On the Thin Ice of Left Brain Life

On Thin IceSoren Dreier, Guest
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October seems interesting.

We have: Mercury Retrograde (traffic, airports, communication), full lunar eclipse, the actor’s workshop named ISIS, and the Ebola.

Ebola and ISIS – two names with a grim ring to them.

I´m getting ever more stunned as the mainstream media, especially the British, cook up those ISIS stories. I mean this brilliant ISIS tube is probably the most genuine to come across.

I wonder how the ‘journalist’ gets access to all those child brides, sex slaves, and women with AK47s going to the playground in ISIS country, with the guns casually carried on their shoulders. I mean: Where is the studio?

I had a vision Tuesday: I engaged in what some might call ‘remote viewing’ on ISIS. I can’t remote them. This why I believe they really don’t exist as an entity. They are a false construct.

Anyway, the remote viewing turned focus and I viewed what appeared to be a journalist’s disk. The setting for the scene was the tabloid ‘Daily Mail’. I saw this fairly young journalist with a severe hangover. He went to his disk and looked at his list of topics. Then he decided they were too boring for his mood that day. He found some old pictures from Iraq and Iran and decided to do an ISIS scare piece out of the blue.

  • Nothing he said had any basis in real life. He went ‘fantasy’ mode and got quite exited by his own creativity. When done, he forwarded his piece to the editor and left his work.

    Later that day, the light hit him hard. He was shown what he had done in his mind’s eye and it was explained to him how he just had fueled war and scare in this world. For a moment the Light got to him, then he drowned it in order to live with himself and to be on top of his game.

    I know, maybe it sounds rather dull, but that’s how they do it. New scare feeds for the Matrix.

    Remote viewing can be tricky, since it is not just ‘intuition’. It’s more than that even though, like with intuition, you have to put your own desires, thoughts and feels out of it. Except you do have to go into remote viewing on a feel, and then you have to let it go. Basically I see it as self inducted hypnosis. Hypnosis bypasses the ego often, that’s why I see it as a good tool in therapy.

    If you want to give Remote Viewing a shot here’s a little exercise:

    Go in on a feel:

    Go back in time. Picture a warm childhood memory. Notice the sounds, smells and sights. Try to really push this, since if you want to Remote View, you will need these sensations in order to know you are there.

    When you have these impressions don’t censor your emotions, let them flow. This is not for the remote viewing into events and places you´re not attached to, but to the childhood example, since there might be a longing for that place. If you feel like crying let it out; these are just emotions that want to detach. After any sensations you might have, detach emotionally, since emotions can be very seductive and make your viewing or vision false.

    Then you can picture a place you might know from traveling or TV or the Movies, like – just an example – Acropolis in Greece, the Grand Canyon, the Oval Office in the White House or whatever suits you.

    Go in on the feel of that place. And then let go of expectations, and feels, and especially the sensation of “Wow, I’m good at this and I have to tell the world.” Maybe you do, but that’s a motive of your specialness and it will take you and your objectivity down. Remember: Be a Mystic on a Need to Know Basis.

    I have done this for many years and I’m still struggling with it. It took me two weeks before I decided to write the Morph 6 post. I know Stuart struggled with it too, and it’s a question of personal balance.

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was once asked: “Is it true that you can perform miracles?”

    “Yes,” he said, “I can perform what you would refer to as a miracle. I would like to refer to it as a manifestation of a Yogi´s Mind.”

    “Will you do a miracle here, now?”


    “Ah, because you can’t.”

    “No, because one miracle wouldn’t satisfy you and one miracle only leads to the next and you will still have doubts. You are the miracle, see, the birds outside this room are the miracle and the water in our glasses is the miracle.”

    Strong point and very good securing of the perimeters.

    If you want to engage in Remote Viewing, play with it.
    Remote your friends and family, but get the permit first. Then find out what they are holding in their hands, if anything. What’s on their desk, pictures on the wall. Common stuff. Don’t go into trial and error mode and see it as a test or a way to get tested. Then you will have to prove it, and it will kick off your ego, because we are not that fond of being wrong. Ei?

    Well, being wrong only triggers the spiritual stubbornness and acknowledging that we can be wrong in ‘The Subjective Field of Extra Sensory Abilities’. Actually, in my book, it only goes to show that we are humble about these matters.

    I have seen the downside to that and it’s not a pretty sight. I have heard intuitives actually blame their clients if their predictions or visions didn’t fall out well.

    The objective problem, in this subjective field, is always the question of time frame and how to decipher that, as I have touched upon before. If you go for it, there will be a lot of impressions that don’t make sense. Either because they are ‘noise’ (false impressions) or the time frame is fluid.

    I once did a remote viewing on a live radio show, some years ago.

    We were talking about extra sensory abilities and the journalist suddenly said, he wanted me on the thin ice of left-brain life: “Can you see what I´m holding in my hand right now?”

    A pipe.

    Yes, and can you see what is on my table to the right of my microphone.

    A porcelain white polar bear.

    Yes, and can you see what motif the photostat on the end wall is?

    Citizen Kane poster.

    Yes and…

    No, I can’t see anything now, no more.

    Aha, so you don’t have the skill for that.

    No, I’m afraid I’m not good at that, at all, you got me there…

    So that’s how it works.

    Secure your insights. The world of the Matrix doesn’t want them anyway, since they would have to alter perspective so profoundly that it would be the death of the Matrix. It’s their business to deceive the world and they just crave to pin that on you.

    If your ego can live without the glamour, you’re good to go. If you are in it for the glamour you will fall because you can never be wrong!

    It’s better to stumble.

    © 2014 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission

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