UK Insurance Company Proposes Gender-Split Traffic Lanes for Social Justice

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer
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In the name of equality, justice and safe spaces, a car insurance firm in the United Kingdom is advocating for the creation and designation of gender split roadways to give women their own lanes and separate infrastructure in order to avoid the perils of sharing the road with men.

Shiela’s Wheels, a car and personal theft insurance company which bills itself as having a ‘different spin on car insurance,’ has assembled a fact sheet concerning the statistical differences between men and women in regards to highway safety, accidents and injury reports.

Their conclusion, in short, is that women are at a greater risk of accident and injury while traveling on roads occupied by men, and that in order to correct this societal imbalance, separate, pink roadways and lanes should to be funded and created by government to segregate men and women drivers in some of the more dangerous thoroughfares in the UK.

“To counteract these issues, the PinkZones design concept proposes two new types of roads.” ~Shiela’s Wheels, Pink Zones

  • The idea is marketed as ‘PinkZones,’ or safe spaces for females on UK’s roadways. Have a look at their pubic statement on the issue:

    “Sheilas’ Wheels unveils PinkZones – gender split roads. A proposal to create safe, new, women-only lanes on Britain’s most dangerous roads.

    Female focused car insurer Sheilas’ Wheels has recognised the need to make UK roads safer for women drivers and have identified PinkZones, a concept that would see separate lanes for female drivers on UK roads, as a potential vision of the future.

    The proposal came as the result of a number of reports showing how women are vulnerable on UK roads. Figures from Department for Transport (DfT)1 released in 2012 show men were involved in 114,190 traffic accidents compared to just 70,470 for women, but 53% of women involved in a traffic accident are badly injured, compared to just 38% of men.

    DfT statistics2 also show a total of 1,713 road deaths occurred in Britain in 2013. Motorways, where PinkZones could be rolled out at relatively low cost, show deaths for both sexes rose to 100, up from 88 in 2012, marking the first increase in nearly a decade.

    The latest government statistics for 2013 show men are four times more likely to be convicted of a motoring offence on British roads than women3.

    To counteract these issues, the PinkZones design concept proposes two new types of roads. The first recommends demarcating lanes for women drivers on the existing road network, while the second puts forward the creation of women-only flyovers above some of Britain’s busiest roads. The accompanying images show these in greater detail.” ~Shiela’s Wheels, Pink Zones

    “Separate lanes for women on roads would not only increase safety, but also would remove them from a potentially dangerous environment. PinkZones would be designed specifically for female drivers to enhance quality of life.

    Speaking on the concept, Andy Sommer, spokesperson for Sheilas’ Wheels said: “As the UK’s leading car insurer for women, Sheilas’ Wheels is serious about creating a safer road network for female drivers and we believe a discussion about how best to achieve this is long overdue.” ~Shiela’s Wheels, Pink Zones

    The Social Justice Movement

    The desire to segregate transportation routes for the safety of women appears to be part of a larger, global ‘social justice’ movement, where issues of gender are being elevated in importance over other social issues, such as permanent warfare and high military spending, the creation of a global surveillance state and domestic police states, nuclear weapons proliferation, a push toward a cashless society, environmental destruction, and so much more. All issues that equally affect women and men.

    Yet, we now live in an era where people want bathrooms open to all genders and roads to be segregated by gender, a staggering cultural flip-flop.

    The Social Justice Warrior (SJW) movement appears to desire the end of perceived victimhood at the expense of others’ basic rights, of free speech and of common sense. Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson has been outspoken in his criticism and defiance of Canadian laws aimed at requiring people to speak a new, confusing language of gender equality which overrides the basic scientific reality that human beings are born either anatomically male or anatomically female.

    For one of the best and most thorough discussions of this matter, consider an interview of Jordan Peterson by personality Joe Rogan in the following episode of The Joe Rogan Experience:

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    Final Thoughts

    Of course the conversation on gender-split roads gets a bit more complicated when you add to the mix issues of transgender and non-binary gender identity.

    What do you think? Should public roadways be split into separate infrastructure for men and women in order to protect females from the statistical differences in car accidents? Is this a genuine injustice that requires the intervention of government?

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