Trump’s Backflips are Great News for the Truth and Freedom Network

Phillip J. Watt, Contributor
Waking Times

Trump might have lost a huge chunk of his support base, yet his backflips are good for America and the world because it’s another opportunity to create greater unity within the Truth and Freedom Network (TFN).

Regardless of what you think of him and his agenda, Trump was an amazing opportunity for the power pyramid to further divide and conquer the populace, as well as the independent media. And regardless if they designed it that way from the beginning or they just capitalized on the moment, it worked brilliantly. So it doesn’t matter if Trump genuinely wanted to “drain the swamp” or not, he has essentially reversed his position on most of his campaign promises, finally giving the TFN some breathing room to regroup and once again find some common focus.

By now, Hillary should have been charged and the Clinton Foundation shut down for a full, independent investigation. Trump should be surrounded by intelligent and honorable men and women to support the transition to a world where the military-economic-politico-media-industrial complex has been disassembled, so decentralized community decision-making can reign supreme. But no, he has willfully chosen banking and oligarchical interests to stand by his side, further opening the governmental apparatus to the whims of the sick individuals who create so much suffering in the world because they are hopelessly addicted to their global power plans.

  • It’s a disgrace, and every Trump supporter should have acknowledged it by now.

    Nevertheless, it still might be the case that Trump is using high level strategy to achieve his originally stated goals. We just cannot rule it out, as unlikely as it appears. Yet given his backflips, his killing of innocent civilians, his choice of staff, and his failure to do anything of real worth, that is what he deserves to be judged on, not some unrealistic fantasy.

    If it turns out to be true, then great, but for the time being we have to work with the reality that is in front of us.

    As a side note, given Speaker Ryan recently presented positive comments on the TTIP, it would be no surprise if Trump reneges on his stance against this too. More to come, no doubt.

    Anyway, with such a crazy world in so many beautiful ways, it’s no surprise that we’re so lost, confused and fragmented in both our individual and collective focus. Yet regardless if we’re active in geopolitical and systemic analysis or not, there’s one thing that we’re all really fighting against.

    It’s called oppression.

    Even though we are born into a world where we are ruled on so many levels, deep down none of us want to be. Not by social norms. Not by a debt-based monetary system. Not by our parents, our family and friends, or by our partner. The same goes for all authority.

    But that’s the world we live in. We’re always being shaped by something that takes us further away from being a sovereign and authentic self. We’re all innocent until we figure out that most people are always competing against each other, then its game on. It’s a dog eat dog world, we’re taught, so we do what we need to not just survive, but hopefully thrive too.

    Sometimes its subtle, sometimes it’s more in your face, but this quest for freedom that we’ve all experienced from an early age is always present, regardless if we’ve never really become that conscious of it. But once we see through the illusion of a classical, mechanical separation with each other, we finally understand that fighting each other is fighting the wrong fight.

    That’s why I always admire the genuine people who just cruise through life with a caring nature.

    Ironically, our primary oppressor is our self. We allow others to influence us, to think for us, to oppress us. The reality is that we have the potential to completely disengage from it, if we so choose. It might take some time to achieve, but it is possible.

    Yet once we step into our sovereignty it’s hard to ignore the woes of the world and not participate in our collective evolution. We accept that we’re interdependent sovereign beings, and therefore we are fighting for freedom together. It’s no longer an internal conflict, nor is it a conflict with our fellow-man. In fact, it doesn’t need to be a conflict at all. It can be conceived as a team effort to create a reality that honors love, justice, unity, truth and sovereignty, among many other core values and principles.

    Yet, that’s not the norm. Most people are locked into self-abusive and abusive power struggles with their family, their friends, and their self. It’s a huge waste of not just their time and energy, but their focus too. The reality is that there’s no point having such a bad time with each other when there are much bigger issues needed to be addressed. Actually, there’s no point having a bad time with each other, at all.

    Instead, we should be genuinely asking ourselves if we live in a world that is characterized by the above values. When we realize the answer is no, even though there are many beautiful people who live just like that, it is now part of our role to help create it not just outside of us, but within too. So as much as the system and the people who have turned it so toxic need to be called out, there’s also a prerogative to not just create the new world in our own spheres of influence, but genuinely embody it as well.

    So as we move forward, let’s not amplify the division between us, let’s work together. Yes those crazy kids who think they’re ‘gods that deserve to rule the world’ need a good spiritual spanking, but the fact remains that we’d make more headway by cooperatively focusing on the primary issues in the system that need to be addressed.

    That obviously includes the hijacking of the money, media, medicine and management institutions.

    So hopefully the TFN will intelligently get on the same page for what is in dire need of change, so we can start unpacking the potential solutions, as well as implement them. Make no mistake either; it is not Trump or any other one person who will bring it to reality, it has and always will be the responsibility of us, the people. So if you want to be ahead of the game and be an integral part of the shift, just like so many already are, get busy building the new paradigm in yourself, and your local community.

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