Treatment of Neuroendocrine Tumors in Germany

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The problem of treating neuroendocrine tumors still requires the close attention of healthcare professionals. Due to the advances in medical technology, the number of detected tumors increases every year. Neuroendocrine tumors require careful diagnostics and modern treatment.

One of the few countries where you can get modern and innovative treatment is Germany. The country has become a leader in the treatment of oncology. Treatment of neuroendocrine tumors in Germany is in demand among patients from all over the world.

Reasons to choose German hospitals

Germany has always been known for the high quality of medicine. The reason is that the German authorities spend a lot of money on the improvement of the healthcare system. Thanks to this, the latest technology in medicine and the most skilled healthcare professionals are located here.

A huge number of highly qualified doctors from all over the world are concentrated in Germany, and every year their number is increasing. Moreover, all doctors regularly undergo advanced training courses, participate in international conferences and clinical trials.

Notwithstanding to the high level of medical care, the prices for treatment in Germany can pleasantly surprise you. It is worth noting that treatment in German clinics is more cost-effective than in other European countries.

Innovate treatment approaches

In state-of-the-art hospitals of Germany patients with neuroendocrine tumors can find everything they need – the best diagnostic equipment, up-to-date wards, highly qualified medical personnel, and stunning views of nature. All these advantages will allow you not just to be treated, but also to enjoy your time in modern hospitals.

The most innovative and effective therapeutic methods are used here to effectively cope with neuroendocrine tumors. Every year the arsenal of treatment methods expands. Today such methods are available as peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT), robotic surgeries, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

Latest treatment options

The medical technology in German medical centers allow not only to increase the effectiveness of treatment, but also to make it safer for patients. Patients with advanced cancer who have been treated with modern therapies have a higher survival rate than patients treated with standard methods. In recent years, modern therapy was performed on many patients.

In addition, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and medications, patients recover after treatment without complications. Most patients notice an improvement in their well-being in the first few days after therapy.

Depending on the type of the tumor and stage of cancer, patients undergo surgery or systemic treatments. The latter includes peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT), treatment with somatostatin analogs, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy.

How to undergo treatment during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

The lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has left thousands of patients without access to treatment abroad. There is no need to be upset, because the medical tourism operator Booking Health can help you. With its help you can undergo treatment in the best countries even during the lockdown.

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Carefree treatment abroad

You don’t need to choose a hospital abroad, look for the right doctor, buy tickets, take care of accommodation and other organizational issues by yourself. The medical tourism operator Booking Health will do it all for you. In addition, you can undergo treatment in any country you wish.

It is worth noting that with Booking Health the costs for treatment of neuroendocrine tumors in Germany will be significantly lower than if you organize the treatment by yourself. You will also be provided with numerous advantages such as starting your treatment quickly, without being on the long waiting list.

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