Universal Consciousness and Unlimited Potential

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“Consciousness is a word worn smooth by a million tongues. Depending upon the figure of speech chosen it is a state of being, a substance, a process, a place, an epiphenomenon, an emergent aspect of matter, or the only true reality.” -George Miller

What is universal consciousness? Well, before we attempt to define it, we must acknowledge that any description of universal consciousness is merely a description of it, and is not actually it. As it is with defining a banana, we understand that the description is not an actual banana. The description is only a signpost pointing to the banana. Defining universal consciousness, like describing a banana, provides only an interpretation of how we perceive, feel, or know it through our personal experience. Similarly, an attempt to describe the science of banana or of universal consciousness, or the structural elements that give them both form and substance, still would not be banana or universal consciousness. Universal consciousness is the wisdom above and beyond the banana, the banana itself, and everything that is experienced in relation to the banana. Universal consciousness is also everything else that exists, has ever existed, and may ever exist.

Universal consciousness is the mechanism for everything and is—everything.

The essence of universal consciousness has been described as spirit, light, love, nature, torsion, and ether. It has also been described as us. In other words, we are universal consciousness. We don’t experience universal consciousness, rather, universal consciousness is, and it experiences itself through us.

Our individual perception of that which is universal consciousness can be a prism or a prison, depending upon our flexibility or resistance to flow.

So, what is universal consciousness, really? Perhaps it isn’t what we think it is. In fact, it may even exist apart from our thinking. Merriam-Webster defines consciousness as “the quality or state of being aware, especially of something within oneself. The state or fact of being conscious of an external object, state, or fact.” Therefore, that which is conscious has perspective when observing what it perceives.

  • However, the consciousness I am referring to, universal consciousness, is impersonal in nature and spans far beyond individual awareness, space-time, and beyond anything we may think we know definitively. I am referring to universal consciousness as the all. In its entirety, it is void of perspective and identity because it includes all vantage points as part of itself. Anything we say consciousness is will merely be a description or a signpost for what it actually is. Defining an individual’s perspective of consciousness does not define consciousness, either. It only describes a perspective of consciousness. In this article I am utilizing particular language and definitions for consciousness in an attempt to invite everyone to the same page. Nonetheless, this does not mean that everyone must have the same perspective about something with an inherent nature that is undifferentiated and limitless. Any and all definitions serve as a single point of reference called perspective, even if that perspective proclaims that there are infinite points of pointlessness to what is being defined.

    It is not important that we are all on the same page with respect to consciousness, or to any perspective offered here. Truth is ultimately a deeply personal experience, and this article is not about consensual truth. This article is about understanding your own truth for yourself regarding the nature of your own reality as a limitless being.

    If something within these writings provokes a charge or sparks your interest, then by all means, pay attention! That is a clue or signpost to your awareness, telling you that you may have accessed resistance, rigidity, potentiality, possibility, opportunity, or awesomeness.

    We want to continuously challenge our notions about reality, particularly those that are limiting in nature, so that we can consciously and interactively re-create the experience of ourselves as limitless beings.

    As defined in “M-Joy Practically Speaking: Matrix Energetics and Living Your Infinite Potential”, universal consciousness includes everything and excludes nothing. It is my experience that everything comes from universal consciousness.

    Whether we are esoteric, scientific, united, or divided about what universal consciousness actually is, our approach to defining it appears to make little difference to universal consciousness itself. That which is everything and is impersonal in nature does not seem to care what we call it or how we describe it. Consciousness itself does not come across as judgmental or discriminatory about beliefs, perspectives, opinions, or concepts—even if we sometimes are. As discussed in this article, universal consciousness includes everything. Everything is universal consciousness experiencing itself. Therefore, universal consciousness is. . . . We are . . . I am . . . and you are All That Is. Om Tat Sat.

