Top Military Industrial Contractor Building a ‘Space Fence’ to Surveil Planet Earth

Space FenceChristina Sarich, Staff
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As above, so below. It seems we have littered the space surrounding our planet with teeming, man-made debris which Lockheed Martin now calls it an “imminent threat” that must be protected with their latest technology – a radar system that will track ‘junk’ traveling at about 9 times the speed of a bullet, and residing in a search area that’s 220,000 times the volume of Earth’s oceans.

Sounds harmless enough, right? Perhaps even helpful? Or perhaps there are other concerns beyond just the military’s lost satellites.

  • William D. Hartung states in Prophets of War, that President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his famous warning about the dangers of the military-industrial complex, he never would have imagined that a single company would eventually wield the type of power that Lockheed Martin does. As primarily a weapons maker, Lockheed Martin receives over $29 billion a year in Pentagon contracts, or roughly one out of every ten dollars the Department of Defense doles out to private contractors – in other words, a huge chunk of your hard-earned cash that you forfeit every year in taxes.

    So why a complete re-haul of a space fence that was completely shut down several years ago?

    There was a space-fence in operation which was monitored by the US Air Force, but it could only track around 20,000 piece of space junk at a time. The ‘new’ system will have ten times that power, tracking space debris from 2 or 3 geographically dispersed locations on earth. The new radar system will operate in the S-band, part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The current tracking system being replaced is also known as a “fence” because several transmitters and receivers create a narrow, continent-wide planar energy field in space.

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    The new system is not an upgrade of the old system, but an entirely new, and costly way to conduct surveillance of the skies, but more importantly, we can assume that any great expenditure by Lockheed Martin is meant to oil the machines of war – so while they may be looking to track orbital debris, or even rockets they, themselves, send up, what other purpose is the space fence meant for? A simple show of earthly power? The ability to track an otherworldly presence? Or to better surveil the planet?

    While space-junk is a valid concern, the biggest military contractor on earth doesn’t spend billions to clean up their war and tech toys – history has shown that. Abandoned weaponry and technological gadgets are the status quo – with behemoth tanks being covered with duct tape and massive battleships mothballed for some inconceivable future use.

    On earth, continental military are constantly trying to out-do each other with technological advances, some even said to be gained from non-terrestrial beings. Lockheed may be surveying the skies in the same manner in which the NSA spies on us down here on this blue and green marble, but the reasons, assuredly, are not disclosed to the public in the contractors’ Hollywood-voice over videos explaining the latest multi-billion-dollar expenditure.

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