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If you haven’t figured it out yet, there’s a global awakening going on. Those people who are waking up to the true realities of the world are doing so in a large variety of ways; however some of us only get some of it, whilst others are playing with as much of it as they can. The harsh truth though is that most of us don’t get much of it at all.

Thankfully, it is changing. Person by person, group by group, powerful conversations are occurring in the conscious society and we’re inching closer to the tipping point which will send the collective consciousness of humanity into a dawn of illumination and activism. This will be the beginning of building a world where we can truthfully say that we care about each other and our environment. One day, we’ll have become truly educated.

The two overarching areas of the ‘collective awakening’ are captured in the internal realm and the external realm. Moreover, waking up in each of these dimensions is composed of two parts: the first is a greater clarity of the current state of reality, whilst the second is what needs to change.

Continuing with the duality theme, there are two aspects that really portray what’s going on inside of us. Becoming aware of our infinite spiritual nature is the first, where we tap into our experience of consciousness in expanding and interconnecting ways. The other is personal growth, which of course is about healing and balancing out our emotional, psychological, intellectual and other human vitalities.

  • On the outside, once again there are two areas that reflect where our concentration should rest. The first is the reality of the world around us, including dysfunctional power structures and the social systems in need of change, especially the way that we economise our global society. The second area is how we personally contribute to the societal activism that is collectively required to realise the evolution of our uniting global culture into a more healthy, happy, harmonious, honourable and environmentally-friendly future for our people.

    After all, playing our small part in giving back for the benefit of each other is everyone’s responsibility.

    Recently, the global economic “correction” has been all over the news. If we follow the right experts, we’d have known this was coming and that it’s nowhere near finished. Nevertheless, there’s no need to fear. This inevitable downturn in our global economy will be a process, with months of swings that may even last a couple of years. Eventually though, it will lead to an economic reset and hopefully even a huge transformation to the system if we capitalise on it appropriately. This just might be the catalyst for change that we’ve been waiting for.

    Being the initial phase, we’ve got time to think of the billions of people who suffer from the immoral actions of a corrupt central banking system owned by private banking families. We should also organise our minds and hearts to be aligned with the awakening community and contribute to the tipping point. Simply, this is our opportunity to collectively debate and agree on alternatives to this bullshit story that we’ve been conditioned to believe as the only way to design our lives.

    Integral to this process is understanding the need for change to the materialistic, individualistic and consumerist culture which has been born from the capitalist structure. These ideological frameworks have generated highly toxic levels of greed, competition, corruption and vanity, as well as decimated the natural systems of earth. Most humans, however, are loving and giving at their core, so if we redesign the system, we encourage healthier values to manifest for both individuals and the whole.

    Make no mistake about it though; we’re living in crazy town. There are a massive tribe of people who already understand this systemic shift loud and clear, including those who made up the Occupy Movement, who are still itching for this change today. There are more grass roots movements that want this too, including Permaculture, The Venus Project, Ubuntu, Zeitgeist, Anonymous and Transition Towns, as well as many others. And even though there are many alternative economists and social commentators that are screaming for change to the models that fuel our social engines, we must also accept that the masses are still locked into the matrix media that has been bought by the power structures as a tool to maintain the status quo.

    So, why do we need change? This is summarised in 11 Toxic Realities Society is Finally Waking Up About. To elaborate, 22,000 children die from poverty each day. There is a growing number of people who can’t find work, which will no doubt continue to skyrocket over the coming years. Massive numbers of immigrants are fleeing Africa and the Middle East from their war torn countries. There are millions of people in the US, let alone all over the world, who are on food subsidies. People are in the depths of emotional and physical poverty that is increasing all over the world, including in Australia and other ‘developed’ countries. And we definitely need change for the majority of the people who “believe” they’re disconnected from their unity and who are strongly lacking peace in their humble but majestic existence.

    Plus, we need change for ourselves. Every person needs to understand this mess that we’re in, so together we can identify the problems and design solutions. To start, the single most systemic priority we should have right now as a uniting global culture is to redesign our global economy for the benefit of all people, so please click on this link now and sign the petition.

    If we still don’t understand all of this, don’t fret; all of us at some point didn’t either. But personally I am still yet to meet one person that didn’t want substantial change too once they truly understood the depths of the problems. The reality is that we’re told it is the way that it needs to be, that there are no alternative solutions and that we just have to accept things the way they are. Well, that’s utter bullshit. There are legitimate alternatives, both short and long term solutions, and if we actually do awaken like so many grass roots movements and individuals are doing all over our gorgeous earth, we may actually facilitate the change that we desperately need.