    Consciousness Illuminates

    “Healing is to be in the light of our own consciousness. Healing is an inner light, which exists as a natural radiance around a person. This inner light is in itself a healing force beyond words. This inner light disperses darkness, like when you light a candle in a dark room and the darkness disappears by itself. This inner light exudes a subtle influence through its mere presence. The more the light in our own consciousness is lit, the more it creates a subtle effect in the world.” -Swami Dhyan Giten, Presence—Working from Within

    Many references throughout many spiritual traditions draw parallels between consciousness and light. Even our bodies appear to be composed of light. Physicists have noted that our bodies are made of biophotons, and biophotons are light. It has been scientifically proven that every cell in the body emits more than 100,000 light impulses, or photons, per second. These light emissions, found in all living things, are called biophotons and have been found to be the driving mechanism behind all biochemical reactions.1

    The Russian embryologist Alexander Gurwitsch did initial research establishing the role of light in living processes. In 1923, Gurwitsch established a strong hypothesis that every living cell emits light. In the 1970s, the work of German scientist Fritz Popp expanded further upon biophoton theory, providing ample experimental evidence. Fritz Popp discovered that DNA both emits and absorbs biophotons and that the health of living creatures could be determined by the subtle energy of the biophotons they emit.

    Light, Information, and Torsion in the Synchronized Universe

    According to MIT- and Princeton-educated physicist Dr. Claude Swanson in his Synchronized Universe model:

    “…the new sciences of biophotons and torsion fields provide a bridge between two views of life: the old twentieth century view of an organism as a chemical machine and the emerging view of life as communication and energetic flows.”2

    Dr. Swanson goes on to state:

    “Bio-photons (light) create the three-dimensional hologram, which controls growth and healing. It creates and interacts with torsion fields which extend beyond the body, and create the aura. . . . The ability of intention and visualization to alter DNA transcription, changing cell biology, is one of the modern breakthroughs which help us understand the close connection between consciousness and biophotons.”3

    Dr. Swanson further maintains that:

    “…with the creation of each biophoton, there is also a torsion wave. Torsion is a widespread and important form of radiation, which couples particle spins together, and propagates through space as a twisting wave in the metric. It results in a variety of new phenomena. These effects have been studied extensively for the past forty years, at multiple research centers in Russia. Their most important conclusion is that this torsion force is exactly the same as subtle energy.”4

    Simply stated, the body is made of light, also known as biophotons. Biophotons create a hologram informing the body to grow and heal. This hologram of light creates torsion fields (spin) and also transmits and receives information from resonant torsion fields (spin) around the body.

    Furthermore, extensive Russian research has shown that torsion fields, presumed to be everywhere in the fabric of the universe, are able to transmit and receive information. What is more, the communication between torsion fields is not limited by time and space.

    “In other words, torsion fields can transmit and receive information, including thoughts, instantly from anywhere to anywhere. Biophotons are considered the “intermediating link between local/linear and non-local/non-linear field effects.”5

    Light as a Source of Life

    Light as a source of life may be that which is the essence of universal consciousness. Remarkably, according to Terence McKenna, photons of light apparently have no antiparticles.6

    Does this imply that there is no dualism in the world of light? If there is no opposite to light, which is our essence, then darkness may not be darkness at all, but merely light distanced from itself. If we are made of light, and light has no opposite, then our fundamental essence of light might be all there is. Thus, our perceived experience of duality may not be a split or polarization of light and dark at all, but instead a degree of how far our awareness can distance itself from the light that we are.

    Consciousness Creates

    If universal consciousness were to have a desire or a purpose, then perhaps it would be to create. Universal consciousness appears to create as a way of becoming more aware of itself. In the same way that we each have personal perspective, universal consciousness appears to create to experience itself through various perspectives, expressions, reflections, and distinctions. It occurs to me that consciousness sees itself in all its creations and is not separate from them.

    If this is true, then all distinctions extend from, and are still connected to, universal consciousness, which includes all of us. The individual expressions that universal consciousness makes through us become our sole (soul) signature. It is what makes us unique. Individual (in-divide-u-all) and individuality (in-divine-duality) refer to our unique experience of ourselves, not as separate and apart from universal consciousness but as direct extensions of it.

    What Is Consciousness Potential?

