How Time and Space Clues Point To Who We Are and Where We Are Going

Brad Olsen, In5D Guest
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Is it possible that some races have traveled back from the future in order to change the outcome of their physical evolution? If so, can we follow the clues to find out how our future will unfold and how would the present affect the outcome?

Give up worrying about the past. Give up dreaming of the future. The past no longer exists. The future has not been born. But deeply observe the present moment, just as it is, and you shall attain the peace and unity of the ancient masters.” –BuddhaBheda Karata Sutta

The concept of spacetime in cosmology is a construct which combines space and time to a single abstract universe. Mathematically it is a manifold consisting of “events” which are described by some type of coordinate system. Typically, the three spatial dimensions of length, width, height, and the temporal dimension of time are required. Time is simply an arbitrary measurement of the motion of objects through space. For us on Earth, time is based on the 365.25 days it takes for the planet to make a complete orbit around the Sun, and the 24 hours it takes the planet to complete a rotation is called a day. Besides the day of 24 hours, or 86,400 seconds, the word “day” can be used for several different spans of time based on the rotation of the Earth around its axis.

  • Yet space is non-linear. Space is determined by the point of view of an observer when looking at an object. The distance between the observer and the object being viewed is called “space.” Dimensions are independent components of a coordinate grid needed to locate a point in a certain defined space. Objects in space, or even masses of energy, do not necessarily move in a linear fashion. In this universe, objects tend to move randomly or in a curving or cyclical pattern, or as determined by the agreed upon rules in physics. Now physicists have demonstrated the existence of higher dimensions, with hyperspace well grounded in scientific principles.

    Today’s theoretical physicists have clearly defined hyperspace, introduced the existence of “wormholes” or tunnels between dimensions, parallel universes, and theoretically have postulated access to both the past and the future. Most of these physicists are searching for ways to access hyperspace by a mechanical, third dimensional means. Stargates or wormholes are cosmic gateways that theoretically link regions of the universe millions of light years apart and allow nearly instantaneous communication or travel between these regions.


    History is not merely a linear record of events, as many authors of Earth history books imply. Because history is not a string that can be stretched out and marked like a measuring tool, our concept of time needs to be reexamined. History is a subjective observation of the movement of objects through space, recorded from the point of view of a survivor, rather than those who have perished in battle, for example. Although time seems to run consecutively, events do not happen in an independent, linear stream. Rather, all of these interactions are concurrent and simultaneous. In order to view and understand the history or reality of the past, one must view all events as part of an interactive whole, the holographic perspective as described below. Time can also be sensed as a vibration which is uniform throughout the entire physical universe.

    Linear time is more accurately described as an intentional fabrication. The true nature of time is cyclical. Time is a difficult factor to measure as it depends on the subjective memory of the observer and there has been no uniform record of events throughout the physical universe since the beginning. As on Earth, there are many different time measurement systems defined by various cultures, which use cycles of motion and points of origin to establish age and duration.

    The “paradox” of space travel often references the example of someone traveling back in time and killing his or her grandfather. What would happen? How could this be possible? If the person’s grandfather died, they would have never been born to kill him. What apparently happens in this case is that the timeline the person left (when he began time travel) continues as is, with no changes except that the person no longer exists, thereby generating this new timeline. The person then forfeits his chance to return to his own timeline. When this person killed his grandfather, a new timeline starts, minus his grandfather, and he must then remain in this altered timeline.


    Fantastic as it sounds, one of the main reasons the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) are here now is to attempt to alter our timelines, that of our future. The reason for this is that they have the ability to time travel in both directions, so they already know, or they know as a memory, what happened here in our future. In Timeline Two there is a catastrophe arising in our near future that drastically reduces the population of the Earth and splits humans into two population groups. These two populations will develop in the classic stages of evolution when a single species becomes isolated from another and the two adapt to different environments. What we know of as Homo sapiens today might develop into two distinctly different species over many thousands of years after a possible catastrophe, which will send many people underground while some will survive on the surface.

    If we do have one of these catastrophes, it would mean that the benevolent EBEs did not succeed in altering the timeline. Yet if it does not occur, we can say either the information was false, which skeptics will claim without delay, or we can say they did succeed in a covert program of altering the timelines and averted a major catastrophe. According to the “Doctrine of the Convergent Time Lines,” a certain species of Greys evolved from humans in our future. In other words, the Greys come from our future and they have traveled backwards to our past, which is now our current present. This would explain why the Greys and the Tall Whites have been allowed to operate for decades at Area 51 and other secure bases around the world. It would also suggest that there is no such thing as “evil” aliens, just a priority of service to self rather than a service to others.

