Turmeric a ‘Superfood Secret’ for Healthy Fat Loss

Anthony Gucciardi
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A super spice known for its numerous anti-cancer properties and an impressive ability to positively influence over 586 diseases according to peer-reviewed research from leading universities, turmeric may also be one of the most powerful substances when it comes to healthy fat loss. Over 1,543 scientific journal entries are now centered around turmeric’s beneficial properties, but a bounty of new research is now hitting the limelight that demonstrates how this powerful spice can actually serve to combat unwanted fat by conquering insulin resistance and blood glucose levels alike.

The fat-vanquishing nature of turmeric and curcumin (a compound within turmeric that is believed to be responsible for many of its benefits) has even generated significant interest within the mainstream medical establishment. Looking to capitalize on the fact that turmeric is increasingly being known as a whole body solution to a number of issues, researchers are now seeking harder than ever to essentially ‘pharma-tize’ turmeric into a pharmaceutical-type drug in which major drug titans can patent as sell off at a premium price to suffering patients.

Peer-Reviewed Research Highlights the Role of Turmeric in Healthy Fat Loss

Thankfully, you don’t need to purchase expensive patented pharmaceutical drugs to enjoy the benefits of turmeric spice. Research is continually finding that both inexpensive high quality liquid extracts of turmeric as well as the actual food product itself are both readily available and powerful obesity fighters. In one such study from the Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Medicine, it was found that turmeric can even ‘counter’ the negative effects of a ‘junk food’ diet.

  • Amazingly, the study found that curcumin (once again, a compound within turmeric found in extracts and the food itself) consumption directly decreased levels of insulin resistance and leptin resistance — two factors heavily linked to fat gain. In the conclusion of the research, study authors state:

    “By diminishing the sediment of fat, relaxing the lymphatic return, and refraining the apoptosis of beta cells, the curcumin might significantly decrease the level of insulin resistance and leptin resistance caused by the high fat diet.”

    More than 13 other peer-reviewed studies have also reached similar conclusions, finding that turmeric intake is directly associated with increased healthy fat loss and decreased insulin issues. What’s more, the spice does not come with the harsh side effects that come along with the use of historically-dangerous diet drugs. Instead of resorting to such drugs, try adding turmeric into your daily lifestyle. To make it even easier, here are many turmeric uses and some great recipes I’ve outlined in a previous post.

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    This article originally appeared at NaturalSociety.com, an excellent source for alternative health truth news.  

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