Unwinding the Madness – Is It Too Late?

Zen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

As more and more people are increasingly realizing, humanity is under a full spectrum attack – fundamentally on its health and well being, as well as its very basic freedoms of thought and action. The vectors are myriad as millions scramble to recover their essential health and stability as well as prevent further damage. Scientism is the new god of this age, an unquestionable standard of seeming truth that can be totally relied – re-lied – upon. A very sad state of affairs, as the cycle of humanity abdicating its very own source-linked authority is not just denied, but willingly surrendered once again.

While the current status quo may appear to be advanced with all of its technological glitz, glamour and self assuaging propaganda, in truth there have been very few “advances” in the human condition except things cosmetic. In fact, we are clearly in a barbaric feudal state and living in one of the darkest times in human history. This is not easy to see within such a colloidal suspension as today’s toxic culture, but the proof of a sick tree is in its fruits.

  • Do the fish in a very slowly contaminated fishbowl remember a better environment? By design, no. Earlier fish die off and those born into the slowly changing toxic environment take what they’re born into as “natural”. Change, contaminate, repeat. That’s how all this works. Generations fade away as history is hidden, written over, or fabricated, so that any actual reference point for the general population becomes today’s status quo and whatever they are told becomes unchangeable.

    I covered this from an alternative perspective in The Serpentine Stealth of the Long Range Planners many years ago, but it still stands true. I don’t like to dwell on their machinations so as to avoid that degrading vibration any longer, but they need pointing out.

    By the very nature of this relative-unto-itself mutant matrix, the plan is not supposed to be fully identified. They, or “the opposing program” we appear to face, seem to make concessions as to who and how many may wake up to what, but the continually morphing virus at this level of density or vibration is an animal all unto itself. It’s only power lay in our agreement to engage it on its own low dimension, an arena truly conscious divine humans will never gain a serious foothold in.

    Why? It’s not our world, our domain. It’s part of the great paradox of our existence here; spirit beings in mortal bodies, the dualism and push-me, pull-me never ending game of futility should we choose that level of existence only. We do exist here and have to operate within it, but the question again remains, what is our best and most effective course of action, as well as inaction on other levels? And how do we not just survive, but thrive? And how can we effectively help our fellow true humans?

    Some say a new earth of those choosing love and conscious awareness and living is being born. Others say a major “event” will soon suddenly hit our planet or quadrant in the galaxy and bring the needed changes. Neither are new schools of salvation thought, as these tendencies are embodied in religious and even secular teachings for eons. Who’s to say? The energetic shift is definitely a reality, just as celestial alignments change. But I wouldn’t bank on external rescue on any level – that’s what that parasitic “other” energy wants, your “investment”.

    Others say we’ll reach a tipping point where suddenly the general populace will accept a new way of thinking and perceiving which will propel us into the changes we need. All of these ideas, while both well intentioned by some and ill intentioned or twisted by others or everything in between, potentially smack of the same hope and change based thinking, whatever slice of truth is contained within them. True hope is a wonderful, love-based empathic sensation. False hope however, like structured, dogmatic or heavily defensed beliefs, however “leading edge”, is an absolute death to progress and spiritual evolution sentence to those who ascribe to them.

    As I perceive our situation, we needn’t worry about everything “out there”. Ours is a very personal, individualized journey, an understanding the mutant matrix works hard to sabatoge and marginalize by every possible group-think, survival and fear based tactic. This includes not just the usual cultural garbage that seems to have such a grip on the superficial, but those more profound aspects including those embedded in the religious and growingly more influential new spiritual schools of thought and technology. It’s a minefield to navigate, and truth manifests in many ways within almost anything, but this again points to the individual, discovering for itself what is truth and what is not. We share a collective conscious awareness underneath this, but again it’s based on each individual “soul node’s” degree of connectivity as far as bringing this greater awareness into being on our current planet at whatever collective level we arise to. Hence the profound power of the individual. We each influence and alter that entire morphogenic field.

    This is the profound truth of where true activism is based, and why it’s been so suppressed, marginalized and denigrated. Please let that sink in. It is all about us individually, first and foremost.

    The excavation starts at home, in our own hearts. I’ve known this was true and performed this search the vast majority of my life, much of which turned out to be very constrained with superficial attempts to get down to the nitty gritty in myself. My mind can be a great friend but an ominous enemy, telling me I already “knew” something because I grasped the concept in a sincerely researched framework, but oh the mining that was yet to be done! If we look at how much we drink in, digest and describe about the outer workings of things in this life, knowing as above so below, as well as outside as is within, the balance of research is way off kilter in most cases.

    Ken Wilber gives terrific, thoroughly researched instruction regarding this – there’s not just a “wake up” phase, but there’s “clean up” and then “grow up”, which are not necessarily sequential nor mutually implied or exclusive. Stages not aforeseen even in some of the greatest teachings through the ages, even if implied, despite cultural differences. Again, the default to simply “seeing” something to be true is not the be all, end all – the full implications of truth in our personal lives must be vigorously pursued if we’re to become “whole” and then grow up to be fully realized and actuated entities here in this challenging environment – and beyond.

    Most of all, there’s a profound question to ask ourselves: what is in fact experiential, or heart knowledge – as in true knowing? When we stand back and examine what in fact we really “know” we come up pretty empty handed, if we’re honest. At least it has been for me. Sure, some materialistic facts of base level existence, and maybe some profound spiritual experiential insights. But it’s important to ask ourselves; how much of what we’re operating according to is really conjecture, no matter how compelling? That’s a whole philosophical issue in itself which can turn into mushy mind wasters in a hurry, but it’s something that has struck me profoundly. This has immensely improved and enhanced my prayer and meditation practice and brought a heaven of a lot more humility to this proud man than I’ve ever experienced. And it feels good and right.

    This isn’t to minimize serious pursuits however we’re led; mentally, spiritually, intellectually, as well as in outward efforts to expose, teach and educate with what we feel are greater and more empowering truths and ways to be freed and free others from limiting programming.

    So, Can We Make this Turn in Time to Avoid Disaster?

    My answer remains: it doesn’t matter. We each do what we can however we are led or “called”. That’s all that matters. That Lao Tzu was impressed to record his summary of realizations before he departed speaks volumes. That great masters, despite their seeming attainments, still felt compelled, from compassion for humanity, to share the liberating truths they felt they’d arrived at speaks volumes, so to speak. That those professing there is no explanation nor description for Truth, the Tao, God or Source still endeavored to do so, is in my mind and heart the expression of the soul – compassion in the face of profound ignorance and suffering, however those challenges were derived.

    We are born into a crippled and infected state, containing infinitely powerful and perfect souls. We spend our lifetimes trying to find and get back to that original innocence and connectivity with Source. It may seem futile, but we know it’s not. There is no attainment. It is never done, contrary to the mechanistic viewpoint. It goes on.

    We need to get used to that and comfortable with it. We’re just passing through, but it is nonetheless a very serious yet potentially thrilling and enjoyable ride.

    It’s not an easy one. One thing for sure, love overrules it all. That we know, feel, and can comfortably and knowingly rely on.

    Therein is peace, and an unfolding avenue ever before us that never, ever fails.

    Love, Zen

  • About the Author

    Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst entrenched alternative pundits. His book “You Are The Awakening” has met rave reviews and is available on Amazon.com.

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