Unusual and Inspiring Solar Power Designs

Waking Times

Video – There is no question that the pace of solar power innovation has quickened, and we are now at a turning point when solar power is no longer limited to boring panels placed on rooftops but is being integrated into some unusual and inspiring designs.

Here’s a concept of a whole island specifically created to harvest solar power, generating more energy than it uses without hurting the environment.

Why cut trees for cooking food or warming homes, when we can instead “plant” energy-harvesting trees?

Here’s an example of an inspiring initiative in the Netherlands, where they’ve started rolling out bike lanes that supply the energy for traffic and street lights right out of the ground.

Here’s a concept for innovation in hospitality: a structure that’s part habitat, part yacht and part submarine. It generates its own energy without polluting the air or water environments.

Finally, who wouldn’t want this sleek and sporty two-seater car that runs solely on solar power?

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