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If you “sense” that big changes are coming, you’re right. And consider this: You can physically prepare until you think you are nearly invincible, but you can lose it all in an instant. Social, political, or natural forces could disrupt or wipe out your preparations. Even the most powerful governments can’t withstand the forces of nature or what they call acts of God. We aren’t saying to ignore physical preparedness by any means, but, everything can be taken from you, or destroyed, EXCEPT your consciousness, what you have made of yourself within, and what might be called your Soul. So THAT should be our first priority when it comes to preparedness.

Consider this: We will all die someday anyway, disasters or not, and again, spiritual preparations will be all that matters then. Furthermore, we’re also not just talking about preparing yourself for some kind of possible “doomsday scenario” – we have our day to day lives to deal with right now. What kind of world do you want to live in now, in the future, or in the “afterlife”? If you want to live in a kind, caring, loving, creative world, then you must have made yourself into that kind of person in order to belong in it.

We aren’t talking about religion; we’re talking about true spirituality. Things like – what kind of person you are – what you think you are – what you are aware of – what your personal “reality” is.

  • True preparedness should cover all possibilities and improve our life even if nothing ever happens. Realizing the “real” you is not just a body, personality, or accumulation of memories and programming, is the first step. Becoming a true spiritual being (who just happens to be inhabiting a physical body right now), is the next step.

    Just follow the Golden Rule of unselfishly loving others, and become an unselfishly loving, fearless, harmless person – that is the purchase price of your ticket to a better world. It’s a “win/win” situation, regardless of what happens in the future, or when your “time is up”.

    If that all sounds like what you want in life, “The Golden Rule” can help you reach that goal, regardless of your faith, or religious philosophy or lack thereof. It’s a non-denominational guide of simple techniques for using “Pure love” to improve your life, and the world.

    Imagine a world where you and everyone else, “does as you would have done unto you”. Wow. But you can’t change others directly. You can only change yourself, and then “affect” others. So it starts with you. And you can only change yourself. But just by doing that, you’ll find that your whole life will change around you. You can have and be, a truly “good neighbour”, a good friend, and have great relationships with everyone who wants to join you in your quest.

    You have heard people say, “You must love yourself first, before you can love others”. Well, we have observed many selfish jerks doing that, who do nothing to help anyone but themselves, and they’re still miserable themselves. But if you love others first, you become a good person. If you help others, how can you not feel good about yourself also? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO LOVE YOURSELF ALSO when you love others first.

    Isn’t anything that “brings out” the best in us, like compassion and kindness, good? Whether it’s a philosophy, religion, a method, a mother or father, or whatever? If it works for you, and makes you a better person (rather than a self-righteous egotistical and selfish person), we think that’s great. For you, our dear readers, you still have a chance to pass the grade, before your body dies (and it will) if you focus on the real issues, because the time is really short. Stop your selfishness and narcissism and truly become kind, loving, caring, compassionate, helpful, selfless and harmless toward all the people around you, but above all, love God, the creator of all, (or whatever the name or concept you use for him) with all your humility and appreciation from the bottom of your heart and Soul, now that you know this.

    Forget all the useless rituals and traditions, they have long since lost the capability and acceptability to enlighten and uplift mankind. Just be kind and loving, and be genuine towards everybody. You see, if you haven’t made the grade, when you leave the body you are now using, then you will have a real and very unpleasant problem to deal with, when you do leave your body in the very near future. Humanity will, very soon, experience the “Fat Lady singing”.

    Now, at the present time, we are all being helped individually with insight, wisdom and knowledge from the Universal Consciousness and the knowledge is being distributed according to the quality and the level of the Consciousness of the individual. This is how some of this information came about.

