Monsanto Trojan Horse Bill Threatens GMO Labeling For Good

GMO LabelPhillip Schneider, Staff
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Monsanto puppets in the US Senate are attempting to pass a bill that would not only allow GMO’s to remain unlabeled, but undermine honest labeling of genetically engineered products for good.

Although the bill is being touted as America’s “First Mandatory, Nationwide Label for GMO Foods” by lawmakers who are in the pocket of the biotech industry (the proprietor of the bill took $8,000 from Monsanto prior to getting elected), the bill would actually do the opposite, potentially, undermining the state’s democratic right to implement GMO labeling until it is repealed.

“It’s worse than we imagined, the darkest DARK Act of them all.” – Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association

Over the past few years, awareness of the dangers of GMO’s has grown considerably, multiple states have attempted to implement their own GMO labeling bills, and the world’s largest biotech giant, Monsanto, has been forced to cut back thousands of jobs. Consumers are rejecting the idea of being poisoned with GMO Frankenfoods, which are almost exclusively researched using only short-term methodology by biotech funded scientists. Meanwhile, truly long-term analysis by independent scientists has proven GMO’s to be disastrous to our health.

  • After failing miserably to pass another version of this bill, when a tidal wave of opposition from consumers brought it crashing down, they came up with yet another bill that would bring honest labeling to a halt. However, this time instead of the Orwellian title of the “SAFE Act (Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015)”, dubbed the “DARK ACT (Deny Americans the Right to Know Act) by the clean food movement, they’ve simply named it The Roberts-Stabenow Bill as they attempt to inconspicuously slide it into the House and Senate only to eventually land it on Obama’s desk who’s past history shows that he is not above signing pro-GMO and pro-Monsanto bills.

    “As long as these politicians are in office, GMO’s will NOT be labeled at a national level, because these politicians will not allow legislation to pass that might harm the bottom line of their puppet master, Monsanto.”

    Instead of having a truly honest, easy to read, on-package label for GMO ingredients, the new bill would make it unlikely that most people would ever know that they are consuming GE ingredients by using QR codes instead of actual labels.

    A QR code is like a square version of a bar codes that you have to scan with a smartphone or special scanner to retrieve the information. Admitted by Stabenow herself, this is an attempt to make GMO’s seem less dangerous, as Congress has stated their belief before that Americans are simply too stupid to know what they’re eating. The QR strategy is a huge problem for a variety of reasons, not least the fact that it would forever obligate the use of a smartphone or some sort of capable scanning device like the incredibly invasive Google Glasses to ever know if what you’re eating is non-GMO unless you buy organic. Some people, such as the elderly or mentally challenged, would never know what they are eating because many of them can’t even operate a smart phone, let alone understand how to properly scan QR codes.

    Because of Vermont’s recent decision requiring mandatory labeling of all GMO’s within the state, the heat has been on the biotech industry to clean up their practices. However, from the standpoint of a major corporation, it makes sense to want a uniform labeling system because you can mass produce products without changing the labels for certain states that have different labeling laws. For example, although in favor of nationwide GMO labeling, Campbell’s has actually come out against state labeling for this reason. General Mills has also announced that it will begin labeling GMO ingredients in it’s products because of the labeling standards Vermont has implemented. They do however, still campaign against honest labeling through the GMA and are surely hoping this new bill passes.

    “The General Mills corporate culture is steeped in systematic deception and ongoing efforts to deny its own customers access to accurate information about the origins of its food ingredients.” – Mike Adams, Founder of Natural News

    Since biotech could not pass their original DARK Act in time, Vermont will still begin mandatory labeling on July 1st. However, when Congress returns from its fourth of July holiday, Monsanto and their political minions will stop at nothing to pass this anti-state’s rights, anti-consumer federal law to overturn Vermont’s state law and prevent other states from implementing their own labeling bills. If you feel inclined, you can call Senator Stabenow and say NO to this fake GMO labeling bill.

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