TPP, TTIP and UN 2030 – Blueprint for a One World Corporate Government

Power to the PeoplePhillip J. Watt, Contributor
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There have been some wild ideas floating about, which for some people have reinforced the lunacy of conspiracies, yet the labeling of genuine truthseekers as ‘conspiracy theorists’ just doesn’t hold the same power as it did even ten years ago.

This is because these ‘crazy’ theorists have actually had many of their beliefs proven correct, which has resulted in an increase of people engaging in alternative avenues for answers. The mainstream narratives are now being questioned to some degree by even those highly indoctrinated into the system, so slowly it’s becoming the new norm to question the ‘official’ story of anything.

This is a great sign for humanity’s future.

So when the most recent secret trade agreements came to light via Wikileaks, right from the get-go the awakening community was suspicious. After all, a previous trade agreement called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was an epic failure for the people and an epic success for the corporate cabal.

  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is simply an extension of NAFTA. It is “an attempt to forge a supranational government for the nations of the Pacific Rim modeled after the European Union”. Therefore, the TPP, along with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trades in Services Agreement (TiSA), must be understood as precursors to a global governance.

    Even at best, these agreements aren’t about ‘free trade’ anyway. They’re really designed to manage trade which ensures the monopolization of power for certain multinational corporations. They are also configured by shadow players to transfer power from governments to corporations, which will lead to deeply concentrated control over the resources on our planet.

    Who own these particular corporations? The deep elite of course.

    Even though these agreements aren’t so secret anymore, their ulterior motives remain secret to the public. The reality is, the primary end game for the cabal – otherwise known as the deep state, globalists, banksters, Zionists, elite and array of other terms  – is to solidify their immortality through the creation of a one world government.

    As I noted in a previous article, the cabal are being challenged by a growing group of anti-NWO power brokers. This Western-Eastern Development (WED) is becoming active in front of our eyes, so look for seismic geopolitical maneuvers by both sides in the near future.

    That’s why the fast-tracking of these so-called trade agreements is so important to them. If legal mechanisms are in place through these agreements, then a new order for organizing society would naturally ensue, especially if there was some global catastrophe that required a mechanism to unite the world under one banner. One such example is the fragility of the global economy, however an orchestrated disaster, such as WWIII or a triggered global economic meltdown, might even be on their tyrannical agenda.

    In any case, the TPP and other trade agreements are not progressive for our uniting global culture; in fact, they’re the opposite. What would be progressive are agreements which:

    • Disassemble the media-matrix and ensure that holistic and fair information is disseminated to the masses;
    • Remove the private central banking system and the Wall street gambling casino and transfer the creation of money back to the people, for the people;
    • Introduce an innovative economic model in the short term to overcome poverty and other socioeconomic inequality, as well as create enough jobs for every person that wants one;
    • Fund all the social support services that are required to reintegrate communities and holistically treat all mental, physical and spiritual health issues;
    • Deconstruct the pharmaceutical giants, remove unsafe medicines, reintroduce known natural medicines and design a safe and sophisticated legal and social framework for managing illicit substances;
    • Hold multinational organizations accountable for their environmental and social impacts and make them contribute their fair share back to the community;
    • Transition the energy sector to renewable sources, including zero point energy;
    • Protect our natural systems from unnecessary chemicals, as well as insure food quality and safety, by transforming the monoculture of industrial agriculture into the polyculture of permaculture;
    • Ensure all human activity is sustainable and leaves zero footprint on our natural systems;
    • Localize all food and energy production and make the animal industry follow strict ethical and compassionate guidelines;
    • Provide policy incentives for small businesses so that they primarily service and fuel their local community;
    • Remove private money and its influence from politics;
    • Revolutionize the education model so that the next generations are brought up with the life skills and other knowledge they need to thrive;
    • Highlight values, cooperation and true self-worth in the community; and
    • Aim for long-term solutions in the way that we design our social system for the benefit of everybody, well into humanity’s future.

    TPP Protest 1

    This is more or less what the awakening community wants for their future, as well as for our future generations. To be genuinely progressive, we need to take what’s good from what we’ve learned over the course of the scientific, industrial, technological and digital revolutions, as well as reincorporate some of the ancient wisdom that permeated tribal traditions.

    But no one in political power seems to be listening. If we hope for a truly progressive society it feels like we’re living in some fantasy land when it comes to the way the world is currently heading. Yet, this isn’t the only side of the story.

    Even though most of the masses are agreeable with the matrix-media’s positive spin on so-called ‘free-trade agreements’, the Europeans aren’t as sedated. Last week, in one of their biggest protests in many years, hundreds of thousands of protesters marched in Berlin against the TTIP because they know that signing away more power to elite structures and “multinational companies at the expense of consumers and workers” is simply a bad idea. We need a new economy for the people, not the solidification of resources and wealth.

    These protests are revitalizing a fresh energy in calls for a transparent investigation and democratic decision-making regarding any agreement that has the capacity to define our species for generations to come. This also should include ‘The 2030 Agenda‘, recently released by the United Nations, which we all should know by now is a body that was created by the global elite themselves.

    This agenda has global governance written all over it, even if it is disguised by some set of necessary societal development goals, that we truly do need to achieve. They are very respectable positive steps for humanity, however the path we take is just as important.

    Ultimately, we are becoming more aware as a collective, even if its hard to notice sometimes. The shifts in vibration, energy and our collective consciousness are working in our favor. At the end of the day though the decision is, and always has been, up to the people.

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