War – A Balance of Profit and Fear

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Now that the fearful winds of war are again blowing strongly in our world I find it important to see through the daily crises and find the patterns of war that lie behind the daily scenes of violence so eagerly shown to us by media. Why are there so many continuous conflicts and wars in our world even though we all know that war is just plain misery? Why do we fight with each other?

What are the patterns of war, the general ideas behind the major wars that have been fought since the French Revolution? What are the common traits, the psychological reasons that time after time have led nations to war against each other? And what is the actual outcome, the balance of these many wars fought?

It is obvious that every war fought has bought enormous amount of misery, death and destruction to all the nations and peoples involved. The soldiers of every partaking nation have given their lives for the machinery of war; they have died or got wounded either in flesh or in mind. They have carried the burden of every war ever fought. The civilian populations, who through the development of technology have gradually been brought into the focus of war, have more and more shared their plight. The rape and destruction of war has killed and maimed hundreds of millions of people in Europe since the French Revolution at the end of 18th century. The common man has not profited by any of these wars – or has he?

Equally millions and millions of homes, farms and towns have been destroyed in the fire-belching movements of the dragons of war. Homes and towns have been devastated, rebuilt and devastated again to be eventually rebuilt again some day. It is the common man, woman and child who have lost his livelihood, his sweet home with all dear belongings. It is the common man of every nation involved who has borne the burden of every single war. They have paid with their blood and their suffering.

  • How is it with the ideologies that we have fought our wars for? What is the state of “freedom, equality and brotherhood” in Europe after all the wars fought for them? What has happened to the national ideologies that have led us to war after war? How have fared the political ideologies that we have fought for or against for centuries? What is the state of royalty, communism, socialism, nationalism, nazism, imperialism or capitalism? And what is the state of religion, how has the church and it’s basic ideology of God’s love fared during these years? Who or what has won and gained ground and why? Has the common man gained, are we the winners? Are we truly free and equal, do we share a brotherhood with every man, woman and child?

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    Question also arises why and how – in the face of obvious misery that every war has brought with it – the common man has time after time been enticed to enter war to experience both killing and being killed? Or have we ever really got rid of our “enemies” by warring against them and killing them? Have we got rid of all the people who don’t look, think and act like we do? For aren’t the differences of nation, politics, ideologies, race, culture, language or religion used to create those monstrous enemies to be vanquished and warred against?  Why do we need enemies and why are new enemies constantly created and perpetrated after the old ones become non-potent and meaningless?

    So what is the point of war? Why do men go to war? Or why are they led to war? Is there a party who profits by creating wars and sending nations to crush each other in its violent embrace? There must be a reason, a common factor arising from human psychology that explains and makes it possible to send us to war against “the enemy” – whether he is the communist, the nazi, the terrorist, the other or whatever.

    Every war is a huge financial enterprise. The threat of an enemy makes nations ready to spend millions upon millions of whatever currency to prepare themselves for the eventual war, they equip armies, buy arms, ammunition and all the other necessities of warfare. The more the nations fear each other the more money they spend on arms. And the munitions makers are always ready to sell, always ready to organize huge loans for those who otherwise couldn’t afford their wares. Business is business, arms are sold to all parties of all conflicts. And any result of any war is lucrative to the arms dealers, it’s a win-win situation were they are the ones who win every time. The winner of the war pays its debts with valuables looted from the loosing party, and the loosing party is held in a tight grip of debts, which can then be used to squander the remaining natural resources (such as oil and minerals) of that country.

    As a result of every war fought during these 200 years the power of the actual elected ruler – the king, government, president or prime-minister – has diminished in proportion to the increase of debts that the country has incurred in order to fight the wars. It hasn’t mattered whether you win or lose the war on the battlefield; you lose it anyhow in the balance sheet of power, which has gradually shifted the ruling impetus of the world into the hands of those who rule the debts that burden every single nation of our world. And those who have all the money, are also the ones who own all the major multinational companies including all the major media enterprises. When the power of money, the power of production and the power of information is concentrated in the hands of a small enormously rich elite, we are ready to enter the “The Brave New World” where the atrocities of both nazism and communism become a grim reality under the auspices of benign free market capitalism, the ideology that warred against and won its “enemies” and became worse than they ever were in their usurpation of all the living resources of men and nature.

    Free market capitalism uses military terminology and strategies in its daily activities. During the last 200 years it has been the most successful of all the human ideologies, which is shown in its ability to practically unite the whole of Europe – and also the rest of the world – under its rule. It has succeeded in where all the military conquerors have failed. It has been able to submit the whole of our dear world under its rule, which is according the great theoretician of war Carl von Clausewitz the basic definition and purpose of war and warfare.

