While the World Wakes Up, the World Falls Apart

Phillip J. Watt, Contributor
Waking Times

What a wild ride 2016 continues to be. The good news is that people continue to wake up in droves and it’s causing even the most highly indoctrinated to question the ‘beliefs’ they’ve been ‘designed’ with. Even the official 911 story is finally being questioned by those who never did their proper research, thanks to the recent Saudi Arabia debacle.

On the other hand, the shift is really hitting the fan. Examples include:

  • banks finally admitting serious fraud (such as money laundering and precious metal market fixing);
  • a culminating European refugee and banking crisis;
  • massive Australian and Chinese ‘private-debt’ and ‘housing’ bubbles;
  • increasing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East;
  • amplifying earthquakes and volcanic activity along the ring of fire; and
  • concerns over an escalating WWIII scenario, to cite but a few.

The list goes on and on.

  • Economic Collapse Vs Stagnation

    Over the last several years however the primary concern is in regards to our failing fiat monetary system and the death of the US dollar (and the petrodollar). This really culminated mid last year and has only gotten more serious since, however the stock price manipulators (Plunge Protection Teams, corporations buying their own stocks and Central Bank activity) have been propping up this asset class which has recently given us the appearance that ‘everything is okay’.

    If you’ve been watching, you would have noticed the global stocks have been bipolar in their behavior, crashing one month and high on life another. There has been a triple top in the US markets, which has some alternative economists and commentators calling the inevitable failure of the manipulation, because the house of cards is just too unstable.

    Simply, the view in the alternative community is by far focused towards the slow death of the current western fiat system and many are stating that major changes will be happening in the very near future.

    Considering that the fundamental or ‘main-street’ economy has continued to whither away, the global economic situation is simply nowhere near as great as we’ve been led to believe by the oligarchical-controlled media and the recent rise in stock prices. For example, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Venezuela and other national economies in recession, depression or experiencing hyperinflation are indicative of what could soon be a harsh reality throughout the rest of the world.

    It is likely by mid 2016 it will finally be official that the US has been in a technical recession, even with their manipulated GDP and other data. Regardless, the global economy is clearly in a deflationary cycle. If this bottoms out in a global economic depression like that of the early 20th Century, then hyperinflation will likely occur across the world, just like it has in Venezuela.

    However, in an interview with the notorious Professor Steve Keen a few weeks ago (embedded at the end of this article), he stated that they could keep this system going at a painfully stagnant rate, just like they have in Japan for so long. Others ferociously disagree with this analysis, particularly because of the massive derivatives bubble and other factors that didn’t relate to Japan’s situation all those years ago.

    Steve admits that he isn’t an expert on derivatives; he focuses on private debt levels. So given he is an “anti-economist” in his own words, which means that he debunks the Keynesian approach to economic design, he is in the alternative camp with others who see the failure of our current economic design, which illustrates the internal division on what will happen and how to move forward.

    Gold Standard Vs People’s Fiat

    Steve also believes that going back to the gold standard is not the answer (where all currency is backed by gold). Given its failure in the roaring 20’s and the depression of the 30’s, his point may very well be justified. This view is also supported by Bill Still, who was recently interviewed at the SGT Report:

    Many in the sovereignty movements believe in going back to the gold standard, but have they really considered the other option? The alternative potential is for the government (the people) to capitalize on the power we have to create money out of nothing. First, we must take away the illegitimate power of private banking institutions to do it, including all private central banks, and then legislate it to be done by the government solely for the benefit of the people and the environment.

    As one example of a policy package already designed to achieve this, a political party in Australia has proposed two economic policies which ensure that the Government retakes it power to create an honest money supply, as well as guarantees that the multinational corporations pay their fair share in tax.

    First is their monetary policy which stops private banks creating money out of nothing and ensures that the government creates the $120 billion needed each year to ensure that the debt which is repaid to the banks, as well as population growth, doesn’t result with deflation. This money will be immediately invested into asset-backed infrastructure, which embarrasses the $1.5 billion averaged each year for the last decade or so. The difference is staggering and would result in huge projects like high speed rail and pipelines built to green parts of the desert.

    Second is that all taxes are to be removed (except import and export taxes) and replaced with a 2% debit-transaction tax. Given there are tens of trillions of dollars that move through the Aussie economy annually, all up these two policies would generate more than double the revenue currently received each year, with businesses and individuals only paying 2% tax. This is compared to up to 50% or more that some working class people pay when you include licences, registrations and taxes on land, fuel, alcohol etc etc.

    These are truly revolutionary policies which deal with the toxicity and inequality of the system we have today, and coupled with their approaches to education, health, medicine, natural resources, environment, energy, permaculture, pensioners and many others, they should be immediately considered by political and community representatives from all around the world so that a mainstream dialogue can subsequently occur.

