Each soul has its own destination and methods for getting there. We meet other souls along the way but we each take this journey alone.

    When we pass on from this incarnation we each take our own karma. Can anyone work out our karma for us? Can another person? Can God, The Source, or The Universe change our karma? No. We carry it along with us wherever we go. It is ours to face, to deal with.

    Ultimately we are solely responsible for what we do and the choices we make while we are here. We are solely responsible for the kind of life we live and the way we treat others. We decide how to navigate this journey; whether we will approach life’s challenges as survivors or victims, whether we will accomplish what we came here to do or just pass through without much effort. So why wouldn’t we be the judge and jury of our own lives when we leave this Earth?

    Our life review is our wake up call for the things our souls need to work on. After seeing how we have lived our lives we can punish ourselves and put ourselves in a self-afflicted purgatory, or we can face what we did, forgive ourselves, vow to get it right next time, and enjoy the glory of the heavenly spiritual world. We may even just want to rest for awhile after having taken such a difficult journey. The choice is ours.

    As we navigate the experience of life on Earth, it is important to remember that the only judge we will ever have to face on judgment day is ourselves. That focus will help to keep us from deviating from the path that our soul intended for us.

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