    This ideology has used war and the threat of war as a means of gaining dominion over the whole population of the world. The development of the media and information technology has made it possible to rule the minds of men as one fearful entity who seeks and accepts whatever solutions presented in the face of constant flow of threats and fears that seem to rule the world. This genius amongst all ideologies has camouflaged itself behind all kinds of fronts and even opposing realities, which all share the same aim and purpose: to create a world ruled by an elite who considers itself to be above the rubble of common men and women. All that truly matters for this elite is their own freedom, their own ability to realize their dream of absolute power over the world and its inhabitants.

    This elite uses the common old slogans of “freedom, equality and brotherhood” to market its own world-view of free market economy. It is the power structure that rules the world through manipulation of markets and human minds. It is the world of business, banking and finance – the only true winner in every single war that we have ever fought.

    The winner takes it all, and gains the true essence of his enemy and becomes bigger and worse in all the qualities of the enemy it has fought against. This is what is happening right now in our world, this is where all the warring has lead us, this is what we have to face, or die together with those who haven’t yet learned that there truly exist only one enemy, only one entity, which needs to be faced and conquered.

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    That enemy is my own human self, my own human set of thoughts and thinking that keeps me in the repeating mode of death and destruction, keeps me searching for the power from the submission of others instead of taking my birthright of power upon my own world, upon my own experiences. When I know who I am, when I know that I do have the power – the will – to create all the worlds and experiences that I ever wish to meet, then and only then does my search for power ever end. And my search for power arises from the same emptiness, which has led our corporate leaders and financial geniuses to create and almost realize their cruel dream of absolute power upon the masses of the world. I have the same ailment, and only by facing and healing it in myself, can I ever diminish and eventually nullify the grip that corporate power structure has upon our dear living world.

    In a world where the multinational corporations get bigger and bigger every day the national governments have already lost their true governing grip in the face of the enormous amounts of debts that they have accumulated during the free-spending years of war or during the years lived under the constant threat of war. All the nations of the world are deeply indebted to the multinational network of ultimately private bankers of the world. No wonder that every king, president and prime minister has already learned to respect the messages and messengers of these true rulers of the world.

    Right now the free market economy RULES OK! There are no viable alternatives to free corporate rule of the whole of the world! The game is almost finished! The elite has almost won, realized its dream of absolute rule! We the common men and women have almost given up, the war upon our minds has made us weary and lazy; nothing seems to matter, nothing seems to be able to halt this train of destruction to which we have bought our dear tickets from the marketers of free corporate rule of the world.

    There remains one major source of power that can sort out and solve this mess that we have created for ourselves. It is not the multinational corporations – they just reflect the ultimate form of our own greed. It is not the international bankers – they just reflect the ultimate form of our own need to control. It is not our government – it has already sold itself to the greedy controllers. It is not our media enterprises – which sing the songs of those who pay their bills. It’s not the God of our religion – who only wants to keep us enclosed to his blind rule. It is not our fathers, mothers, forefathers or other predecessors – who all did their best with what they had.

    It is the Living God that resides, and waits for your orders within yourself. It is the God’s presence in each and every one of us, which met, accepted and used gives us direct access to all the aspects of our life and our world. God in me gives me everything I ever can think of and focus upon. God in me – and you – instead of an illusory God somewhere out there in the hands of some greedy individual selling me his truths and visions of convoluted power through some monstrous religious, financial or political greed.

    I am the creator of my world. Whatever I think or accept as a common thought, becomes my reality. That is our birthright as sons and daughters of Living God in us. That is the power that maintains this miserable world, for as long as I maintain my miserable thoughts and emotions our world is bound to reflect that in its expression. So the only thing we need to win and conquer is our own thought, our own reactions to the stimuli of the world. When I see the world with the fearful eyes of a controlled human being, I maintain a world of that effect. When I choose to see the world with the all-accepting love of God – also residing in all of us – I create a world of love and acceptance. That’s how simple it is! Which is the very reason that is not so simple for us who have been educated to intellectual complicity of excellence, where simplicity is seen as a sign of sheer stupidity instead of pure geniality.

    Just as our dear brother Jesus once said the Kingdom of God is for the children, for those who have the power of the simple and uncomplicated mind. That is what God is, that is what resides hidden under our cloaks of fear in the core of every single human being. That simplicity is the freedom we all are after, that simplicity is the equality that we all yearn for, and that simplicity is the brotherhood that we have just forgotten for a short while. A God realizing his or her Godhood in human form, cannot NOT to see and respect the same sacredness in each and everything around him. That is the God that we all are. The selfsame source of Everything, who knows that:

    The wages of fear is
    the death of the body
    The wages of love is
    the eternal life
    for the body
    as well

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