Toxins in Vaccines: Should You Be Concerned?

toxins in vaccines

Sofia Adamson, Staff
Waking Times

Vaccinations are one of the most controversial topics of the decade. It has left the world divided.

On one side, advocates claim vaccines are a necessity to stop the spread of preventable disease.

On the other side, people are more skeptical. They question the safety of vaccinations and have a deep concern for their potential toxicity.

  • What makes this controversy so challenging is that both sides are right. Vaccines can effectively prevent unnecessary disease and death. The problem is, vaccine manufacturers are not held accountable for what they put in their vaccines. They are also not required to individually test vaccine ingredients for safety.

    As a result, vaccines often contain several ingredients that can cause considerable damage to your health.

    Exposing the Toxins

    In a perfect world, vaccinations would fight disease and contain safe ingredients. Sadly this is not reality.

    Research has found that many vaccines contain a toxic cocktail of ingredients.

    The most widely discussed controversial ingredient is a preservative called thimerosal—a mercury-based compound used in vaccines since the 1930s.

    For some time, the media had the public convinced that thimerosal was completely safe.

    But when independent researchers evaluated it, they discovered that thimerosal is significantly more toxic than mercury on its own. There’s also evidence that babies who are exposed to thimerosal are at risk for accumulating dangerous levels of mercury in their bodies.

    Due to the large public backlash against thimerosal, it is now only used in a select few vaccines. But thimerosal is not the only toxic compound used in vaccines.

    Vaccine Toxins Beyond Thimerosal

    Vaccines also contain several other toxic compounds that get considerably less attention than they deserve.

    • Glyphosate: Independent labs and researchers have discovered that vaccines often contain glyphosate, which is a popular herbicide found in food. Not only does glyphosate contain toxic heavy metals, but it also is shown to cause liver damage, reproductive harm, gut microbiome disruption, kidney damage, and even cancer.
    • Aluminum Adjuvants: Vaccines contain several forms of aluminum—a metal that is well-known for its neurotoxic effects. There’s also evidence that suggests aluminum exposure can trigger autoimmune disease. Since aluminum adjuvants are considered “part of the entire vaccine” the FDA does not test these aluminum-based compounds for safety.
    • Food Coloring: For some reason, manufacturers thought it would be a good idea to needlessly add food coloring to vaccines. The adenovirus vaccine, for example, contains FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye. Not only does this dye contain aluminum, but it also is contaminated with cancer-causing compounds.
    • Antibiotics: Vaccines also contain several different forms of antibiotics in trace amounts. Antibiotics disrupt the gut microbiome, which can result in a weakened immune system. Combined with heavy metal exposure from the other additives, this can also make you more susceptible to resistant bacteria like MRSA.

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    To make matters worse, studies have also found that vaccines have varying amounts of heavy metals like nickel, cadmium, and lead.

    Protecting Yourself from These Toxins

    While many vaccines contain questionable and toxic ingredients that can expose your body to an accumulation of heavy metals, it doesn’t mean you should avoid vaccinating yourself and your children. Instead focus on ways to protect yourself from these harmful preservatives and toxins.

    When receiving vaccinations, the most effective way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the metals found in vaccines is to detoxify them from your body using a natural mineral called zeolite. Unlike other detox compounds, zeolite travels deep into your cells where toxic metals tend to accumulate. It then binds to the metals and transports them out of your body where they can no longer cause you harm.

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    List of Popular Vaccines and Their Ingredients:

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