Tiny House Built Out of Mushrooms? There’s More To It Than You’d Expect

Waking Times

Video – Many people are choosing to build and live in tiny houses to make a statement against consumerism, to reducing clutter and debt, and sometimes even to allow for greater mobility. But did you know that you can construct a tiny house using mushrooms?

The Mushroom Tiny House is not really what you might initially envision – it doesn’t necessarily looks like a mushroom and it doesn’t have siding made out of mushroom caps. Instead, these types of houses use Mushroom® Insulation made out of live mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a network of fine white filament. After the mycelium is packed in the hallow cavities of walls made from tongue and groove pine boards, it grows and solidifies forming air-sealed insulation, while also adhering to the pine boards creating an extremely strong sandwich. Over the course of about a month, the Mushroom Insulation naturally dries and becomes dormant.

The production of conventional insulation uses oil and chemicals and can pollute our environment. Although Mushroom Insulation is not yet commercially available, its development is a step towards creating a renewable and natural product that addresses some of the negative environmental impact of making the supplies we use in home construction. Check out below just how Mushroom Insulation is made.

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