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The first job I learned was to be a fashion designer. For this we studied history, drawing, costume and art history, then how to make clothes, from creation to sewing etc. An important step is to choose the material or fabric. To start at the beginning, we therefore studied fabrics to understand how and why to choose between one or the other taking into account the role, purpose, difference of quality and in thickness. So we learned what a fabric is, the art of weaving or crossing between weft threads and warp threads, going from bottom to top, that will give different results, also called “armure” in french (armour).

The result therefore depends on the type of thread, but also on the patience (or lack of patience) of the weaver as well of course and the idea of the result that one wishes to obtain. Indeed all creation is first of all an idea, therefore mental.

  • The universe is also mental and is also made up like a web.

    Composed by filaments of galaxies, the cosmic web is the name that astronomers give to the structure of our universe. This structure shows us that everything is linked, that the entire universe communicates through a complex system and that it forms a large connected whole.

    When we want to create something, first we need an idea (mental). Then we will realize this idea by creating it (physical) in the best possible way, we try to improve it until the idea of perfection, we change details, finally the creation is finished.

    Thought is the first creation.

    So everything first goes through the mind and if everything is mental then by changing our way of thinking we change the result.

    The physical universe:

    Right now there is so much going on and so much misinformation and disinformation that we don’t know where to look, we can feel a little lost and even for some upset by this disastrous-looking theater.
    I really mean theater, and in the dramatic genre.

    By the way, do you know that in ancient Greek “theatron” also meant the stage, therefore the whole part hidden from the public by the curtain.

    And that’s exactly what’s going on : It’s a show whose reality is hidden by a veil !

    This is what blinds us from the reality, so that we only see a small part of what is really going on. Science also explains it by the fact that we see only a very small part of the light called visible spectrum.

    We are advancing blindly in a world we do not understand, but we can gradually lift the veil of illusion that hangs over this whole comedy.

    (see my article: http://www.heartstarbooks.com/blinded-by-the-light-we-find-sight-in-darkness/)

    We are in a period which can appear difficult but it is THE most important moment to grow, learn, evolve, and at all levels.

    The illusion is under the veil. We lift the veil a bit and we can see another part of the reality that makes it neither negative or positive. It is THE biggest illusion, to believe that there are ups and downs.
    And we all believed it ! This is what is so funny!

    When we are caught in the game of life, we lose ground, we forget that all this is a comedy and then one day we feel that we are bottoming out but if we give it a kick what is going to happen? …

    You must have already understood what I mean to say and it’s a great liberation this realization, that everything is fake and that we can now just enjoy it.

    What I mean by all of this is that many still believe in a great destruction that will bring about a big change: “Ordo ab chao”. This is the doctrine of this universe, this limited dimension under the veil. Believe that you have to go through destruction to bring a New Order ?!

    It’s all part of the ILLusion.

    The spiritual universe:

    In the bible, in the book of “Revelation”, it talks about a terrible period of changes, takeover, illness, destruction … Very prophetic, but even if we see all of this today, it is also a great power of persuasion. Religions and cultures harp us about the period of the end of the world and that we have to go through all this so that God can sort out among his people. But what if it was all just a plan taking shape, a woven idea of the imagination perhaps?

    The destruction (appear) as an outside program from the matrix maybe for those who need it. We experience a destruction if we need it or believe in it, but everything is happening inside and by so if you are not destructive you will not have to experience it outside.

    The more we believe in something, the more likely it will happen, because we are in a mental universe.

    In my little experience on this earth, I found that we have what we deserve, or put it another way, are attracted to us what we need or the equivalent of what we give.

    Example, what happens if you make a bad weaving (therefore a bad armour), the fabric will wear out in a bad way and will tear, the apparent protection is not good then the customer will be angry. ..

    You make a good quality garment, it will be solid, the customer will be happy and so will you …

    Basically if you do your best with your heart the result is always what you expect or deserve.

    Surely you know the expression, which looks alike or the opposites attract each other.
    This is what some people call the law of attraction or the law of resonance, the mirror effect:

    Every object has a clean and natural vibrational frequency. If an object of a determined vibrational frequency starts to vibrate, it will vibrates any other object which has the same vibratory frequency. “

    … or, the Hermes (Trismegistus) correspondence principle:

    “As above so below. As below so above”.

    We find this principle in science with the law of universal gravitation or in quantum physics which explains that in the smallest of particles resides the Whole. What is infinitely small is like what is infinitely large, the outside world is only the mirror of our inner reality.

    There is a connection, a unity between the physical, mental and spiritual world. What we change on one plane impacts others, so there is no separation. As in the universe, everything is connected and forms one. What we change in us impacts the entire Universe, so changes in the Cosmos directly influence us.

    “Behold, I am coming soon and I am bringing with me my reward for treating everyone in accordance with their work. »Bible, Revelation 22:12 S21

    Sow love you will get love sow hate you will get hate.

    If you believe in destruction, that you sow destruction then you will get it too. You see, we don’t need to live in the illusion of destruction and that the great usurper who dares to call himself god decides to bring. We can live life, enjoy the beautiful things of this world by respecting, by loving. Because what we sow is what we harvest.

    What you feel inside let it grow, it will be the “fruits” that will be visible outside.

    No one will come to save you, what will come (the “reward”) is what you give, because what you give you receive, and that’s it!

    (see my article: http://www.heartstarbooks.com/time-for-heroes/)

    Let’s change the thread of our thinking and we will transform our reality, our universe.

    “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

    Much love

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