    Apparently, whatever genetic traits the future EBEs inherited, they are suffering from some kind of defective gene which has caused neural degeneration in their system, or a “peripheral neuropathy.” Some human scientists at Area 51 have worked alongside the Orion ETs they called “J-Rod.” They were given the task of looking into the possibility of genetic reverse engineering to repair the Tall Grey’s degenerate system. The Greys claimed they are an altered form of us, a new species that branched off from Homo sapiens, beginning as manufactured hybrids. These are the same as the Programmable Life Forms (PLFs) which are currently being developed at several secret underground bases right now on Earth.


    These Greys are entities that will continue to evolve in our future, according to the Doctrine of the Convergent Time Lines. They come from many thousands of years in our future and have traveled backwards to our past, in other words, our current present. Eventually the two Homo sapiens sub-species from the future moved to the planets of Zeta Reticuli1 and 2, Gliese 876-c, and Epsilon Orionis. The Tall Whites are just another branch that has evolved from Homo sapiens, but they follow more of a spiritual evolutionary path. It is as if there are all these threads woven, as we would think of a braid with multiple pieces of hair, each being a timeline. More significant to the near future on Earth is the convergence of both Timelines One and Two:

    Timeline One: With the first future scenario, we work out our differences, avert disaster, and evolve quickly as an advanced species.

    Timeline Two: Here we create a catastrophe where more than half the humans on Earth will perish. Those who live will seek out a harsh living on the mostly destroyed surface, while other survivors will exist for many generations underground.

    The Nordic Blonds and the Greys had independently decided they were going to attempt to change their history because they had learned how to travel backwards in time to some point from our distant past. Again, we’re talking about this fantastic subject of time travel and how it can manipulate our reality. Of course, it is very complicated. A stargate can either be a natural subspace wormhole, or it can be artificially created. A stargate is a portal device that allows practical, rapid travel between two distant locations in the universe, as well as time travel.

    A lot of scientists have toyed with these ideas and the many paradoxes it presents. There are stories of those who have found themselves somehow displaced into the past, and/or dropped into the future. This has been something never explored by classical scientists because essentially we are speaking about practical applications of the theory of relativity still thought to be impossible or far into the future: traveling faster than light, through wormholes, stargates, and using a time machine or holographic history device which can access the timeline of future and past events.

    By incarnating into human bodies, EBE’s may have traveled from the future to have more influence upon which timeline humanity chooses. Depending on how humanity creates the present based on the choices they make now, the human body may be a super machine or may end up something else entirely different. Awakening to this and making choices based on who you are and what you came here to do in this lifetime will determine the future of humanity as a species.

    In fiction, but also in physics, a wormhole is a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that would be fundamentally a “shortcut” through spacetime. This is a simple visual explanation of awormhole depicting spacetime visualized as a two-dimensional surface. If this surface is folded along a third dimension, it allows one to picture a wormhole “bridge.” This is supposedly how the Project Serpo team were able to travel many light years away to an inhabited planet in the Zeta Reticuli binary star system.


    General relativity describes the possibility of wormholes forming when two black holes become connected to each other. Hypothetically, wormholes could enable almost instantaneous time travel over long distances. The thermodynamics of black holes allows one to deduce limits on the density of entropy in various circumstances. The holographic bound defines how much information can be contained in a specified region of space. Conversely, a white hole is the opposite of a black hole. A white hole, in general relativity, is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, but from which matter and light may escape. It is theoretically possible for a traveler to enter a rotating black hole, avoid the singularity, and travel into a rotating white hole which allows the traveler to escape into another universe via wormholes.


    We often think of ETs as arriving from a far-away solar system, and some undoubtedly are, but what about the concept of certain Greys originating on Earth, from our future? There are several variously known extraterrestrial races interacting on Earth. One race has orange-grey skin, very big heads and large dark eyes with no irises or whites, and six-fingered hands. This is a still-frame from the famous 1995-released Santilli Alien Autopsy video. During dissection their brains have been found to have four brain lobes, different optic orbs and nerves, and a sponge-like digestive system. These ET brains are more developed and connected, and have no corpus callosum. Could this be an ultra-evolved human from hundreds of thousands of years in our future?

    Brad Olsen discusses the extent of his “Cosmos” section from the book launch of “Future Esoteric” in this YouTube video:

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