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There are 3 primary colours: Red, yellow and blue.

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.

Music is merely 12 notes.

There are 92 natural elements in the periodic table.

There are 6 universal emotions in the wheel of emotions.

From the red, yellow and blue we create colours in the spectrum of infinite.

From the letters in the alphabet we express ourselves in a zillion ways.

From 12 notes all music is composed.

From 92 elements we try to understand the world, the universe as the building stones of life. Whether that understanding is strictly scientific or spiritual.

Out of 6 basic emotions we create our measurement of our lives by expanding, refining and evolving them.

  • We create creation.

    This is the basic foundation that lies within the phrase: We create our own world.

    If we don’t understand the basics we are given, how can we understand the often spoken new age cliché: You create your own world.

    Take the letters in the alphabet – I have never heard anyone say: “I can’t really express myself in speech or writing; the alphabet should have more symbols.” That would be a very peculiar statement.

    The movement seems to be: Throughout learning the logics of the alphabet, how to put letters and sentences together by mentoring, we can go creative and create a universe of words. Which expresses our consciousness.

    We can create beauty in this world or we can create hate in this world and an infinite spectrum of qualities in between.

    It can go from: “Carl and his friend are on the way to school.”

    To: “On Fridays she puts on her blue dress” – a hook line that can send the writer into the creative realms of his consciousness and make the reader very curious, what’s up with that. But so can the first sentence, if the consciousness is creatively seeded, from: Aha – they are on the way to school. Or the expanded version: Aha – wonder what will happen on the way to their destination. So either is a cool hook line or an observing statement.

    We create creation. And hereby we create both illusion and reality. Some would say: All illusion. The words you are reading here are not an illusion, since they are up on your screen.

    The illusion lies within: Trying to control the outcome!

    That’s where creation stops. And that’s not even the truth: Since even when we stop creation, stopping creation is manifesting a stop for creation which can’t be done – creation flows, even if we try to restrain it. It clutters up surely, but it will find its way, either around us, within us or without us.

    The Universe served the basic ingredients – it is unconcerned and impersonal in how we use them.

    Creative creation is aligning to that field of basic ingredients.

    Creative creation is bringing un-manifest into manifest form.

    That is the way we create our lives.

    Some say there aren’t enough building stones for them to create the life they truly want and dream of. It would be like a painter finding (a poor excuse) a valid reason for not being able to paint a painting. The answer lies not within the colours; from 3 their number is infinite.

    The answer to the drought of creative ideas rests within the consciousness itself.

    That’s one thing.

    The other thing is: Control.

    The painter who says so, is trapped in control. Not defined as the number of colours available to him, but his skill of blending them, merging them into his vision of his painting.

    If he gets that – he can manifest. If he doesn’t he can at most repeat what others have done before him.

    That is why I hold on to: There is a big difference between creativity and a creative consciousness – since the creative consciousness cannot repeat. It has to create. Brand new creations. This question or field of tension has brought many good painters and writers to their knees of agony and despair.

    Desperately trying for something new. Bringing the un-manifest into the manifest and offering this world a new piece of art, a beautiful poem, a wonderful sonata.

    The vortex of creative despair.

    Let me take these arguments to the current battlefield for human freedom:

    All the letters are here – are we allowed to use them.

    All the colours are here – are we allowed to blend them.

    All the notes are here – can we create the music we want.

    Of course we can and of course we´re not allowed.

    Foremost, and this is important: We have to allow ourselves.

    Secondly: We have to program the destruction of the Control System for everyone to allow themselves to do so.

    So what’s wrong with creation – Nothing. It’s all about the mixture. How we manifest it and how we interpret that manifestation. How we blend the ingredients.

    In the city of Athens, the struggle on a metaphysical note, is whether a nation wants to be controlled or wants to be creative. Since getting off the EU will require creative consciousness in reinventing the Greek nation.

    A political observer might say: The downtrodden people of Greece don’t have the luxury to think creatively since they are caught between a rock and a hard place. From this premise what he says is the truth.