    The teachings the perfect ones gives give us, is always about the future, and what we will have to do now to reach this perfection and Enlightenment in the future. New knowledge and enlightenment will never come to vicious people with petty vices—thieves, bandits, alcoholics, dopies, selfish people, greedy and power hungry people, people seeking fame and positions—and those who aren’t willing to change themselves for the better. They will all soon be leaving this planet for a long time to come. The insight and the information you have with whatever Universal Conscious awareness you have, will play the most important role to help you make the right decisions and preparations for the coming earth changes that are expected to slowly begin in the later part of 2014 to 2025. After some years, when it all calms down, a time of perfect unity and cooperation will begin on Earth. Hence, plan your life in this world as if you expect to live forever; but plan for the hereafter as if you expect to die tomorrow.

    Again, Universal Consciousness is attained when a person has a lasting experience in which they see through their illusion of separateness, and lose their separate self consciousness. Their consciousness then ‘merges’ with the Universe – thus they experience being One with the Universe. This is often the result of going through a conscious psychological ‘death experience’, brought on by meditation or other aspects of a spiritual path. The illusion of separateness dissolves in the awareness of Oneness. And with the dissolution of the illusion of separateness, the separate self ‘seems’ to die, and a ‘rebirth’ occurs. Separate self consciousness is transcended and transformed. The dominant consciousness becomes that of the Inner Self, the part of us that is the Universal Spirit – thus, we have ‘Universal Consciousness’. When experienced properly, a person is never the same, and never ‘sees things’ the same way again. From then on, all things are understood in the light of the ‘biggest picture’, in the light of being One with the Universal Spirit. Selfishness thus becomes a thing of the past. This is also called achieving ‘enlightenment’, and a few other names. The difference between having separate self consciousness, or having Universal Consciousness, is, like night and day. A person, who has attained Universal Consciousness, has transcended separate self consciousness, and thus sees infinitely more, understands infinitely more. Imagine being able to ‘see’ the outcome of many of your actions in advance – or whether or not you ‘see’ the outcome, being able to know if what you are doing is really going to ultimately help, or ultimately harm.

    What if you really had an awareness of being One with everything – even the Creator, even all other separate selves? How would you see things then? And how would you treat everyone and everything? If you absolutely KNOW that every person you are dealing with is you, just in a different form, how will you treat yourself (others)? Is there any point in stealing from yourself? Hurting yourself? Is there any point in being tyrannical with yourself. It would make no sense; there would be no point if you really believed that to be true. Aren’t kindness, harmlessness and compassion the ultimate currency? When the time comes for you to die you surely will think they are – count on it. (Read this again.)

    This we can promise you, that you will never fail as long as you keep on trying to become a kind and loving person. You only fail if you quit trying. Trying is counted as righteousness. You see, you are your own judge, jury and executioner. The Creator can neither denounce, sit in judgment, condemn, mete out punishment, be flattered by lip service (praising, adoration and worshipping is actually idolising) or award a special dispensations to His “Chosen” (like the Talmudic rabbis have indoctrinated their flock to think). The Creator relinquished all these privileges when He gave every soul freedom of action, of choice and of decisions. Now, He can only wait in patience and genuine compassion for the souls to decide how soon they will use their free will to return to Him, once they have conceded that He makes a better creator than they do. This of course leaves the intellect in the uncomfortable position of having nowhere to pass the buck; selfishness depends, for its self-preservation, on the illusion that it is more sinned against than sinning.

    So, we cannot be truly separate from the rest of the universe; we can only be a part of it all (apart). But we can think we are separate. We can believe we are separate. And then we can act like we are separate. Having separate self-consciousness doesn’t mean you are really separate, but that you have a total illusion of separateness from everyone and everything else in the universe. And when a person truly believes they are separate, they naturally focus on themselves, which naturally leads to selfishness.

    This is very important, so pay close attention. This is the big issue. The biggest problem of all problems. The only real problem. As silly and simple as it sounds, it is serious – simple selfishness is the root of all problems and evils that exist on Earth. This is one of the greatest, most important teachings to understand. Where there is such separate consciousness as humans have, everyone perceives everyone else in an us-and-them way, and a me-against-the-world fashion. When this occurs, which it naturally must with separateness, there will be attempts to get, or take, from others, and keep others from getting what you have. It is perfectly natural, and in its own warped way, logical. And where does this all leave us?

