This Simple Demonstration Will Help You Learn to Feel and Experience the Power of Chi Energy

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Anyone can practice the Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and it doesn’t take very long for a beginner to develop enough sensitivity to be able to feel Chi, or life force energy, moving and flowing throughout and around their own body.

  • This experience is so common and so accessible that Tai Chi and Qi Gong programs have spread throughout the West and continue to flourish, even though many who haven’t experienced it are unable to reconcile this seemingly magical worldview with the rigid scientific-materialistic paradigm we’ve been programmed to believe is the only way of understanding our world.

    So, if so many people can experience Chi first hand, then why is so hard to believe visual demonstrations of this living power when we see them on the internet?


    A video of a very simple demonstration illustrates this dilemma. YouTuber TheKunsthammer posted an experiment whereby a folded piece of origami paper was placed on a needle with a clear plastic bowl over it. He then uses his hands, outside of the bowl, to direct energy onto the paper, which begins to slowly move after some time.

    The experiment is really nothing that far out. It doesn’t even compare to the video of a chi master setting papers on fire with his hands, or of Master Kanzawa Sensei who ‘exchanges energy with animals to put them to sleep. What’s speaks volumes about our culture and our connection to nature are the comments to the video of the experiment, in which the majority of people believe the experiment, while many call it out as a fraud.

    Some comments to consider:

    Danny Gonzales – I felt it!!!! why and how can I feel this?!?!? It’s like a magnet, exactly like a magnet but with your palms… this is insane
    I’m a big skeptic. I did the experiment and felt it. could there be a scientific explanation for this?
    I have been hearing so many things about energy, mind, body and spirit but never believed. My heart wanted to believe this but my senses never experienced. This is the first time I have ever experienced in my life in such a short time, with an easy experiment.
    i can feel it, weird like “electric” feeling in my hands, but why my other hand starts to get cold as the other one starts getting warm? now, after the practice i feel little tired and my hands are tingly, like the feeling when you clap your hands really hard and then stop… but i didn’t clap at all, like a warm vibrating cloud in my hands…

    At some point, modern science will eventually bridge the gap and find a way to understand chi energy, but for now, analysis by Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang does a great service by relating chi to the concept of bioelectrcity.

    “We must look at what modern Western science has discovered about bioelectromagnetic energy. Many bioelectricity related reports have been published, and frequently the results are closely related to what is experienced in Chinese Qigong training and medical science. For example, during the electrophysiological research of the 1960’s, several investigators discovered that bones are piezoelectric; that is, when they are stressed, mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy in the form of electric current. This might explain one of the practices of Marrow Washing Qigong in which the stress on the bones and muscles is increased in certain ways to increase the Qi circulation.” [Source]

    Perhaps try this experiment for yourself and report back to us. But be forewarned, because recently a Catholic Bishop has warned the world of the demonic nature of using your hands to transmit healing (or evil) energy.  and for another simple exercise teaching you to feel the chi moving between your hands, check out the following video:

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