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Spending time in the universe within… it’s vital. We all know the importance of being our own rescuer, especially when there is emotional bombardment to deal with. Although we may wish we could be insulated from the negativity and distress, it’s going to be there, people are going to be affected, and thoughts can become scattered. For me, meditation has been both a rescue and a return home.

The other day I saw a Facebook meme that reminded me of how much we need to turn inward. It said, “I am homesick for a place I don’t even know exists, one where my heart is full and my soul is understood.” I can relate to the feeling that the writer describes, as I had that same longing for years, sometimes believing I was misplaced… my soul couldn’t find any kinship here.

But we’re not misplaced, and there is an avenue that leads home to the heaven of the heart/mind… that place within is accessible: it’s the kingdom we’re instructed to seek first. Lately I’ve been seeking it often, realizing how fortunate I am to be in a place where I am able to do so. I have the privilege of meditation, and it’s interesting that I hadn’t seen it as a privilege before.

I’m not in a war zone watching for bombs, not living under direct threats to my life, not searching through garbage for my next meal, not in fear of being raped, not dealing with emotional illness, not homeless or friendless… in light of this, the bombardment that sometimes comes my way seems like small stuff. So, the feeling is Gratitude, and the prayer is for all of us, especially those who suffer the harshest circumstances.

  • The one companion we have and will always have is our own Self, and the heaven within is where we go if we wish to awaken to who we truly are. Loving our divinity and our journey takes away much of the loneliness, although some quiet longing does remain… it’s just the way humans are. Most of us don’t go about intentionally seeking a soul or spirit companion, but then again, who wouldn’t be beyond delighted if a companion should appear.

    We are all sparks of the One Divinity, and our individual universes connect with each each other. We share, we love, we serve, we help, we protect, we give of ourselves, we have compassion for the other and we take pleasure in understanding and being understood.

    For years I’ve been watching how we ‘connect’ and why. There is the spiritual and eternal kinship; there is the natural family and cultural kinship; and there is the alliance for a purpose, which is a kinship too. Awakened, or natural, or purposeful… we connect.

    Here’s the question I began with: How did the weak take complete control of the strong? Asked again: How could a morally and physically weak person take complete control of a strong, moral and virtuous person. They can’t… unless they have a deception and an ally. Alliance is the matrix scheme of things, concocted some thousands of years ago, having grown now into a bloated, all-consuming, collapsing, destructive system.

    How deep within, and how hardwired is that need to be known by another, recognized as kin, valued and protected? And has the matrix simply taken a natural desire for kinship and given it a twist, using our nature against us?

    On a spiritual or soul level, we seek first the relationship with our true Self. This is our saving Grace. After connecting with Self, kinship with another awakened person is a homecoming in a sense. The love, acceptance and trust are reciprocal. We don’t ask each other for personal loyalty, as it is already there. We already are loyal to the Truth within, and shared divinity… these are the ‘ties that liberate’.

    So what about the ‘ties that bind’? Even as we develop individuality, we still have ties to family, partners and friends, cultures and peoples, and these are natural and expected in our world. The need to trust these connections is written all over the place in the language, and in the agreements that we make, i.e. “I’ve got your back,” or “Till death do us part,” or “Word is bond.” Or we sing it. How many song lyrics can you think of that include the “Stand by me,” sentiment? A whole bunch, I’d say.

    These connections are comforting as well as trying and sometimes disappointing. People really do stand by you… or they don’t. In any case, it’s life, it’s needed, it’s the journey, and it can be a lovely thing or a crushing thing. From abandonment to love and loyalty, our behavior runs the gamut as we deal with life on earth, our own strengths and weaknesses, and the kinships needed for survival and a sustainable existence.

    Then there is another level of connection that belongs fully to the matrix. I think about this: when was the first time that two people agreed to join together in a lie in order to overcome a third person. Those two must have felt a kinship. Not the kind that we yearn for, but there it is. Maybe they decided it was for the good: “We understand each other, we have each other’s back, you can count on me, yes we’re lying but it’s for a good reason, it’s the right thing to do.”

    Therein is the power of the lie and the ‘tie of the weak’. We know that the secret societies, the clubs, the gangs, the military, the nations, the cults, the elite family lines, the police, are so adept at making agreements, taking oaths, hiding secrets, covering for each other, in the name of “We have to… because we agreed.” Down and down the soul goes, darker and darker the tunnel becomes, to the point where they don’t even bother trying to persuade each other that it’s for the good.

    I know… we started out thinking about homecoming and heaven within the heart/mind, and I ventured all the way to the confinement that is the ‘shared lie’. That’s a discomforting trip, isn’t it? So let’s get back home.

    Have we given up hope that Truth is more powerful than the lie? We shouldn’t. If I am to make one alliance in life, it is with my Self: that I will surrender to the Truth, no matter what it shows of me, for truth is the revelation of All That Is, pure information, pure Light and pure Love. Every soul will surrender to it eventually.

    We are seeing the Light hit people even in the dark reaches of the tunnel. They are coming out, saying things like: “I don’t care what they do to me, I am going to tell the truth, I lied and I agreed to lie, but no more, I can’t stand what I am doing… helping them kill. So here is the truth.”

    Is it far too late, and we’re all dead and the Earth is a goner too? Do we have to evacuate to another dimension? Well… I’m not ready to give it up, and I don’t know how to evacuate to another dimension, so I’ll just settle for being ‘crazy’ enough to believe we can love one another right here and right now, and lift ourselves up out of fear and anger and reaction, and lift others up with us… and our Beautiful Mother will make it through. So I’m going with that… and meditation.

    As I said in the opening paragraphs, to be able to meditate is a privilege. It also is the true way of prayer. When we go within and restore ourselves, we do increase and strengthen the Light. This is prayer… I Am.

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