    As referenced in this article, universal consciousness creates from unlimited potential. Consciousness potential is no-thing. It can be described as nothing because it has not yet expressed itself as something. Consciousness potential is universal consciousness before consciousness creates, actualizes, and/or experiences. Consciousness potential is void of distinctions or boundaries, and therefore, it also has no limitations. Undifferentiated consciousness potential is limitless, formless, weightless, timeless, spaceless, thoughtless, and totally free.

    Referring to the all as no-thing, as consciousness potential, actually facilitates access to it. All we need to do is become aware of consciousness potential. But how do we become aware of something that has nothing to be aware of? We begin by letting go of our sense of being separate. Awareness from an expanded perspective, that is inclusive of everything as consciousness, and no-thing as consciousness potential, allows for that potential to express itself more readily through us.

    Consciousness potential is also that which is unconditional love. Unconditional love is the cohesive force that unifies all, a thread that weaves through the fabric of the universe. It is not “I love you.” It is Love IS. Unconditional love is not love as we humans have become accustomed to it, with all its parameters, expectations, and limitations. Consciousness potential as unconditional love is impersonal in nature. It is love void of all conditions.

    Consciousness potential is love is as a preconditioned essence; it is love that exists regardless of human relations, emotions, perceptions, or forms.

    As a concept, love is often misunderstood, and therein lies the potential difficulty in accepting that unconditional love is everything and no-thing. Our limited concepts of love have been personified and deeply distorted into conditioned states. The love that creates all, heals all, and transforms all is actually deeply impersonal and without conditions.

    Certainly some expressions of love are carrier waves for transformation and healing, but those expressions are not what truly heal. Those expressions reconnect us to the stateless potential of condition-less love. They reflect back to us our natural essence as consciousness potential. It is not that human love heals, per se, but that love itself reflects back to us the wholeness that is inherently within each and every one of us.

    Expressions of unconditional love, no longer unconditioned by virtue of being conditioned into an expression, are powerful, coherent placeholders for our potential return to wholeness and connection with source as universal consciousness. Compassion, empathy, laughter, and friendship, expressed as supportive gestures, a kind word, or a gentle caress are just a few of many mirrored reflections that serve to nurture our consciousness potential back into flow, as well-being. Unconditional love as consciousness potential is what we are in our true essence. Therefore, an expression of love from another or from oneself is like receiving a homeopathic remedy for awareness. We remember, we resonate with, we receive, we allow, and we return to our natural state of wholeness, which is then inherently reflected as wellness.

    Wellness, or well-being, is a natural flow that is expressed through a body of information (in-form-in-action) that serves as a vehicle for universal consciousness. Thus, wellness is a conditioned expression of consciousness, of love, flowing through form from its original condition-less state. Ultimately, well-being is consciousness potential expressing itself as love and light through us.

    Although we may be experiencing conditions that seem far removed from our true essence of love expressed as light, we are much more than our conditions. We are much more than our problems. We are much more than anything we are choosing or not choosing to experience in any moment or over time. We are universal consciousness and unlimited potential. Though we may have moved our awareness away from noticing this as part of our experiences, we always have the inherent ability to return to this knowingness. With this recognition, we can recondition our experiences and limitlessly create new experiences. We can tap into our consciousness potential and open up to knowing and recognizing ourselves as more than what we have previously experienced.


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    Melissa has been teaching Matrix Energetics life transformational seminars around the globe since 2008. She is also the founder and instructor of the “M-Joy Of Being” (Women) seminar series, a unifying movement in consciousness dedicated to exploring and expanding heart-centered awareness and practical personal empowerment for women. Prior to finding a career she loves, she spent almost 15 years as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Melissa is author of the book “M-Joy Practically Speaking; Matrix Energetics and Living Your Infinite Potential” (March 2014). As a respected expert, Melissa teaches and is a sought-after speaker at learning facilities like The Omega Institute, Kripalu, and conferences such as The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), The New Life Festival, The Conscious Life Expo, The What The Bleep!? European Conference, The IAK Congress on “Leaps of Consciousness” and others. Melissa is a frequent guest speaker on global radio broadcasts. She is well known for her eloquent articulation, and personable accessibility on both nationally and internationally recognized social media platforms.

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