    Helicopter Money

    Further to the idea that the monetary ponzy scheme instituted by the oligarchs will be kept alive for quite a while longer, it’s important to consider that many truth-seeking economists and analysts were saying that the system was going to break before Quantitative Easing (QE) was invented after the great recession of 2008. Then QE came along to save the economy from a deflationary implosion – so the puppeteers could once again do something similar given the current contraction in the global economy.

    A quick fix they might utilize to re-stimulate the economy is QE for the people, or helicopter money. What this means is that instead of creating money out of nothing and injecting it into the finance sector (QE), it is injected into main street (or all our personal bank accounts). This would need to be a coordinated strategy done by many governments of the world so that it doesn’t cause hyperinflation, and this money must be created by governments so that there is no debt attached to it.

    It also should be used to pay off personal debt, whilst those with no debt can spend it into circulation.

    Even if they do use this approach, the fact still remains that we need to do something comprehensive about this complete economic failure because the mainstream economy has been suffering for a decade now, and arguably longer. For example, we should not take the official unemployment rates seriously; the amount of people struggling to survive because they are either underemployed or have given up trying to find work is staggering. Poverty, homelessness, mental health issues and addiction is increasing all over the western world, whilst the middle class is rapidly shrinking.

    These issues are a direct result of the unethical power that the shadow order has. Its a hard pill to swallow, but the system is designed to favor the banking and transnational corporations that control both our money supply, and our mainstream media. The disappointing aspect is that most politicians, media personalities and other famous social commentators have no idea of this fact, so its no wonder that they sound convincing when they spray misinformation which does not speak to this fundamental truth.

    If they do understand it and choose not to speak up, then they will not be on the right side of history, nor do they have the courage and ethics to truly represent the needs of not just the people, but our natural systems too. We need real leaders who are prepared to make personal sacrifices in the name of truth, honor and sovereignty, not ill-informed or complicit mouthpieces of the social engineering agenda.

    What Next?

    So what will happen in terms of the global economy? It appears its anyone’s guess. Unless of course it’s a controlled demolition, then there are some who would know. There are a few voices saying the fundamentals are just too weak to keep this ponzy scheme going for too much longer and that the result might be a return to a gold standard just like the Eastern World appears to be preparing for with their gold accumulation and the Chinese creating a mirror to the London gold fix.

    There are others however who say that the powers-that-will-no-longer-be will try to manipulate this system to survive until at least after the US election so they can get Hillary into power to maintain their goals of a one world government and a one world currency.

    The US Election

    The US Presidential Race is an absolute circus, especially because the delegates system is rigged, as is the electronic voting system which will be used as a fail-safe. Trump appears to have little policy substance, as well as a bigoted energy which is creating a lot of division, however he does speak some truth and hints towards taking the power from the Fed to create the US money supply (he says he will pay off the national debt in 8 years which is the only way he could do it).

    Bernie is arguably the representative with the most truth, particularly around the unethical and illegal union between Wall Street and the US government, however his policy approach is considered by the free market advocates as one that will destroy the economy and issue in a socialist ideological framework. The latter is quite ironic actually considering we have had socialism for the rich policies for quite some time now.

    In any case, as these two candidates appear to be anti-establishment, even with their alleged shortfalls they are clearly the best options.

    That’s because on the other hand Clinton is an absolute criminal, a puppet for the establishment and a war-mongering psychopath. It’s unbelievable that she’s even allowed to run for President, so if she gets in (which is clearly the plan) then I hope that the American people will finally stand up and take back their power like they should have done a long time ago.

    Don’t believe my word though; watch Abby Martin’s expert breakdown to understand who the real Hillary is:

    Final Thoughts

    Whilst the world wakes up, the world falls apart, and that’s a good thing. With more personal reasons for people to search out alternative information, this amplifies the crash of the matrix of control. Ultimately, we really have an unprecedented potential to emancipate ourselves from the economic and ideological enslavement that has characterized the hierarchical system since the conception of civilization.

    Unfortunately however there is disunity within those who have woken up to the shadow power structure and the control system that has been established to maintain it. The truth we should all remember though is that we can disagree all we want about how to move forward into the short and long term future, but as long as we recognize the two primary mechanisms for control – namely the money supply and corporate media – then we have a space for uniting in action.

    Then, we should remain open to the fact that we’ve all changed our views over time and that we’ll most likely continue to do so as we personally and collectively evolve.

    In addition, the following interview is with Steve Keen. He explores the stagnation of the global economy and the bubbles in the Australian and Chinese debt and housing sectors, as well as the legitimacy of theAustralian Sovereignty Party’s policy approach to the dishonest money supply and the tax evasion by big money. Enjoy and please share.

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