    Our future communities are relying on us.

    The Result? Play Our Small Part in Transforming the Internal and External Realms

    An interview with Zen Gardner

    Zen is a writer, speaker and activist in helping people disconnect from mainstream programming. He is an expert in living outside of the system whilst still engaging with it to spread love and wonder. His website is full of truth serums on the world at large.

    In this interview he discusses the awakening he has gone through, both in his spiritual and systemic understanding. He emphasises the need for individual societal activism that ensures as a collective we design and create a true world of love and peace.

    The Verdict

    We need to take action, no matter how small. Yet so many in the spiritual or new age community are dormant agents of change because they’ve been sold the lie that they need to “transcend their ego”. Yes, we do exist in a duality, and even though that duality is illusory, it’s still a layer of truth. In this respect, the selfis fundamentally faux; however the ‘self’ or ‘ego’ is still an indispensable aspect of the human experience. Without it, we’d simply cease to exist.

    That’s why the goal is to expand, evolve and enlighten our finite nature (self-awareness or ego), as well as train it to understand its infinite nature (awareness or God). Simply, both are real, just one is more fundamental than the other. Therefore, to kill the ego is to kill our humanness; instead, we need to enlighten our ‘I-ness’ to understand its ‘all-ness’. Simply, whilst we’re human we have an ego, so the point is to empower it, not disempower it.

    In most instances this confusing concept is referring to transcending vanity and the ‘illusion’ of separation, or something to that effect. Obviously that is a valid practice, yet the core definition of the ego is simply “I-ness”. In the spiritual community, this of course is understood as the human snapshot of consciousness which co-creates with many snapshots of consciousness in a reality made of unity consciousness. Now, that’s a mind-full.

    We are all the same, yes, but we are all different too. Both layers of truth should be celebrated and respected. Plus, laughing and playing and exploring the depths of the human experience is a bloody awesome way to live and helps to heal and grow our energetic blueprint, or soul. We need to ensure that the core truth is recognised too, which is of course the fundamental priority.

    The other disempowering and harmful teaching is to “observe and not judge”. To start with, just observing life with no judgement is inherently impossible because then we wouldn’t know when to eat or talk or what to even say. Yet even if it was possible, it’s passive, inactive and achieves nothing. The simple truth is we need to use the ego to do an assessment and form a conclusion on whether our environment should change or not, including our own behaviours. Anyone who says “observe, do not judge”, did an assessment and formed the conclusion “to not judge”. The inherent contradiction in this ‘belief’ is abundantly clear.

    In addition, if we decide our house needs to be cleaned then we’ve made an observation, done an assessment, accessed our memory and formed the conclusion to clean the house. The same goes for the world too; clearly it needs to be transformed, especially our social systems. For example, where would we be without Gandhi, Buddha, King and many others not forming their judgements (observations, assessments and conclusions) on the world around them and then taking action to evolve that which they judged to need evolving? Backwards, that’s where.

    Ultimately, we need society to come to agreed judgements on how our world needs to change to move into our next collective stage of evolution. Just observing won’t do that, neither will wasting our time and energy trying to transcend the very thing that enables intentional change in the first place; our I-ness.

    P.S. If you’re new to my writing, the majority of the links provided throughout this article are to work I have previously written. There are hours of solid reading material, so save this article and feel free to study them. In addition, please read and sign the petition, as well as watch the previous interviews with an array of brilliant guests which have been uploaded to The Conscious Society YouTube Channel. Peace.

    Please note: This article is part of the Redesigning Society series. Over the coming weeks, this series will present a range of expert perspectives on the current state of societal affairs, as well as the collective changes we desperately need both philosophically and practically. Details of upcoming and past guests and topics can be viewed here. You can subscribe to The Conscious Society Youtube Channel to get early access to each interview in the series. 

    About the Author

    Phillip J. Watt lives in Australia. He best identifies as a ‘self-help guide’. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.

    Please note: Over the coming weeks, the Redesigning Society series will present a range of expert perspectives on the current state of societal affairs, as well as the collective changes we desperately need both philosophically and practically. Details of upcoming and past guests and topics can be viewed here. You can subscribe to The Conscious Society Youtube Channel to get early access to each interview in the series.

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