Waking Times Radio on The People’s Voice – Tonight 10:00pm PST

Waking Times

Tune in tonight, Friday November 29, 2013 at 10:00pm PST for Episode 1 of Waking Times radio, on The People’s Voice!

We are excited to announce our first audio broadcast ever. In this episode, host Dylan Charles talks with David Icke, founder of The People’s Voice,  about the nature of our world and the connection between this new network, the alternative media and Waking Times. Then we are joined by guest James Gilliland of ECETI to hear about his amazing work with extra-terrestrials and how that relates to everyday life.

Tune in at:
10:00PM PST Friday Nov 29 / 1:00AM EST Saturday Nov 30 / 6:00AM GMT Saturday Nov 30




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