    Where there is separateness and selfishness there will be strife, discord, injustice, taking from others, and harm to other beings, creatures, the environment etc. So, when someone says something about the problems of the world being due to political parties, greed, money, power, war, lust, vanity, carelessness or whatever, what do you say? That they are only branches of selfishness.

    The root of all problems, all evil, all suffering, is selfishness. And why is there selfishness and thus all these evils? Because it is the natural outcome of separate self-consciousness, of thinking you are separate from the Universe, and therefore all things in existence. And so what is the only cure for evil, suffering and all problems? We have to lose the separate consciousness and selfishness by regaining Consciousness of our oneness with everything. The Universal Consciousness. And how can one regain Universal Consciousness? Through unselfish love, self-sacrifice, caring, giving, seeing the illusions of self-consciousness that we carry with us in our mind and breaking them. Don’t let the teachings that promote oneness be misunderstood as promoting a one-world religion or government where oneness and peace are enforced by human rule or dogma. Nothing could be further from what we mean to convey.

    A person with separate self-consciousness is inwardly focused, and is like an energy vacuum, a black hole, like Cancer, always trying to get energy. But someone with Universal Consciousness is outwardly focused, and is like an energy beacon, a sun, always giving energy and compassion.

    How can a football game be very interesting when competition is senseless to you because you know we are all one, you know we are Spirit; and worse, you know the game are actually reinforcing separateness and hostility? All you see from your Universal viewpoint is a bunch of “we” who don’t understand who we are, attacking themselves so some “we” can win and feel superior, and some “we” can lose and feel terrible. When you have Universal Consciousness, you take everything much more seriously, and not seriously at all.

    Universal Consciousness is not something to be acquired; we have it already, but most are unaware of it. Most also don’t know how to attune their physical consciousness/intellect to the Universal Consciousness they have within themselves. Compassion, kindness and love are some of the more visible attributes of Universal Consciousness manifested in individuals. How to regain your Universal Consciousness is what we attempt to make clear and understandable to those of you who seek.

    Locked within good spiritual knowledge is the potential for real spiritual change, but just ‘knowing’ is merely being a human library. Even the greatest information is meaningless, unless it has gone from knowledge to positive realization – to being acted upon inside you, and outside you, in a way that makes for a real and beneficial change in your life and the lives of others. Many people place too much importance on spiritual knowledge itself, and don’t concentrate first on the basics of simple goodness, such as the virtues of Unselfish Love. Knowledge is meaningless without this. Do you think that people would be the way they are, say the things they say, think what they think, and do what they do, if the truth was known and real to them? Of course not. The greatest service we can do for the universal spirit is to serve others. The greatest services to others is awakening them to the universal consciousness that lies within them, and helping them free themselves from their selfishness and their separate self. All those who do not work for the light (toward Universal Consciousness) are, to varying degrees, pawns of darkness.

    You can meditate, you can pray, you can worship, you can do yoga, and you can go to church or the gym and look at the flesh in the mirror all day long. You can snort coke or smoke weeds or whatever. It is all a waste of time, unless you are a kind, loving, caring and a harmless person to everybody.

    Well, what we are trying to say is, do what is relevant and do it now before the plunge, because afterwards it will be too late. Don’t waste your time with interesting trivialities and entertainment. Do what must be done as if you were going to die in half an hour’s time? This is reality, trust me. All human nature has one thing in common; they only operate at full potential when their concerns are directed away from self-preoccupation and towards the assistance of their less fortunate brothers

    There are many animals which are in human form, but not all animals are beasts, nor are all beasts animals. In short, just about everybody has been looking down the wrong end of the telescope.

    I bid you adieu.
    I am
    Rene’ Descartes (I am conscious, therefore I am)

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    Rene’ Descartes is a frustrated desert veggie farmer in South Africa who ponders and wonders much about truth. Having sailed around the world on a small yacht over a 4 year period, Rene’ is now interested in healing the terminally ill and in being of assistance to the all the souls entering earth right now. Email Rene’ at Shamballa@wispernet.co.za.

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