    Put into layman’s terms: They are so abused that they can’t think straight.

    I respect that argument – even though the source for that state of mind comes from fear mongering the Greek people into submission. Being economically imprisoned that long will do things to your soul and to its vision of a glorious future – basically all hope downtrodden by the political and thereby economics of this world.

    I have never seen on this magnitude before how a ‘democratically’ elected politicians (EU) really is an extension of big banks and they will bleed in order to defend and serve their masters.

    Right now the people of Athens are bricks in the wall and looking down – they should look out and the wall will fall.

    From a helicopter perceptive:

    A collective shift in consciousness – going from the logics of entrapment into the freedom of creative consciousness – is much needed, if they in any way should hope to be free.

    They are right smack in the middle, and so often are we in our lives, in the vortex of control.

    Control, is the only thing really that stands between creativity in manifesting the lives we want for ourselves or leaving this planet when the celestial calls us home, with a feeling of unfulfillment?

    No, thank you.

    The real Matrix is that of controlling the creative consciousness in this world and not allowing it to merge and basically alter anything that stands.

    It’s a battle of spirit brought right into the source code of spirit and the Matrix has absolutely nothing to do in that pristine realm of our consciousness.

    It went from controlling the major things in our lives, through religion, politics and its mainstream media, until we got so inflated we couldn’t tell right from left, and right from wrong.

    We woke up to that – and now we want to manifest what is right for us.

    And the Matrix came down even harder by the tool of 9.11, the Matrix found a way, for most people who believed their deception, to control our thoughts by fear, emotions by fear, and the music became robotic endlessly streaming 24/7 consumers music, not for the art and mind expanding beauty in music – but for the post-human-transhuman agenda – combined with a totally digitalized apple watch, to monitor your heartbeat in the hamster wheel of things.

    A camera up your butt 24/7. Happy?

    The Controllers control nature or so they think and to a certain extent they do. Them busy little killer bees, terraforming this, altering that, aha: nature is inadequate so GMO’s, and what have we.

    The same Matrix being too god damn stupid to realize that all their choices of control have brought the world to a new brink of destruction.

    They forgot that Gaia would fight back, and she sure seems very creative – in a sort of scary way…

    I read those headlines: “We have brought the earth to extinction and soon the giraffes are gone too.”

    Who the hell are ‘WE’?

    I haven’t – and I’m sure you haven’t either been poaching Giraffes in the Serengeti.

    I did not take a boat out and pour Mercury in the Mediterranean Basin.

    I did not say they could build Fukushima in a seismic area.

    I did not grant them that.

    Don’t plug into mainstream: WE. It’s a false brotherhood of man. Better to be in a ragged band of brothers amongst the spiritual outlaws in this world.

    Plug into self, and manifest by the basic tools we are given, manifest the better Kingdom without kings or queens. Fight for yourselves and your loved ones – then go collective.

    The best and most creative shoemakers in this world are the ones who know what it’s like to wear shoes that don’t fit right. Free us from all the clichés hyping the Matrix counter wave and go creative. Manifest for us all… joy.

    Don’t fall in the: There’s not enough building stones in my life, so I better turn on Netflix, have some comfort food for the soul and lobotomize it into – this world isn’t mine to create…

    Well, the tools of creation are within your field. They are not: Out of reach or as far-fetched as you were told.

    Now, you are actually creating a vortex of hopelessness within you. Snap out of weary.

    Want to grab a few notes, and make some music?

    The only one standing in its way is: You.  And this world isn’t big enough for them and us. Something’s got to give and it isn’t us anymore.

    Even though it’s based on abundance by the building stones of a very few basic building stones.

    Way out – be creative.

    We are creation and we were meant to create creation with a very overseeable variety of compounds.

    Which should be plenty – since they’re the building stones to abundance in every which field we can focus our PASSION into.

    We do that with creative intention.

    No intention – No creation – No change.

    Leave the lights on.

    © 2014 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission.

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