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An email came in from a friend today with just a “Hi!”, and a note: “I’m traveling, trying to find my way back home to the celestial.” This is a friend I’ve never met in person, but I have met in the heart. We have enjoyed each other’s writing and music, and shared the same love for spiritual teachers, and true knowledge. Our shared values are a thread between us.

Imagine a million threads between lights, strung across the miles, extending around the globe. This is us… the people of the renewal, the shift, the change, the awakening. Travelers on the inner journey and teachers of the way; advanced metaphysicians, beginning students, learning how to heal, how to break conditioning… we are all doing our best to live up to this evolutionary time.

How many of us are trying to find our way back home to the celestial? Quite a few, I suspect. So, is there a ‘back home’ other than our own oneness and light, expanding from within our own heart? I don’t know the answer to that, but I know people with heart connections do come together to enjoy each other’s company… and the feeling of home and family is very real and precious.

Since there’s no beam of light shining on a destination, and all we have is our own light, what do we do in our travels? Well, we work on ourselves to clear out the dross and enable ourselves to feel. Through feeling we know when others are similar to us; we recognize a ‘good energy’ place; we dare to be ourselves; and we know how to respond to real need… because… we can feel.

  • A few days ago I came in touch with feeling plus emotion in such a strange way. I watched a YouTube video of individuals helping the homeless around the world. Love is built in to some exchanges… such as: the very deep gift of food when you are hungry. That’s real need. What touched me was the look in the eyes and the smile of the persons who gave, and the surprise and gratitude of the ones who received.

    There was a breath of the celestial home in that video. I watched it over and over, and got the same ‘there is love here’ feeling every time. Then I stopped playing it, and out of me came a gasp and a sob, and a flow of tears: we are so far away from a loving world and I miss it… I miss it…  I want it…

    We do get emotional sometimes about what is lacking in our world, and in our lives, and that’s okay… everybody can use an emotional cleanse. But in truth, our emotions don’t serve us well as guides, and they’re not transformational, so it’s good to keep it to a minimum. Common sense: there is no way to raise energy and create liberation while sobbing through turbulent waters.

    Our GPS does better when we emote less and feel more. Feeling is the sensation of a thing… experienced through our natural ability to pick up on the energy of people and places through intuition, inner vision and our physical senses. Feeling is very reliable once you begin to trust it. It’s also very enjoyable and long-lasting. Sensuality is feeling, perception of danger is feeling, reading between the lines is feeling. Most important question: how did/does it feel? To feel it is to know it.

    Emotion is our response or reaction. I went to emotion after watching the video about the homeless because I want to be in a world where all hearts are warm, our separation is over, and oneness is our reality. I want that world and I don’t have it. So, basically, emotion is a reaction to things not being as we want them to be.

    When I opened up this writing, I was thinking about a friend who is traveling… trying to find the way to a different situation… a place where she wants to be. One of the tools used by people who are experiencing a shift in consciousness is to envision themselves within the scenario that they want to bring to pass. It’s a flip of the mind out of emotion and into feeling.

    You feel yourself there already, leave the emotion out of it, and then make your move. What we put our energy into is what we manifest. Where will our energy go? Let’s look at the intensity of need as the deciding factor. The more you need it, the more you will envision yourself within it, the more you will put your energy into it, and the more you will pull it to you.

    Like with anything, there is a default setting that we want to watch for. Emotionally-fueled desire is a push away. Have you noticed the failure rate for that? And yet emotion is where we go when things get difficult, when ego becomes involved, or when our energy gets a bit low. Our minds defer to our emotional programming. I’ve seen and dealt with a ton of it within myself, so I know my emotional landscape pretty well.

    Seems it never goes completely away any more than the ego goes completely away, but it does lose its potency and its ability to affect your life when you stay on top of it, change your ego’s opinion of how things ‘should be’, and learn to trust the flow.

    We haven’t incarnated into a just world, but we are part of a shift, part of a network of lights, and we’re creating our heart’s desire… that celestial home within ourselves, and in the world as well.

    Home is the place where love is not a rare occurrence, but a way of being. So open your heart… we’re coming home.

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